Monday, 14 October 2013

Celebrating Halloween

Do you celebrate Halloween at your place?
Chances are if you've got kids, they're talking about this special occasion for months before its arrival.
My kids are keen Halloweeners! 
An event sandwiched between the frequent holidays scattered throughout the year and so close to Christmas, it's one I could quite happily ignore. My children would be very disappointed if I did however.
So, each year I make the effort to make it memorable for them.
I began initially by purchasing witches hats and lollies in the early years of my biggest kids. They would excitedly watch Halloween specials on TV and consume their bags of lollies wearing their hats. Over time, add more children and festivity and the holiday has begun to get a following at our place. We've gone on to full costumes, Halloween decorations, Halloween lollies, and Jack 'o' Lanterns carved from oranges! (We don't Trick Or Treat however as I draw the line there). 
Surprisingly, I have even started to enjoy the celebration of Halloween. It's so much fun to see the kids enjoy themselves. I especially love the excited nervousness of the littlies who have immense fun but are perhaps a tiny bit spooked by it all! Those faces make the most adorable of memories for me!

Five little kiddies set for some spooky fun!

It seems it has become easier to celebrate Halloween in Australia too with it being an event no longer designated to a small, dark space tucked away in stores. Halloween is blaring from shopfronts these days as advertisers realise the sales potential and the public demand here grows.
This year I am well prepared for the event. Thanks to the demand this growing popularity has fuelled, I am well stocked in spooky colouring books, decorations, cardboard skeletons and even this mammoth box of American candy!

I bought this massive box of lollies called The Scary Box
from USA Foods. All our Halloween needs are wrapped up!

Yes, the kids don't know yet about the full extent I am prepared to go this year. I am going to have some fun though!
My tips for some free spooky fun at your place:

Print off Halloween colouring pages. There are plenty of free downloadable images on the net. 
Make your own nifty Trick Or Treat lolly bags with your print offs: Purchase a pack of simple brown paper lunch bags from your supermarket and cut and paste your black and white images onto the bags. Kids love to colour them in and fill their creations with some lollies when they're done! 

Make a small Jack 'o' Lantern from an orange. Pumpkins are large, expensive and difficult to carve. Try an orange instead! They are inexpensive, small and you can have a great design done in around 10 minutes. (Thanks to Hubby for these brilliant examples)!

Oranges have the added bonus of a citrus scent when you place a tea light candle inside. They really look sensational on a windowsill or your front doorstep too. My kids love us to bring the Jack 'o' Lantern to their bedrooms for a visit when they are all tucked into bed and it's really dark - there's a lot of awe inspired and I know then we've carved more than just an orange into their little minds! It is actually my favourite thing to do this as it harbours a real moment of the Halloween festival - the night of the faded boundary between the living and the dead - spooky!
Go one better and carve several different expressions into enough oranges to place one on each step leading to your front door. A great look!

Bake a batch of cupcakes and whip up some horrible coloured icing to suit the occasion. Top off your cakes with some Halloween themed lolly decorations. Bound to be a hit! Cost - virtually nothing.

Finally, visit Pinterest for countless beautiful crafty ideas and decorating tips to support the event. It's pretty wow out there! (Makes me feel inadequate inspired)! 


USA Foods here in Melbourne have generously donated a juicy, big box of gorgeous genuine American Halloween Candies which are up for grabs for one lucky Six Little Hearts reader!
Perfect for all your Halloween food crafts and excited kiddies of all ages!
Entry is easy, just follow the prompts below. 

Entry is open to Australian residents only. 
Winner will be contacted via email and given 48 hours to respond. if no contact is made, another winner will be chosen.
Judge's decision is final.
Good Luck!

Do you celebrate Halloween at your house?
What do you do to make it special for your kids?
Please leave your comments below.
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  1. We don't celebrate Halloween, and I actually get pretty annoyed at the shops that are jumping on the bandwagon as yet another 'occasion' to exploit consumers. I think it's fine if you want to participate, I guess it just irks me that it is becoming such a big deal in Australia. My hubby is American and he agrees with me, and we are so glad we live on a property so we have no treat or treaters to turn away. Yep, we are the party poopers.

    Fun for the kids to dress up though I am sure! :)

  2. Our kids love it and our street is very in to it - we get about 30 kids coming to our door on Halloween!! I used to LOVE being in the US when it was Halloween, they go off over there!! xx

    1. My kids would LOVE to live in your street! Sounds like you're on a winner there! I have been in the States around October but not at Halloween but I can imagine it would be quite magical!

  3. I think I love Halloween more than my 3 year old! So much fun, all that spookyness and lollies! But, have to say, I'm a bit disappointed that there is never much going on in the way of trick or treating around our part of Melbourne. I wish it was like in the States where the streets re full of miniature goblins and ghosts! I'll have to look into some activities. Great tips for things to do at home - thank you! :-)

    1. Wouldn't it be fun! You can start your own traditions as your child grows. Some people are lucky enough to live in those sensational streets where they all get together and participate which is so nice.

  4. No trick or treating out in the bush where we are! I have always acknowledged Halloween for its historical interest but now that my children are older, I am happy to let them explore their inner witchipoo, but from the comfort of home. Catherine

    1. I am with you there. I don't like to do the Trick or Treat thing as we aren't in one of those lucky streets that have the community thing going on. It's a fun little celebration at home behind closed doors for us!

