Friday, 26 July 2013

And the Liebster Award goes to...

I am sobbing like a pageant winner - I have just received the coveted Liebster Award from fellow blogger Jodie at Fresh Home Cook. I am touched! Thank you Jodie!
The Liebster is passed around the blogging circuit as a way to get to know one another. It's a newbie award for bloggers on the rise.
Jodie has offered me 11 questions which I must answer.
I must add 11 additional facts about myself.
I must then nominate another 11 bloggers and provide a new set of set of 11 questions (Liebster Awards) to be passed around.
Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Let's get started then!

1.  Tea or coffee?

I actually dislike both! Tea and coffee make me feel queasy. The smell of coffee is great until it is brewed. Happy to bury my face in a bag of coffee beans though. Chocolate coated coffee beans are even better and very yum too.
Tea drinking brings back dull childhood memories of waiting around while old ladies gossiped about nothing and being dead-bored while they did so.
I do drink herbals and my current favourite is Twinings Infusions Chamomile, Honey and Vanilla flavoured tea. This smells so good that my kids even asked for a cup of it!

 2.  Chocolate or cheese?

Trick question for me right? I am a chocoholic of mega proportions. In fact I am yet to meet a single person who consumes more of this stuff than me.
Are you ready for it? In the height of my choc addicted state, I will happily chow down on 2 family blocks a day! (Sometimes more, gulp). If you continue to offer it I won't decline either! Bad I know.
I will also skip a meal in favour of devouring a family block. My weakness is Nestle brands and I do love the white varieties too.
I recently kicked the chocolate habit for the time being. I am breastfeeding and the two just don't mix...sigh. (But when it's all over, nothing will hold me back...NOTHING)!

3.  What did you want to be when you grew up?

1) An archaeologist.
2) A paleontologist
3) I was fascinated by television when I was a kid so I was very keen on something to do with that.
4) An opera singer
5) Famous. Have discovered this one is most unattainable!

4.  What is your favourite post from your blog?

Hmmm, I think my post about pregnancy loss (ectopic) is on the top of the charts. You can view it here.
Also, my post about choosing a nappy bag has been very popular.
I really don't know. I hope I can impart a piece of myself and my life in all my posts and as I change daily, I just can't answer that question - I'll throw that one out to you readers!

 5.  What is your one skill you wish you had?

I would love a better memory. My brain is a little slow these days (hopefully it's hormonal...please let it be hormonal)!
Imagine what you could do with all that information you have gathered in the course of your life if you could just recall it all at once. Wow!

 6.  If money wasn’t a factor what would your ideal ‘job’ be?

I think I would love to help women and children in poor countries. Better education, health services, opportunities and protections would make me supremely happy for my third world sisters. I love the global sisterhood. I think it is wonderful when celebrities become philanthropists and spread their wealth in actions. If I were filthy rich, that is what I would do.

 7.  What is your most worn and loved piece of clothing / attire?

Okay. I am wearing this baby now. It's a pink fleecy bathrobe from Sussan. I like to wear it around the house over my clothing. It is warm and snuggy. It keeps me happy. It needs a wash. Badly. I cannot bear to remove it as it is just too cold. I might weep like a child if someone were to force me to wash it - it's my adult binky.
(No there will not be pictures. I have one but it's just not for sharing).

 8.  Where is your best holiday destination & why?

I spent my honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was fabulous. Beyond words. What a place. Great food, great climate and extraordinary scenery. Kind of similar to Australia but in a sexy, glamorous way.

 9.  What is your favourite kitchen gadget and why?

My dishwasher. I say aloud every evening when I am clearing the kitchen "Thank God I've got a dishwasher." Don't live without one. I actually get to sit down sometimes now. More of an appliance really.
Otherwise, a spoon. Even cavemen had these.

 10.  Board shorts or budgie smugglers (Speedos)?

Board shorts are definitely sexier. Though a good-looking guy could make a garbage bag hot attire.

11.  What is your earliest childhood memory?

This freaks my Mom out, but I can remember my polio vaccination at the age of 6 months! I can vividly recall the entire experience for her and she is just wowed! I even remember the sensation of being held up under the armpits to take the pink medicine off the spoon. Just before the vaccines, I remember lying flat on my back in the pram under a pram toy and seeing the sky for the first time. I also recall a weird sensation (or 'thought') that I was back! Make of that what you will!
Be careful Mommys about your actions in front of your 6 month olds. They are watching you!

Eleven facts about me:

I dislike carrots. I only like them if they are grated or roasted. They kind of freak me out. Why are they orange? And hard? They are just plain weird. How does something so orange come out of brown earth?

