Sunday, 7 July 2013

Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

Cookies! Home baked cookies! Who doesn't love them? Especially if they contain chocolate!
If you've been following my blog for some time now, it will be no news to you that I simply love the stuff!
I am not normally a fan of cookie baking. Mainly due to the fact that I find them somewhat finicky. They require some heavy handed mixing and all that spooning of dough onto trays can be bothersome. Not to mention the hovering around the oven while they bake in case of the sudden cookie burn which is so easy to achieve! Geez, hope I haven't put you off just there!
Choc chunk cookies are different however!
Simple ingredients and some quaint, imperfect measuring of dough makes these rustic beauties a favourite. Excellent treats for school holiday hungry children who are peckish from all that additional physical activity:
...OK so they are not moving at present and I am sad to say I have seen far too much of this sofa behaviour this holidays - but it is winter right? On the plus side, this is exactly the kind of behaviour I require for cookie baking. (Shortly after this picture was taken all hell broke loose)!
Here's a more inspiring picture to get the motivation together for you. Inviting isn't it!
The recipe:
125 grams of Meadow Lea margarine
3/4 of a cup of brown sugar
I large egg
1 and 3/4 of a cup of self-raising flour
1 packet of Nestle chocolate chips in your choice of dark, milk or white or a combination of all! (Total 250 grams).
Preheat your oven to 170 degrees C.
In a mixing bowl, blend the softened margarine with the sugar and the egg. Great to use a mixer here but not necessary at all as it blends just as well by hand.
Add your flour and mix by hand. I don't bother sifting - too stressful!
Line cookie trays with a sheet of baking paper. Loosely roll spoonfuls of the dough by hand and plop onto the trays leaving a good gap between each for spreading.
Bake for 15 minutes. (I don't recommend fan-forced as it can have a very drying effect on the cookies).
This is the point where you need to hover in the kitchen. Cookies can burn quickly and can go from golden to ruined in under a minute. You want the cookies to be slightly golden. They will continue to bake on the tray in the 5 minutes after they are removed from your oven. This is an important step for the hardening of the cookies and achieves sensational results if you get it right.
Remember too, shorten the baking time for each tray of cookies as the oven will continue to get hotter making each batch quicker to produce.
Soft, golden and delicious is your goal, not hard, brown, teeth-shattering cookies!
Bake a batch today. Yields as many as you wish! This batch made 24 but this is dependant on how big you make each dough ball. Ready in 25 minutes!


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