Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday

We recently re-homed our dog Luna.
Before she departed, I photographed each of my 6 children with
Here is my eldest of the boys, Kiowa, aged 11.
I just love this photo, snapped with my new DSLR camera.
I love the lighting, the balance and subject of this picture.
I also love the posed and formal look on the dog's face.
It reminds me of an old master's painting from the National Gallery.
This picture will remain a favourite for years to come.

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  1. a lovely photo. Great idea about photographing each of your children with your dog before rehousing it.

  2. Beautiful! Hope she's settling into her new home :)

  3. I hope she has been rehomed successfully, and that is a lovely shot x

  4. OH bummer you had to re-home her. She sure is a cutie, hope the new home gives her lots of loving xx

  5. I bet you are going to miss her!! Such a cute name too - Luna xx

  6. so sad! I hope all went well.

  7. It's a great story in the end. We found a great home for her with an animal loving family. Luna now has a boy doggy and boy cat to play with and enjoy. We hear they are getting along famously!

  8. Your son is very handsome and you have captured a great portrait of him and Luna.
    It is bittersweet re-homing loved pets.


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