When I was twelve I made my mother take me to a casting agent. I was signed on the spot. I worked in 100's of television series and Australian movies over a 14 year period. I loved it! I paid my way through 5 years of university on my earnings. My first job was an extra with the ABC. That was when I realised I really wanted to work in the media. I remember being in front of the camera but thinking at that moment I was destined to work behind it - I was hooked. (Incidently, I studied media at university). 
The most stupid thing I ever did was turn down a movie offer. Australian director Baz Luhrmann chose me via my agent's casting book to appear in Strictly Ballroom. I declined. I had a work promotion at the time. Besides, it sounded like a bad title. Bad choice Jody! 
That was fact number 3.

My Grandmother was a very important influence in my life. She could cook, sew and socialise like no other. She was a lot of fun and love. She died when I was 13.

I collect handbags and love shoes. Really, probably too much. I spend a lot of time looking at these things on the internet...

I collect Holly Hobbie things. Remember those?! I love the sentiments on them. My daughter has a mirror with 'Happiness is having someone to love' written on it. With 6 kids I can now understand it and confirm this as true.

I love Pop Tarts.

I love lemon tarts. I will travel far and wide to sample them. They must be the finest quality too, not just the average bakery kind. If I eat them in silence (ie. the conversation stops), then I know I have found a winner.
As good as it gets!
I am totally over housework. 

I am a bit of a control freak. Okay, quite a bit of a control freak. 

I love reading Harry Potter. Those books can sweep me away. I love a good book in general. I am well-read on the topic of genocide. I find the existence of it incredible. One of the most unbelievable books I have read was First They Killed My Father (Loung Ung) about Cambodia. I highly recommend it but be warned, it is very unsettling.

And that's it for me.
Time to pass on my new set of questions to my nominated bloggers:

1) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
2) What do you love most about your life right now?
3) What are you carrying around in your handbag at this time?
4) Do you remember what prompted you to begin blogging?
5) An interesting fact about your ancestry?
6) Your favourite colour is? Why?
7) Summer or Winter?
8) How would you spend $2 million?
9) What is your favourite skincare / makeup product and why?
10) A character trait you have?
11) What are you enjoying on television at present?

And the Nominees are:

KCMS Family
Life Living
Slapdash Mama
The Bumpiest Path
Bub Sweat and Tears
Soul Bare Mama
Travelling Macs
Behind The Barr
Online Vintage

I need 1 more nominees at the time of publishing this post so if you are a blogger who'd love to receive this award or know of another newbie or up and coming, please email me and I shall add to this list!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment below.
If you are not already following my blog, I would love it if you did.
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Many, many thanks. XX



  1. Congrats on winning the award! Was nice reading through your answers and getting to know you better :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. It is lovely to learn more about you Jody.

  3. Great read, Jody, congrats on the Liebster. I'm blown away by the amazing TV career - I've probably seen you heaps of time on tele. I also love Holly Hobby but am a little freaked out by the 6 month baby memory! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yep Leanne, you've got to watch your actions in front of those babies! I even remember what clothing colours the Dr was wearing and that he had dark skin (he was Indian).
      My Mom is freaked still!

  4. HI, Congratulations and how sweet to nominate TBP :-) Such an honour. Wow you have some amazing answers and what an exciting path you've walked. Great to get to know you more.

  5. Great answers, and now we know a little bit more about you :)

  6. Congrats Jody! Wow - you turned down that movie offer?? Loved getting to know you a little better.

  7. Great reading and I did learn a lot but how can you not like carrots!!!! How about carrot cake?

    1. Oohhh carrot cake is my exception - I do love the stuff, especially covered in cream cheese frosting!

  8. Great write up Jody! Very interesting life you've lead so far! It's nice to know some other things about you. Cheers, Jodie

  9. That's such a cool honeymoon destination - I'm retrospectively jealous! I'm with you on the cheese, chocolate dilemma. I pick both and I just won't do sides!


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Those answers were great, but I'm still smiling about 6 bundles of joy. Good on you. We've got 4, but I always wanted 5 and hubby wanted 6...we'll see...i'm exhausted.
    Have a happy week xx

  12. Im like you Im a sucker for fresh coffee beans. Best smell in the world :) Congrats on the award its great to get to know you better

  13. Oh my Oh my Oh my Oh my, I should have read my emails days ago. Thank you for tagging me!!!! Blessing and love headed your way in buckets!!! So many interesting things to know about you. Thank you as always for sharing xxxxx

    1. You're so welcome! Will look forward to seeing your responses too! :D

  14. Oh thank you and so sorry I didn't see it til now! That is amazing about your tv work!!!!!! So cool!


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