Friday, 24 May 2013

A Busy Life...

Let's face it. Life with 6 kids isn't easy. I can assure you it is very far from the world depicted in The Brady Bunch! 
Chaos, noise, fighting, laughter...mess!
It can be difficult to rise and face the endless demands of a few children on a good day. When there's a lot of them, it is even more harrowing. Throw in a bad day and it's just horrendous!
This past fortnight I have been unwell with a virus. Think cold, headache, know the type of unwell I am referring to. It has been tough. Especially since my virus passed itself on to the littlies. More work than usual and less patience from Mom.
Often my daily life is a real slog. It's like an endurance marathon.
Physically, mentally, emotionally I must continue as the central cog in the machine.
I must face whatever the day throws at me regardless of how I feel. Many kids demand that of you. It is rare when I get a true moment of freedom. Usually it is granted when I get really sick; when I am truly bed-bound. When Dad has to take over. Hardly freedom, but a small taste of respite at least.
All Moms share knowledge of this. 

My kids often surprise me when I am falling apart. When I am on the brink of total collapse, one child will spot the signs and step up to the task of being leader. Often this happens without me asking. It may be pulling the younger ones in line, helping to bake the next day's lunchbox treat or even making dinner. Just helping to tidy up is a massive relief.
Sometimes they make it a team effort. All of them will enjoy helping out in whatever capacity they are capable of. It is always a welcome gesture. It makes me feel proud that they have learned some great values and are putting them into practise. 
When motivation is lagging, I don't hesitate to offer rewards. We have a chocolate reward system. Earn it for tidying or getting in bed fastest. Whatever needs doing will be done with the chocolate incentive scheme! It works in the good times and the bad.

Some washing awaiting me at the bottom of the stairs. This is what I found upstairs in bedrooms after I had already done a morning's load! Washing for a family of 8 is an overwhelming experience daily. It is my most detested task!

A second set of arms helps to soothe and entertain Celeste's demands.
Siblings are superb babysitters. Celeste is never happier than when she has her brothers and sister around. A large family is a healthy breeding ground for learning life skills like caring and sharing.

The boys being silly. This is pretty much their typical behaviour, all day long, every day.
It's a long week!

I tried to get a photo of Taite and I on his last night of being 4. It's supposed to be an embrace but looks more like restraint! Impossible! 

The view from the top of the stairwell. My laundry chute. To make a dull job exciting, I try to toss it when I know it will land on a child!

Sparkling moments. Nursing Celeste makes a special time for me to sit with her and just be.
Thank god for this quiet blessing!


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