Thursday, 7 March 2013

About Me...


Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Jody and I am a Mom to 6 kids:

Indiana, 13
Kiowa, 11
Joaquin, 8
Ruben, 6
Taite, 4 and Celeste, my newest little bundle, was born on November 29th 2012.

I never set out to have 6 kids; my six little hearts. They just grew. First as gentle ideas. Then fully fledged desires.
You see, I had a career. I managed a media company that specialised in television advertising. I loved my job! I had studied at 2 different universities for 2 different qualifications: a diploma in media and a degree in media. I saw my path before me always and followed it to the stone. Children were on the horizon but distant, hazy and certainly secondary to my ambitions.

I travelled too. I saw America several times. Trips to Thailand, Mexico, and even Rio De Janiero, Brazil. I married my childhood sweetheart, Paul, in Las Vegas.

Through it all I knew I wanted to have a baby. I thought 2 babies were the absolute best number I could produce. Two children would fit in with my desires to achieve all I had worked for and dreamed of ahead on the career front.

Nothing quite prepares you for that eternal bond the arrival of your first baby creates. The internal shift that throws you from one trajectory and onto an entirely new one.

This my friends, is how I created my six little hearts. As my love grew for my beautiful new babies, so did the hunger to hold more of them. The overwhelming love, happiness and excitement each of them brought to my life just naturally led to more...

The present is my second life; my star from which all happiness radiates. I look at my journey so far as two paths. Both are great sources of joy. Motherhood has continued to eclipse the former however and also defined it.

I hope you enjoy reading my entries as I open the door on my home to welcome you inside.

Excuse the noise and the mess though!

Jody xx

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