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Cooking With Maggi Stir Fry Creations Sauces...

Have you cooked with Maggi sauces before?
This may seem like a strange question to most but I have to admit, I cannot actually recall ever using Maggi in my life. Other than 2-Minute noodles (which are a massively popular weekend lunch at our house), I seriously can't think of a single Maggi thing I have purchased - ever!
I don't know why I have not branched into Maggi before. I know their packages are an unmistakeable yellow and red. I know they are prominently placed on supermarket shelves. Yet somehow, this Mom has managed to stroll right on past their products each and every time.

I was therefore pretty interested when I was asked to review the Maggi Stir Fry Creations range. Not only because I have not had experience with the brand. I was also keen to try what I have always perceived as a food marketed at convenience. This in itself should be most appreciated by a Mom of 6 kids. I need some convenience in my life.
I must stop cooking from scratch and start accepting some help!

Step in Maggi!

I received a nice plump parcel in the post of Maggi Stir Fry Creations to try. The flavours I received are:
Chinese Five Spice and Soy Beef,
Sweet Chilli, Ginger and Lemongrass Chicken,
Teriyaki and Sesame Chicken and
Honey, Soy and Garlic Chicken.
There are a total of 5 varieties in the range and they retail for $3.29 each.

Immediately I thought I would try the flavour I would be most likely to order if I were choosing off the local takeaway's menu - the Chinese Five Spice & Soy Beef. Mmm!
The instructions on the back of the pack tell me preparation time: 10 mins, cooking time: 10 mins. My local takeout is a good 30 minute round trip. There's 10 minutes saved already!


My dinner in a sachet.
Instructions on the back of the packet tell me to:

1: Tear it:

The sachets are perforated for tearing apart as you have two different flavour sachets in the one pack:
An infusion paste and a finishing sauce. Easy handling - much like having two different bottles of sauce. (Which traditionally I would have resorted to were I making this the homemade way - actually there would have been more than two bottles involved)!

2: Infuse it:

Pour the Infusion Paste sachet over your prepared beef in a bowl and set aside for 5 minutes while you prepare your chosen vegetables. (Suggested 3 cups worth on the back of the pack). The great thing about stir fry cooking is you can use whatever is in the fridge. The infusion paste has real herbs and spices and will not only save you time but give the meat a greater depth of flavour.

3: Cook it:

Over high heat, add oil to your wok and cook the beef for 5 minutes. Add your vegetables and cook a further 3 minutes.
4: Finish it:

Pour the Finishing Sauce in the second sachet into the wok and cook the lot for a further 2 minutes.
The verdict?

Wow! Dinner was prepared and ready to eat in under 15 minutes! Admittedly I marinated the meat in the morning despite the instructions stating 5 minutes. I like my meat very marinated. The sauce was surprisingly plentiful. Initially I thought I would need 2 sachets to feed this family of eight but one package was more than enough. There was a lot of sauce left over in the wok at the end.
The flavour was really good too. I was surprised! My husband and the kids really enjoyed the meal. We made the entire dinner very fast with the addition of 2-Minute noodles instead of rice. My kids love noodles and I knew I would be able to entice them to eat if they were included.
Overall, I was pleased with the ease of preparation and the speed of producing a quality meal. The taste was delicate and not too salty and pretty much just right. Especially so for the kids who can be picky if flavours are too pronounced.
I will definitely be using the sauces in future. It was a lot easier than fiddling with the multitude of sauces in my cupboard and trying to get the balance right on my own. We did not need to add any additional sauces to the finished meal which left us more time together at the table instead of looking for bottles in the pantry!

Product Talk by Nuffnang
All opinions are my own.

Do you cook from scratch or are you a user of food helpers such as Maggi's?


  1. I haven't bought a maggi sauce. I used to buy a couple of their products, and enjoyed them, but have sort of forgotten about them in recent years. I think I'll take another look next time I'm at the supermarket.

  2. I always walk past these types of sauces as I am never sure if they will be good or not. That looks delicious though!

  3. This dish is very cool! I made this yesterday for our camping with my family and my kids really liked it! I will definitely create this again and when I have time.

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  5. Yet somehow, this Mom has managed to stroll right on past their products each and every time.

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