Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I Am Going To Knit A Baby Jumper!

I have decided I shall take on my first ever knitting project using a pattern!
This is a huge leap for me as I have only basic knitting skills.
My Grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a little girl. Over the years I have well and truly mastered the skills of stocking stitch which is the basis of most knitting projects.
I can cast on and cast off. I have a little experience increasing and decreasing but I think this looks quite straightforward.
I have knitted many scarves for myself. Just basic ones based on the experience outlined above. Now that there's a little one in the house, the urge to knit is great.
Little baby things are seemingly quick and straightforward to turn out people tell me. Also rewarding!
It's time!
I have scoured online for appropriate project books and settled on the timeless designs in Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits. The projects in the book are geared towards the beginner knitter. They are very simplistic and beautiful. I love simple designs as I live by the less is more philosophy when it comes to stylish design in anything.
I wish to knit this basic boat neck jumper:

I have never read a pattern before but now that I have looked into it more, it appears it may not be as difficult as I have always presumed. I found a great iPad App too called The Knitter's Handbook which has simple images and instructions as well as videos to show how it's done. It's just like having a private lesson whenever I need it without the inconvenience or cost. The App was a tiny $1.99 to purchase.

Really, it's never been easier to learn a skill such as this with all this tech in our lives we are so privileged to enjoy. 

I bought the Debbie Bliss wool on Ebay from the UK. I am sure it could be purchased in Australia but it just seemed easier to grab it online. I decided to make the jumper in the coral colour. Just as well too as I have recently discovered Celeste looks pretty fine dressed in this shade! She has a very girly but spritely energy about her (never more so than at 3am), and the lavender wool suggested in the book is just not her yet! 

I even sourced myself a very fancy knitting bag just to get my mojo happening! I bought this yellow Namaste bag called Zuma from The Wool Shack in WA. It is so bright even my husband commented that he loved the colour! I am heavily into yellow at the moment. Such a happy colour and very motivational. Carting this about with me will inspire me to persist when I come across the inevitable struggles I know I will.
It's even big enough to house my iPad for those lessons on the go!

The only hitch is waiting on a set of 4.5mm knitting needles from the UK. I was missing these from my stash of crafty things and bought some on Ebay on the weekend. I am hoping they arrive very promptly as they are the needles I need to start this whole project and I am rearing to go!

I am excited, nervous and as usual, impatient! I can't wait to feel the little jumper take shape in my hands. At least knitting has always forced me to sit down too. I definitely need to do more of that.
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates on my disaster project!

Can you knit? What have you made? How did you learn the skill?


  1. I've never wanted to knit but that knitting bag is awfully tempting...good luck with it and well done for trying something new!

  2. Go you! What a sweet first project. I honestly don't know where you find the time, but I know you will. x

  3. Congratulations, you are going to love knitting. My nanna taught me basic knitting when I was younger. Although I didn't knit during my teens, I took it up again in my mid 20s and then lapsed for about 30 years and have only recently rekindled my knitting and I love it. You might like to check out the 'In Threes' cardigan pattern on Ravelry. I've made it three times. It's good for a beginner. You can see the pictures on my Ravelry page. I'll be blogging about them soon too. Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. That boat neck jumper is just gorgeous!!!! Well done you for tackling it! Also love the knitting bag - such a happy colour :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  5. I don't knit cause there is very little point in Darwin, but my mum did try and teach me when I was a kid. I'd like to learn to crochet though. That looks like fun.
    Good luck with the jumper. I'm sure it will be awesome :)

  6. Have very recently taken up the knitting art again - baby blankets to donate - and now find my fingers itching if I am not either knitting or crocheting... Ravelry is a great site to get inspiration and sometimes free patterns too for the little ones - some gorgeous stuff on there! Have fun and enjoy the creating. x

    1. Thanks for the tip! I will search it and have a look!

  7. Jody I knit very tightly and slowly but I might be better now that I'm grown! You are very clever :)

    1. HaHa! :D No, don't call me clever yet. I haven't started and it will most likely not work out. I will have to post pictures of the hilarity!

  8. I have just released my latest post which shows the 3 'In Threes' baby cardigans I've just finished. A very easy pattern knitted all in one piece with no seams! I must for any knitter who has little ones.

  9. I love that you bought yourself a knitting bag!! Way to get into the knitting vibe. Once you're up to scratch on booties and cardies, you'll have to try for a knitted Jemima Puddleduck - a friend of my mum's knitted one for my daughter - it is VERY impressive.


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