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The Ultimate Mom's Guide to Shopping Online

I love shopping. What woman doesn't?
One thing I really don't like doing is shopping with my six kids. Apart from the fact that I cannot concentrate when they are with me, there are the other obvious reasons: They all want to go in different directions, they all want me to buy them something and inevitably, my budget will blow out when they are with me. The solution? Shop from home. This keeps them entertained with their usual routine and can save me at least $100 on average. Factor in all those little incidentals when we all hit the mall like food, drinks, things we see that we like but don't need (and the list goes on). It's easy to see how out of pocket the whole exercise can leave me.
Shopping at home is not only immensely convenient, it can save you footwork, petrol and dollars on the things you love. I am quite happy to shop 24 hours a day at my convenience, wearing pyjamas and with a hot chocolate! I buy everything online, from major household appliances to dull essentials such as socks. I even found my house online!

Some recent internet purchases:

 Miss Celeste's lovely little Mary Jane socks - love these!
These gorgeous, giant porcelain breakfast cup and saucers. These are from the new Kimono range released under Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares. Pictured here in the teal colour with matching pink 2-tier cake plate behind. Parisian Eiffel Tower cushion also an internet find.

My new Hunter gumboots in Candy pink! Loving these winter brights and they are certainly getting a lot of attention!
My top tips:

 Have an item in mind? Search for it using 'buy online AU' tags along with the product desired to find the shopping sites and price ranges available to you within Australia. You can tidy up your finds with provided features such as least expensive to most expensive options when your search yields results.
There are many shopping websites that will do this for you such as Shopping.com. A search here will provide you with an itemised result including postage options and links to stores.
Alternatively, visit the company website if the product you desire has one. Manufacturers' websites usually have a list of retailers and store locations which can set you in the right direction.
Utilise chat site options many websites have displayed. These are instant ways to communicate with the retailers behind the websites. Don't be afraid to ask if they will price match, provide discount coupons or product bonuses you can apply on their website for a cheaper or more attractive purchase. I do this often and usually with good results.
Try auction websites also. Often you can find your purchase easily on these popular sites. If you do intend to purchase here, check the seller's ratings before purchasing to ensure you will receive items in good order, as described and with some kind of buyer protection to insure your purchase. Check the feedback provided by previous customers as a good indicator of quality and honesty.
Fill your virtual shopping cart, and ignore it!:

Another trick I have discovered which can save you money. Like what you have found? Create an account on that website (or log in) and load your purchase into your online cart. Now leave it there, forget about it and wait. I have done so with countless retailers and guaranteed, within an hour and up to 24 hours later, I have received an email from the retailer offering me a coupon for free shipping, 10% off and the like, if I simply finalise my purchase in the cart! Brilliant! Take your time here! (Unless it is an extremely popular item and there is only 1 or 2 left - better to check out promptly)!

Refer a friend:

Many online stores offer a discount for you and a friend if you 'refer a friend' to their store. Share these links on social media. You never know who might be interested in purchasing similar items and it can come back to you in future purchase reductions and bonuses.
Search for coupon codes:
All websites have a box to enter a 'coupon code' which retailers might release from time to time. Don't have one? Search the web for one, again using the tags 'online AU' in your search. There are websites which are specifically designed to provide coupon codes. They ask the public to upload them for sharing. I have had much success using these websites for saving dollars on my purchases. Consider this quick search essential before buying anything online. Don't forget to try several different coupon websites for a selection of potential deals.

Sign up to newsletters from favourite retailers:

Always use this facility! Many offer an immediate coupon or discount off your first or subsequent orders just for signing up. They can save you loads. You will also be contacted directly when a sale is coming up. Many have pre-sales for 'friends' and subscribers where you can bag your desire before it sells out at a drastically reduced price. You can often set the frequency of these mailouts to suit you and you can certainly unsubscribe at any time.

Open a folder in your email account specifically for shopping discount and coupon emails:

Received a coupon code in an email but not ready to use it yet? Don't lose it in your inbox. I store mine immediately in my 'online discounts' folder in my Hotmail account. Here, coupons sit until I am ready to shop with them. Quick, convenient and organised.

Look for highly rated websites:

Trust people power. Websites which have won awards are secure places to shop. Look for badges and award icons for safe and comfortable shopping. I prefer websites which offer free return shipping for items such as clothing and footwear. The best offer free postage with no catches. This means if you receive an item you do not like you can return it for a refund or exchange it with no strings attached. Finally and importantly, refer to each merchant's conditions before you buy and get familiar with Australian consumer laws for more information.
Happy shopping!

Have I left something out? Something to add? Please comment below.
What do you like to buy online? Time to confess shopaholics!




  1. Some great tips here, thank you - and I absolutely LOVE those pink boots!

    1. Thanks! And those boots were just too good to pass up!

  2. Great tips Jody, I've not tried much shopping online, but with tips like these I think I will give it a go!

  3. Nicole, you'll never go back! Better bargains without all the pains!

  4. love filling the virtual cart, but not actually having to buy it! Great tips!

  5. I'm totally with you on this one. What on earth did we do before online shopping? I love the cup & saucer and the cake plate. Great tips!

  6. I need to follow your tips - I've never really got into online shopping (despite my pain at visiting shopping centres!) and I need to just get in there and do it!

  7. I think I need to buy online because I will spend less and think more before I buy an item! Great suggestions. Love the Hunter boots, the name of my middle child :)

  8. GREAT tips and I am filing them all away in my brain! Thanks!

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  10. thanks for the guideline, i hope i will follow some of these your points.specially newsletter.

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