  5. How cute are those oranges? I love the idea, especially if they give off a citrusy scent. My kids are still a wee bit young for Halloween, but I think next year we'll definitely get into the spirit. Your kids look so cute all dressed up :)

    1. I thank Dad for those oranges - talented isn't he!

  6. Ok your oranges are amazing I LOVE THEM :) I love Halloween so much - we even had a halloween themed engagement party xx Great post xx

    1. Wow! Your engagement party sounds amazing! Hope you blog it one day.

  7. We only got into the Halloween spirit last year by offering lollies. This year we are going to go out trick or treating too. I am going to take on the oranges idea, they look awesome, and very appropriate for an aussie halloween :) Thanks for the opportunity to win a USAfoods pack :) Happy Halloween!

    1. Have loads of fun won't you! Happy Halloween to you too! :D

  8. I love Halloween, I wish it was more poprular. In primary school I convinced teh drama club to put on a halloween celebration in the school library, and it was the highlight of year 6. What a fantastic idea to use oranges! I've made Jack o Lanterns before with watermelons (which are very easy to carve) but you are right, oranges are smaller, cheaper, easier, and smell beautiful. I will definitely be making some this year, thanks for the idea! xx

    1. Oops, so excited I forgot to answer the question. I would dress as a witch of course, just my regular clothes. ;)

  9. Those kids are too cute to be scary. I much prefer to be the parent at the door handing out lollies than the one pounding the pavement!

  10. My daughter had a Halloween party for her birthday last year. All the kids dressed up and it was a lot of fun. I spent WAY too much time on Pinterest beforehand - there are so many wonderful ideas on there. I would dress up as a ghost - putting eye holes in a white sheet is about as complicated as my sewing gets!

  11. Wow what a clever lady you are, the orange is fantastic, kim

  12. Although my husband isn't into it and my son is still under 2, I love to get into the spirit of Halloween. Last year was the first time we walked around the neighbourhood and it was amazing how many people got into it, it was fabulous. We hope to do it again this year. I've started preparing a little bit. I bought some oranges today and drew monster faces on them with a black marker so there's a fruit bowl full of monster oranges!

  13. Oh and I forgot to say, I have been in America right before Halloween and saw how much effort they go to, it's awesome. I reckon I'd do something traditional like a witch flying on my broomstick....sometimes I think my husband thinks I am one when I'm in a bad mood! lol!

  14. Its becoming huge isn't it? We celebrated properly last year, and will do so again this year (I bought enough decorations last year, so best use them again!).

    I love the decorations - they are so much fun! I am going to try pumpkin carving again this year...I can't get any worse.

  15. Oranges are genius. Am adding it to my bucket list!

  16. My costume would probably be a pegacorn, pegasus/ would be a challenge but a lot of fun. And these Halloween ideas are fantastic, I don't want to spend too much with Christmas not too far away too.

  17. I would have to dress as a fairy, so that I could grant the wishes of all the little boys and girls of course. But also it would just be fun.

    Love the idea of using oranges instead of pumpkins!! Be much easier for my little ones to do :)

  18. Up until this year we always celebrated Halloween with a massive bowl of treats for the local kids. Always made me smile at how polite some kids were and how others took as many as they could. Mine are older now and will no doubt be celebrating in slightly different ways.

  19. My girls are always keen to do something. I might give the oranges a go this year, they look amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your post on fb. I too have a GIVEAWAY (Pearl necklace) going at the moment. I just need to find 100 people to comment on the post before it will kick off.

  20. The oranges look ah-maz-ing! Totally going to give those a whirl this year. To be honest, with three kids all at primary school I have no choice but to embrace Halloween. We went trick or treating for the first time last year and the kids had a blast. Two of my three have birthdays at the start of November, so we always have at least one Halloween themed party. Good luck to everyone that has entered the comp! :-D

  21. We celebrate by doing lots of Halloween crafts. While I won't take my children Trick or Treating (3.5yrs and 15 months) I don't mind celebrating at Halloween parties and accepting Trick or Treaters. (We hand out glow stick bracelets for added fun.)
    I would love to Trick or Treat as Pippi Longstocking as I remember dressing up like her for a Fancy dress party as a kid and I have just introduced the movie to my girls and it has become a firm favourite. I also think it would be good fun for parents my age to see it and know who I am. Lol.

  22. Halloween is lots of fun here because my best friend is American and she always has a party. Together, we put together lots of recycled craft activities to make for and with the kids, such as egg carton bats, pipe cleaner spiders, paper plate ghosts, milk bottle ghosts. This hamper would be FAB for our party next week!

  23. I'm LOVING the orange trick!
    I took Miss 3 trick or treating up our street last year as we had JUST moved house and it was a great way to meet the neighbours/break the ice ;-)

  24. I don't know what to expect from Halloween this year. It's my first in Australia for 7 years and when I left Oz was still anti Halloween. It's huge in London, each year I would estimate we'd have about 300 trick or treaters. It was by far my kids favourite day of the year after Christmas!

  25. I see so many clever costumes on pinterest. I love the couple costumes: such as Soap and a Shower Puff.

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