Friday, 19 April 2013

Little Boys

My Little Boys

Before I had any children,
         I had ideas about what girls
                 and boys were like to raise.

Like the old nursery rhyme about what little
boys and girls are made of, I definitely had some ideas resembling the tales!

Nothing could prepare me for the reality though.

Little boys are such emotional beings.

Sensitive, soft and caring.

As babies, they are such a lovely experience. As bigger boys they remain somewhat the same.

Having sons has taught me more about men in general;
how they think and why they act the way they do.

They take things slowly and live in the moment.
They find the humour in the small things.
They make laughter a feature in all that they do.

Taite and Ruben host a tea party

Taite with his sock monkey collection

 The many boys in my life
 have been a blessing.

 If you're a Mom to a son,
have you found the experience similar?

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things...


 Introducing Celeste.

My newest, sixth and final addition to my family.

She has been long awaited. Especially by her big sister Indiana.

Tiny and much loved.

I look forward to your growing days,
Your 'just being' days.

We shall have so much fun together.

Much sunshine has come into our lives since your arrival.

I am blessed to be your Mom.
Circa 1860 hand coloured prints from Paris make a pretty addition to Celeste's space.

Seeing the world through fresh eyes.
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