Monday, 17 June 2013

A Typical Day - Morning...Part One

How does my week begin with six kids?
I was planning to showcase a day in my life. This began with an attempt to photograph my routine on a typical weekday.
I didn't get very far however! The demands just kept rolling in and my camera couldn't keep up!
I decided it would be a work in progress!
Here's the first of many pictures on the topic, all taken on my iPhone 4s:

It's 6am. I have just entered the bathroom and thought to do a post on the subject of my typical day!
Here's me, before and after. This will be the only time I get to spend with myself until I return to the bathroom in the evening - enjoy it Momma!

6.20am. Time to make up 5 lunchboxes. The kids all have different requests (don't you just love it)!
If there's a mistake to be made in my day, now's the time. I try to colour code their lunchboxes so that I don't have to think too hard. I still mess up though. Thinking is such a hard task at this time of the day. (Thinking any time with a brood this size is difficult).
Before and after shots at the kitchen bench. I usually feel a little more relaxed when this essential part of the day is finished and safely tucked into school bags!

7am: Wake eldest daughter for high school and breastfeed my youngest.
Indiana helps out now by making the two youngest boys their breakfasts.
My pudding bubba!
7.25am: The first of my morning car trips arrives. Celeste is strapped into her car capsule and ready to do the rounds. She looks like a little dolly here and I always just want to stop the world and play with her about now!
Indiana is driven to the bus stop for high school.
While I do the bus stop drop, my boys do breakfast. Four boys in various moods usually push me to the limit every morning. Someone always puts on another's school uniform, spills milk, annoys someone else and so the list goes on... I clean like a maniac, tidy rooms, put on a load of washing and sweep floors. This is the exercise part - who needs a gym membership in a 2 storey house with six kids?!
Eventually 8.30am rolls around and it's car mayhem! Usually the fighting and messing around continues into the driveway before my buttons are pushed too many times.
Then they're nice and quiet for the drive to school!
I mentally plan my day while I drive in the blissful silence, punctuated by my verbal reminders; "Have you got your bags? Homework? Money?"

Joaquin and Ruben show off a normal morning's antics.
Part 2...coming as I can capture it!


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