Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pedicure Please!

Call it nit picking, but I confess to an ugly habit.
When bored at the checkout, library or dentist - basically any queue or place I might have to bide my time in, I have developed a little game for myself called check out those FEET!
I like to entertain myself in otherwise dull circumstances by looking at how well not groomed people keep their footsies.
It is both a vile and revolting sport but also compelling.
It fascinates me to notice the effort many women will put into keeping their top halves glam: hair, makeup, clothing and accessory choices - all ticks. Even footwear has been thoughtfully considered. Frightfully however, these same women will too often neglect the foot within the fancy shoe and it seriously bothers me.
Nothing visually grosses me more than cracked heals, dry skin, yellowed nails, misshapen nails, long nails and just plain dirty feet! Chipped polish is a personal sore spot with me. Don't even go there. I mean, if you can't find the time to remove it when it peels, don't find the time to put it on in the first place!
I really wish I could find something else to fixate on in these circumstances but once this habit takes hold, it's a hard one to break.
It's also contagious so be warned you will now find yourself practising the same habit next time you visit the bank.
Since Spring is just about to begin, and those blessed ugly footsies will be making their debut everywhere I look, I thought I would write this post on pedicures. The what you need to know basics and how to's, featuring some of my favourite items from my own myopic collection.
Let me begin by stating that I am no expert here, but I am a perfectionist and one without time. So it's a very narrowed down list for Moms on the run.

Begin by purchasing yourself some cracked heel balm. You can pick this up for under $10 at your local supermarket or chemist. Apply it daily to your feet after showering and at bedtime for best results. Heel balms soften skin that has hardened, cracked and discoloured rewarding you with princess feet within a week. Another little tip I have learned is that applying a tiny amount before venturing out in your heels or sandals, simply improves the look of your feet altogether. It temporarily disguises bad heels in emergency situations. Little known fact number two; use it around cuticles for extra healing and healthier looking toenails.

Trim your toenails regularly and file the edges. Cutting too low around the edges can cause ingrown toenails so shape carefully.

My basics include:
A Ped Egg. Rather like a grater for feet. Excellent for removing excess dead skin.
A nail buffer. Cheap and excellent for ridge removal and buffing your nails to shiny heights.
Toe separators. Invaluable when it comes to polish application - prevent the giant coloured mono-toe!

Some essentials for maintenance. Apply daily while watching TV.
My must have favourites are:

1) OPI Avoplex Nail And Cuticle Replenishing Oil. Simply paint this light, pleasant textured oil onto your nails and massage gently in to each nail and cuticle. Be as sloppy as you like! Very moisturising. Lasts for 24 hours. Like a moisturiser for your nails. Feels sensational to apply and helps dried out nails after too many days of polishes.

2) OPI Nail Envy. For stronger nails. I don't need it much but if yours are that way inclined - highly recommended.

3) MUST HAVE this item! Scholl Perfect Nails Discoloured Nail Treatment. At around $16 this two part nail treatment is essential! Buy it today!! This is a polish which whitens the nail and conditions it. I am always astounded by the results when I use this. You can even use it under colours as a base coat. It has definite and pleasant shock factor results! If you only buy one thing for your nails, make it this.

Colour time. Finish off your now beautiful feet with some sensational colours. I am a lover of OPI nail things. Their colour ranges are legendary. They make them in hundreds of beautiful shades.
Pictured are 3 from my collection, not yet destroyed by the teen daughter.
1) Mod About You. Always have a French pink polish for class!
2) Dutch Tulips. Love this colour.
3) You're A Pisa Work.
For those of you not familiar with OPI, all their colours have catchy little names.
Don't forget to use a base coat and a top coat to protect both your nails and the colour you apply. Remove your polish after a few days and go for a few days without to let your nails breathe between polishes. Nails can be weakened by polish no matter what brand polish you use.
Seems like a perfect place to insert a picture of my newly manicured nails. I have not done the said pedicure yet however so it is toe hiding time for me still. I did invest in these delicate little shoes that I thought I'd share here. This neat little pair of crystal studded satin shoes lined in leather are from Novo and the style is Daria. I picked these up for a tiny $9.95 online, reduced from $59.95! I think I did alright!
How about you?
Do you pedicure yourself or pay someone to do it for you?
Do you participate in an idle foot staring sport like mine?
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  1. I get someone to do it for me simply because I love to relax and enjoy the pamper :p however, I'll be checking out the cracked heel balm you mention. I moisturize every day but it still seems dry!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Now that is one seriously interesting sport! I have to admit I have neglected my poor feet of late. Might give them a makeover tonight!

  3. I don't usually check out feet ... but I have a strange feeling I might be about to start ;0)

  4. Some great tips there, I have been meaning to invest in a pedi egg for ages - might just do it today :)
    visiting from FYBF x


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