Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Week in Pictures

Any morning, this sweet face...
After school go-carting on the balcony...

Can you imagine the noise?

Bedtime woes

A cake baked and photo snapped for a competition

Mother's Day

and cuteness!

Selfies with Celeste and Taite


Bubble blowing!

A sisterly moment

Monday brings an Autumn scene

One of the bonuses of blogging is seeing your life in pictures.
It gives me perspective to photograph our day to day tedium, challenges and fun. From these images I can glimpse both how we seem to the world and how the world seems to us, especially through my children's eyes. It reinforces my Mom role. Am I doing okay? Are the kids enjoying their childhoods?
Moms often miss out on many of the little things. We are so busy cleaning up after everyone and taking care of our bubbas that we miss the most special moments in the mayhem.
Having six children has helped me live in the moment, but I still miss bits. Looking back at these images makes me certain I will linger longer to see the fun when the giggles are next happening!

What did your week look like?


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