Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cot Days...Part Two

As promised, here's my brief update on Miss Celeste's new night time home - our bedroom. You can read part one on this theme in case you missed it.
You can see from those delightful pictures in my header, Celeste had mixed emotions about the large brown thing when we first introduced her. Unsure and even afraid, she inspected it with both wonder and trepidation and a hint of snootiness. The fact that she had so recently risen from her last daytime bassinet nap (about 5 minutes earlier), and that she was hungry and a little freaked, probably was all it was about! Still, I couldn't resist excitedly tossing her in for a few more of those cutsie baby pictures. She warmed to it pretty quickly too. It must have been the excited onlookers who encouraged her with lots of "oohs" and "ahhs" and high pitched squeals. The first two nights were probably the biggest hurdle for her. I think she was overtired, overstimulated and just plain forgot where she was located a couple of times.
A little whingy.
It didn't take her long to understand that a cot means space and space needs to be explored! She is loving the freedom, the new sights and the potential for keeping us awake that her new bed has given her.
I am left wondering how something so small can be so demanding, noisy, irritating and yet still be lovable beyond comprehension. This one's a typical girl: Busy, curious, alert, bossy, grumpy and sweet as well. She's testing out all these traits during the night with extra emphasis on impressing Dad who she seems a little obsessed with lately. I am growing rather jealous. Especially since I put in 100 percent night time effort and he's the one getting the impressive smiles at ungodly hours.

The proof that Celeste is loving her new bed is evident
below. Sleeping - even in full daylight.

Hmm, this is a bit of alright...

Large bunny and matching heavy-weight heart patchwork quilt from Target for a tiny $19!
The gorgeous 100 percent cotton sheet sets were a bargain at $10 a set.

Where are you going Mom?! Don't leave me HERE!

Sshh! Don't wake her! How sweet they are when they are sleeping and not wanting anything.


  1. Nawww gorgeous photos of your bub - so cherubic looking when asleep! xxx

  2. Ahh watching them sleep makes everything so worthwhile!! The new cot looks gorgeous the way it's all set up!! I feel like its almost time to move our 2 month old to a big cot, somehow she keeps scooting to the top of the bassinet and I find her with her head smashed into the side! x

  3. What fantastic taste in nursery attire you have Jody and that is so great she is settling in well. She is gorgeous x

  4. What a dear little girl! how exciting moving into a big bed - I put a bag of toys and books at the end of Pumpkin's bed for when she got a little older, so that she would have something to do if she woke up earlier than Mum was ready for her... it sometimes works.. More often, she just sits and hollers until I come stumbling in to let her out!! And happy birthday (belated :)

  5. oh how sweet does she look sleeping in her new big bed! Love the quilt in the cot, glad she got used to it :)

  6. Her bed is so gorgeous, how could she NOT enjoy it. She looks adorable!! x


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