Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Two Little Minutes Frozen In Time...

Ever noticed one of your child's strewn-about toys and seen the art or humour in it?
This week I was struck by the above image.
As I grumbled about the house, forever cleaning it, I discovered this little treasure in the bathroom sink.
This tiny Sesame Street bath toy has been through all the kids.
Here he was bumping about the plughole, not a bubble or child in sight!
Discarded after a momentary play time in favour of something different.
He sure did brighten up my moment though.

Taite (aged 5). This bedroom had already been messed and cleaned twice when I discovered this scene on Saturday morning. He had decided a particular toy was under his bed and went fossicking.
A sweet image laden with childhood freedom.
No adult could ever get under that bed!


  1. Love both of those images! And what a beautiful sentimental post.


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