Monday, 3 June 2013

Errors, Failures and Mishaps

My chronic fatigue carried over from the week before brought with it no favours this week. There have been mishaps, errors and failures.

Major appliance meltdowns.
1) My newish washing machine was recalled. A letter arrived alerting me to a fire hazard previously and blissfully unknown. Wording was 'use caution but still use it.'  ?
In other words, I can still use it, but only if I am home to watch it and burn to the ground with it.
2) My hideously expensive designer vacuum no longer sucks like magic. It just plain sucks! After 10 years of superb performance, I can no longer tolerate the endless to and fro on the same piece of carpet gunk. Unmoving. Still there. Or if I am lucky, just pushed along the floor out of sight a little.
3) My oven. This broke down some two plus months ago. Quickly I organised a tradesman to assess the damage and repair it for me. A week I was told would be the turnaround time. Well? Where are you 9 weeks later? What Mom of six survives without this essential?! I caution you to not buy Italian appliances when you live in Australia for Italy is a very, very long way away!

1) We live a substantial distance from the bus stop where my daughter catches her transport to school.
Tuesday morning I fly out the door in semi-darkness with hungry infant in tow and said daughter to drop her off expecting the usual outcome; she will be driven to school on the bus.
40 mins later she calls to say the bus never came. 
Problem here is her high school is a mere 50 minute return trip by car. As she is in an accelerated learning program, she cannot afford to miss classes. Full of fury and frustration, (daughter sobbing quietly in the back seat, five year old bouncing and still hungry infant), off we went for a school trip that drained my car of a quarter of a tank of petrol and me of my sanity.
Naturally, an email from school when I return home informs me that a replacement bus was sent rendering my journey pointless.
2) Kinder had a planned cancellation day for teacher training. Upon collecting my daughter on bus failure day, I notice diligent moms ushering their offspring into kinder. Turns out the day was changed. How is it I was the only mom to not receive the news? 
3) Five year old throws hissy fit as he is not attending kinder with his buddies and Mom is too worn out to go home, organise his things and drive him back there.

I bumped my head really hard while cleaning upstairs. This was because I was just so tired from the week from Hell. My breastfeeding induced amnesia / exhaustion has returned full swing after this messy, less than perfect week. Hopefully by the time I have published this post, my weekend has brought some mercy with it!
P.S Update! Oven repairman came! $650 later I can use it again. 

I did manage to find some joy in my week, even if it was in the form of comfort foods. I must say I really enjoyed my sponge cake featured in an earlier post this week. So much so in fact that I baked a second one on Thursday due to popular demand. Ate most of it myself too!

And now, my week in pictures:

I found these massive toadstools by the roadside. These were the size of dinner plates!
They became my 'happy place' as I rode through the week's up and downs.
Thank you big mushrooms!

Pop Tarts. My new nursing food craving sensation.
I quit chocolate 6 weeks ago as I was holding onto my post-baby weight despite nursing.
I am pleased to report a 1kg loss this week.
Thank you Pop Tarts!
(Interested to hear if any other readers had these cravings while nursing)?
Please leave a comment below!
Buy Pop Tarts and other sugary American treats in Australia here

My washing. This was just one day pictured! Eight people generate so much of it.
I just had to take the above picture with that sensational 'depth of field!'
Tip: If you live in a home with stairs like we do, put your folded washing on each step; a step for each person. Then, when it's time to actually go upstairs for a real reason, grab a bundle and put it away. Or better still, get each person to take their own. (Not the littlies though - they just drop theirs)!

Ahh, a trip to the hair salon! Had to take this reflection pic as Celeste just looked so cute on my lap!

Some well-deserved retail therapy. I bought these chandeliers for a song here
What did your week look like?



  1. Love the earrings. I have one of those weeks often

    Oh ps the reject shop often has pop tarts as well if you have one local, though I love when we order from USA foods

  2. Ooooh! Thanks for the tip! USA Foods takes a long time to deliver. I placed an order for a super-sized box of Pop Tarts 2 weeks ago and they only confirmed posting it today! xx


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