Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lazy Soup for Smart Mommys!

The Morphy Richards SoupMaker...a review

I bought this baby last Winter at the end of season sales. It was $80 and half price!
The Morphy Richards SoupMaker is advertised as a soup maker and a baby food maker.
Brilliant! Thought I!
I was pregnant at the time and in need of...soup!
I am in love with it so much that I thought I'd share it with you!
As a Mom of many I am in need of as many shortcuts and helpers as possible. For me this need is mostly fulfilled by kitchen cupboards brimming with the best appliances I can gather!
This one is truly great.
Simply choose the vegies you wish to make soup from.
For baby and I, today's meal will consist of leek, carrot, corn and parsnips.
Inside is a very basic kettle design with a concealed element.
No hard to clean pieces or parts.
Nothing to dismantle.
Nothing not to like!

Chop your vegetables and fill to the line marked on the inside of the appliance.
Add a stock cube for extra flavour.

 Add cold tap water and fill to the line also.
A measuring jug comes with the appliance and dismantles to store within it when not in use.
Place the lid on top and choose whether you want smooth soup (15 mins),
or chunky (25 mins).
Press Start.
The best part is the SoupMaker will blend your soup inside to perfection so no need to watch over a cooking stove.

 As easy as making tea or coffee!

15 minutes later I have a hot, healthy soup and baby's meals for several days.
Cleaning up is as simple as rinsing the stainless steel jug under the tap.
Takes up a tiny amount of storage space.
On busy days this is a real time saver.
Makes one litre of soup.
You can add creams or pastas at the soup's end for taste or texture.
Naturally, your soup tastes a billion times better than canned or packet soups.
Nutritionally - no comparison!


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