Saturday, 8 June 2013

This Moment...

I captured this moment. Quiet time together. My boys playing sweetly.
The younger two listen to the directions of the older. Attentive.
I slipped my camera through the door to photograph this. They were unaware.
It is a moment frozen in time which I want to cherish.
...Quiet smiles to myself and a full heart.


  1. Beautiful! :) Definitely moments to freeze in time! x

  2. Don't you just love those moments! Bring them on! The rest of the time it's all stress, noise and fighting! It's as close to The Brady Bunch as I will ever get! Xx

  3. Oh I love those little moments - they are so few in our family now that our boys are growing older!
    Love those times, they make my heart melt.
    Cherish them - boys sure grow up too quickly.

  4. Thanks Lisa! it's nice to blog these memories. That way they are always there long after the children are gone. :D


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