Monday, 26 August 2013

Cot Days...Part One

Well Sunday was a big day in our house! It was finally time to move Celeste from the bassinet in Indiana's room, to our room and into a cot.
We purchased a Boori Classic cot several weeks ago. It has sat untouched in our garage all this time due to various birthdays, illnesses and general mayhem that prevented us from getting to it until now.
Celeste was just bursting at the seams in the bassinet however and there was no delaying it any more.
She is well into her 8th month and growing steadily. She is only in the 25th percentile for growth so she is little but eats like nothing else!
I have to say she has managed to live in a bassinet longer than any of her siblings.
It was a beautiful bassinet too. It was strange to remove her bedding for the last time. While sad (a little), it wasn't difficult. In the past it has been a rather teary event for me; to dismantle a little baby's first bed. The passing of time and the end of a sweet era. Perhaps I am just more experienced now and used to the event. Or perhaps I am just truly past the baby making stage.
This has been the first time I have ever really known that I have reached the end of my baby desiring. It is a relief to know finally what came so quickly to other Mothers. Celeste will be my last child. She is the full stop on a very long paragraph to date. I feel finished, content, ready for the future and the next stages. As your family grows in age, the next steps are an exciting new adventure, but you never forget those special first years of loveliness.

As soon as Dad is home on the weekend, it is funny to see the boys (the youngest three), rally around him and follow him everywhere. When a manly task is to be done, these three jump to the job more than enthusiastically.
If there's a tool involved, they're there with bells on. They'll even bring along a few toy tools of their own.
They were all eager to help Dad assemble the cot. I think even the older kids have experienced this momentous occasion enough times to know it is special and worth assisting in some manner.

Joaquin (pictured), is a particularly good helper. He is my little architect! He is always keen to create and put his brain and hands to good use. The cot was somewhat of a puzzle to him (and Dad), so very entertaining in his mind. Taite loomed about in the background, loud and excited and mostly in the way! He is a lot like Joaquin in many ways but still somewhat of a little mystery too. School next year will bring out the boy in him and I look forward to the discovery of him more. (Not too soon mind you).

I am really glad I managed these photos. They will be great keepsakes of the event. I know Celeste will enjoy looking at these pictures in a couple of years time. Girls tend to have that curiosity about memories. I am making sure I capture lots of pictures to let her know what life was like when she was too little to remember.

In my next post, I will let you know how Celeste is going in the big bed!



  1. what good little helpers you have! hope all goes well in the big bed. -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

    1. Yes they're all great little helpers - sometimes too helpful :D

  2. All the best for a great result with Celeste's big move Jody! Our cot was sold about 2 months ago - never to be seen again! Emily

    1. Thanks Hun! I have photographed her bassinet all ready to be sold online to another happy parent. It's currently sitting in the garage!

  3. There is something a bit lovely about arriving at the no more baby phase isn't there? Hope the cot sleeping goes well

  4. so sweet. my girls both had boori cots that also converted to beds. special place in my heart for them - hope she settles in well with her new sleeping spot

  5. Hi Jody
    I'm sure Celeste will love her new bed as did my bub Francis, he's seven months old now and as he was a big baby he only lasted in his bassinet until he was 4months old but he has loved his cot from day one. It's great your boys want to get in and help and the pictures capture the event wonderfully well.


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