Monday, 2 September 2013

Father's Day...

Sunday was a big day in our house, just as it were in many households where a Dad resides.
Dad (Paul), was greeted by a procession of children bearing gifts and hugs for Father's Day.
He received lots of gorgeous handmade and handpicked goodies: a money box, pen, compass keychain, chocolates and puzzles to name a few.
He also received a sensational breakfast in bed made by the top chef around - Me!

Such beautiful weather here in Melbourne too! Too good to waste indoors. Since Spring had finally hit with a stunning 25 degrees, we decided rather spontaneously, to head to our favourite destination - the beach at Inverloch.

Spontaneous doesn't happen too often at our house. There are so many personalities that it can be difficult to come to a unanimous decision on anything. The beach as a family destination is always a winner.
It took us a mere 1.5 hours to go from decision to ready to leave. This is really quick considering the size of our family! I find one of the hardest things about organising a day trip, is to keep my thoughts on just one thing. There's always someone or something ready to hijack my mind. It slows me to have to deal with a million tiny details on such a large scale. I am talking about the where, why and what type questions kids throw at you.
Usually by the time I climb into the passenger seat of the car, I am ready to stay home!

With the added bonus of Monday being my birthday however, I was really determined to overcome the billions of obstacles and get out for the day.

Pictures tell a thousand words. We made it and had a great time!

Celeste got her first taste of beach action. At 9 months and pre-crawling, it is a great age to get her to the beach. We had complete control over her and she was placid enough to be content with whatever choices we made on her behalf. What a perfect age! I am making the most of that.

Celeste practised sitting upright in her car capsule. While we reloaded the car, I caught this gorgeous shot of her. She's very proud of her training cup. I learnt very quickly to not take it off her - her temper is developing this week.
Despite the water being very chilled, the kids still managed to get wet as if it were the height of Summer! Ki practised his commando crawling in real life as opposed to his treasured video games.
I love the beach for the great memories it creates.
I can't wait for Summer to hit so I too can join in the fun.
Happy Father's Day!
How was Father's Day at your house?

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  1. looks like a great day! I'm not sure I'd make it out of bed with 6 kids, let alone out of the house! ;-) We did pancakes, the the beach for a little while, then it was business as usual - grocery shopping and work for me! -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  2. Looks like you had a great Father's day! I sure he was super spoilt with six little ones to look after him!!

  3. We also did the beach thing but it was WAY warmer here! And 1.5 hours isn't bad considering you have so many wee troops - thanks for sharing your special day Jody :)

    1. Clearly you reside somewhere I would be jealous of! I love hot weather and detest Winter!

  4. Looks like it was worth jumping through the hoops for the day out.

  5. Lovely to see your gorgeous family enjoying Father's Day. My own immediate family only ever consisted of myself and my son (who's now 26) so I am quite envious of your large busy family :-)

    1. I think I always wanted a large family so that I could look back and know I did what was right for ME - a contentment thing. On the plus side for you - look at all those sensational knits you now have time for!
      These pics don't show how exhausted I was the day after! There's a blog post in itself!

  6. Lovely Post! Looks like you had a great time. Most of the time it takes me ages to get out of the house with one! So well done! Money Mummy

  7. The Beach is always a winner here too :)

  8. Nothing like a beach day! We can't really do them up here in Darwin, but whenever we are on holiday in SA we make the most of them. Nothing better I reckon

  9. Looks like you had a lovely time, and happy birthday, belatedly! Your little Celeste is adorable, and looks like she'll be able to hold her own, no troubles, in your big family! What gorgeous photos. I am constantly amazed how prepared kids are to jump into freezing water. I like my water about the same as a bath, or no dice!


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