Sunday, 29 September 2013

Make Your Own Memory Cookbook

Over the years I have amassed a large collection of recipes I have sourced from various places. Everything from the labels on cans and food packages to internet downloadables and even recipes from friends. If there's a fantastic recipe to try, I will keep it. Many of my favourite recipes are not even from books. Most of them are pasted into scrapbooks (love my Buffy scrapbook) and plastic folders.
I am a sentimental person when it comes to my kidlets. Most Mommies are. If my child produces a gorgeous drawing, I feel a need to keep it. Long after they have grown and left home, these precious artworks will be the only manifest reminder I will have of their childhood besides photographs.
With six kids in the house however, the pile of drawings we just can't bear to part with has become huge! Many get admired and tossed later mind you. Occasionally though, one of the kids will produce a drawing so beautiful that it needs to be preserved. Sometimes too, a drawing will be treasured if it represents a particular love or current obsession a child has. When one of them presents me with a super drawing that fits into these categories, it makes the cut for the Memory Cookbook.

Halo and Rocky Road? - I think so!
It's really easy to make - seriously. I purchased a plastic covered display book from the newsagents several years back for around $5. Choose one with as many pages as you can find. Alternatively, you can purchase a ring binder and separate plastic sleeves to insert yourself.
All you need do is put your loose recipes in the sleeves and alternate with your child / children's drawings. If you're really crafty you can go a whole lot further with this idea. Spotlight has many items in stock for scrapbookers like stickers, craft scissors and special card stock.
Make sure you write each artist's name and age and date on every picture.
It's nice when I pull out my favourite cookbook, to relive those little memories. My kids always flock to this cookbook, curious as to what pictures they might discover and memories they too might recall.
My favourite recipes are adorned with Geishas and Doctor Who images.
A little more incentive to cook when I am not feeling in the mood. My children's drawings are always uplifting.
Or, as seen below, just plain hilarious!

Even sweeter, is when they draw a picture which they deem themselves to be so good that they actually ask me to file it in the cookbook for preservation. Even the older two will still do this which I secretly think is adorable! (Sometimes even cool kids can be kids again)!
This book is my work in progress. I am sure there will be many more of them produced over time. Ultimately what I wish to do with these books, is to publish my own family cookbook when the kids are all grown up. I would like to take the best of the pictures and choose the recipes which have become signature dishes, then make copies which each of the kids can take with them when they leave home.
The next generation can admire the work of their 'parents' and hopefully my kids will continue the tradition with their own offspring.

Why not start yours today?
What traditions have you started which you would like to see passed on in your family?
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  1. I am making an actual memory cookbook at the moment with my. Nan's recipes and mine - will blog about it at some point!

    1. That will be really special and I will look forward to it! Maybe you can share some of those recipes!

  2. What a lovely idea - I wonder if you associate the drawing with the time you first cooked (or cooked for a special occasion) the recipe that goes with it? Enjoying nice food and savouring works of art - a great combination.

  3. Oh I wish I'd thought to do this when my kids were still munchkins!

  4. You remind me that I want to start some handwritten cookbooks for my daughter and niece - handwritten recipes by their Mums/aunts/Grandma's and G-Grandma. I love these treasured items!!


  5. What a beautiful ideas. I love making things I hope my children will cherish forever.

  6. This is beautiful! I'm putting together a cookbook for my kids with recipes and photos from family members around the globe. I hope they will one day love it :)

  7. What a lovely idea! I know my kids would love this too. And as for the artwork - yes, we have piles with three kids in the house, let alone six!

    I love the idea of making them something they can take with them when they have their own kitchens too cook in.

  8. I got a big scrapbook for my daughter to glue her favourite drawings in and birthday party invites for the year! I like your suggestion though x

  9. That is a very cool idea, killing two birds with one stone. I need to get my recipe folder under control. It's kinda crazy right now

  10. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  11. This is an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS idea. And since my single cookbook is now groaning under recipes pasted over other recipes, it sounds like time I start a new one - and why not do this. You are a genius.

    1. Your little one is at the perfect age to start too. You will get maximum benefit if you start early.

  12. Too clever! I have stacks of my son's artwork, drawings and paintings which I would never throw away. Love this idea... totally gonna do this! Thanks so much!

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