Thursday, 2 May 2013

Make This Cake

The Yoghurt Cake

Having many kids is expensive. It would be even more so if I were to buy every single treat for them from the shops. I bake every day. Cakes, slices or muffins are always in my oven. It is so much easier to make your own treats. They are quick, economical and definitely a healthier alternative to the bought varieties. They take so little effort to produce and I usually squeeze them in between other household tasks or while I am enjoying the internet! Best of all my kids prefer them to the manufactured goodies!

This yoghurt cake recipe is a favourite of mine. It is so simple and everything is usually in stock in the house so no need for extra shopping trips for ingredients.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.
In a large bowl place:
2 beaten eggs,
2 cups of self-raising flour,
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence,
1 cup of white sugar,
1/2 a cup of canola oil,
1 cup of natural yoghurt (I use homemade low fat Greek yoghurt).

Mix all ingredients together well until smooth with a wooden spoon.
Pour mixture into a well greased and floured cake pan. Use a larger round one as this is quite a generous sized cake.
Bake for 40 minutes.

This can be served as a warm dessert cake straight from the oven with yoghurt on the side.
Alternatively, wait until cool and ice with lemon icing for a special tang.

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Looks deliciously simple to adding it to my recipe folder. Thanks for sharing


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  3. Thank you so much for this recipe.


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