Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wordless Wednesdays 13 year old daughter cannot stop taking them. If I leave my iPad or mobile unattended, I can guarantee I will return to many images of her on it!
I jumped in the bottom shot with her on the webcam. My son's hand has only just made the image.
She thinks I don't blog enough about her...this one's for you Indiana!
Are you embarrassed?
Linking with My Little Drummer Boys and Twinkle In The Eye for Wordless Wednesdays.


  1. My boys surprise me with selfies - good for a giggle always.

  2. Haha she's a sweetie! Mine's the same with her ipad.

  3. Classic, great pics! My kids always do that, I kinda like it, except when my phone goes walkabout!

  4. Cute! You guys look like you have heaps of fun. xx

  5. Oh, my comment just disappeared, so sorry if you get it twice! Nice to know that kids don't want to sue you for mentioning them at all on your blog! I sometimes wonder if my daughter will not appreciate being talked about when she's older..!

  6. Cuteness! Love how she's not afraid of the camera!

  7. How cute that she will take selfies, hope she always wants pics boys hit teenage years and they decided Photos were not allowed to be taken, so we have gone for years with lots of great moments not recorded.
    Love the one you got into :)

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