Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wordless Wednesday...

Celeste is 7 months old!
My little Miss needs to make the transition from bassinet to cot now.
I have spent much of my week searching for an ideal cot for her.
I have chosen a Boori cot in English Oak.
I took this picture after I got out of my car. I had just finalised the cot collection details on my mobile.
I told Celeste I had bought a lovely cot for her and she beamed this glorious smile at me!
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  1. Oh cluck, cluck! She is gorgeous!

    Amy x

  2. Aww, cutie pie! I'm sure you'll be happy with your cot, we have a Boori that we are about to set up for the fourth time. Aside from a few teeth marks, it's still as good as the day we bought it. Yeah, they can be expensive, but worth it, I think! I hope the transition goes well for you!

    1. Yes Boori make great furniture! They really make things well. We have stuck with this brand all along. Our previous cot died in storage (not Boori), and we discovered this last weekend! So began the cot hunt this week...:D

  3. It looks like a "yes I love it" to me!
    Cute :)

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous gummy smile - how awesome that you managed to capture it on camera!

  5. She's lovely!...and looking straight at you with laughter and love...a wonderful moment to photograph.

  6. What a sweet face!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my shelf makeover!

  7. As pretty as a petal and that smile :)


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