Thursday, 21 November 2013

Goodyear Autocare's Women With Drive Workshop

This is a Sponsored post for Goodyear Autocare's Women With Drive Program.

Lately I have had a list of things to do which seems never ending.
One of the must do's has been stressing me above all others.
It's to do with my car's maintenance.
I have been staring at semi-deflated tyres on two of my wheels for a month now. I have asked my Husband several times to make the trip to the servo to pump them up. This week my wiper fluid ran out and now I am nagging about that too. Both are small jobs but vital for the safe performance of my car. In all fairness, my Husband is also dealing with his own extensive list of to-do's and he will get to it eventually.
Stupidly, I know zero about car maintenance and therefore rely entirely on my man to maintain my vehicle for the simplest of affairs. If I am completely honest, I will go as far as admitting that I do not even know how to open the hood (or is it called a bonnet)?! I know there's a button thing somewhere to do it but...that's men's stuff right?
As for the wiper fluid, well who knows where I pour that and if I were lucky enough to find the right place - how much do I put in?
I recently discovered a spare tyre compartment in my boot as well as a nifty little tool kit to fit it and I was oh so excited about that! (Until Hubby told me this is a standard thing in a car)!
I am terrified of the air pump at the service station as I am truly scared that I will explode my tyres and blow my head off if I use it incorrectly.
The list of fears, failures and apprehensions goes on. 
I was paranoid that these vehicle maintenance avoidance issues were limited to me until I became aware of a FREE program run by the good people at Goodyear Autocare specifically aimed at women such as myself.
The program is called Women With Drive and you can visit their website here.
Research apparently shows many women are avoiding simple vehicle maintenance tasks through lack of knowledge. Phew! Now that I know I belong to an entire group inept at car maintenance I feel so much better!
I was really thrilled to be invited to attend one of these workshops. Not only was it incredibly informative, hands-on (if participants wished) and comprehensive, it was also highly enjoyable.

The night kicked off with the very friendly team at the Goodyear Autocare centre in St Kilda, Melbourne.
We were introduced to topics such as recognising when tyres are worn. We learned how to check and change oil and transmission fluids and how to locate a spare tyre and use the tools which come with it to actually change it. We were invited at every step to take on the challenge of DIY, ask questions and seek advice. The whole team of mechanics chipped in. We were divided into groups to ensure we all got a fair go at everything we should know to keep our cars running in top condition.

Checking oil levels on the dipstick - even I can do this now!
Belts, electrics, hoses and brake pads - everything was covered. We were taught steps to take in the event of roadside difficulties. We didn't walk away qualified mechanics but we did gain a good knowledge of the workings of a vehicle and how to maintain it between services.
The Women With Drive program is a nationwide initiative by Goodyear Autocare. There are around 40 stores across Australia which are to host the event between November 2013 and June 2014. There's bound to be one near you.
While these events are entirely free, participants are asked to make a donation of any amount to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) at the time of their attendance. Goodyear Autocare are seeking to raise awareness and funds to aid the OCRF to create a life saving early detection test through their Women With Drive program.
It's a winner for all involved and having completed the program, it's one I can also highly recommend.
The program runs for an hour but expect it to go a little longer with the many questions and DIY attempts from participants.
To register your interest in a Women With Drive event, visit Goodyear's website here or head to their Facebook page here. For handy car-care tips head here to visit their YouTube site.
It's a great community service which I found to be fun and informative and your attendance benefits a great cause. I have walked away with so much knowledge and certainly less fear of maintaining my vehicle. I even know how to open the bonnet now! Make sure you check it out.

How confident are you at maintaining your vehicle?
Do you have crazy car-care fears like mine?


  1. Sounds great, and a really great fundraiser too!

  2. Hi Jody, this sounds like a really good program that I could probably use myself. I too am a little intimidated by the air pump thingy but my understanding is that they've been tweaked now-a-days to minimise the number of head-blowing-off incidents. Phew!

  3. What a great idea... I so need this as I have no idea how to change a tyre or anything!!! It's terrible I know! :-)

  4. What a great program! I was pretty lucky because my Dad's a mechanic and he taught me bits and pieces about car maintenance when I was growing up. He also showed me how to detail my car. Even though I had a little bit of confidence about cars the first time I went to pump up my tyres with the air pump thingy I deflated them first. I felt like a bit of a dill. But there's only one way to learn right?


  5. Great idea, I remember when my tyre burst I didn't realise I had a spare tyre in the back and nearly ended up paying 3 times the price and waiting twice as long for roadside assistance until I spotted it by a fluke and called them back just in time. This sounds ideal.

  6. I really, really should do something like this. I've been saying that for years... x

  7. This is such a good idea! Every woman should know some car basics! Thanks for letting me know that this program is out there!

  8. I so need to do this I am embarrassed to say I never do any of my own car maintenance. Thank you for sharing !

  9. Wow, amazing! The thing I couldn't believe most was that it only took an hour! When I was reading about all the stuff they covered, I thought, it must be at least a full day! Sounds like a great program though. Those air pumps freak me out too :)

  10. Car maintenance is an important thing that all car owners should know, men or women. Thankfully a program like this has been offered to you and other women in your area. It may have been hard to understand at first, but at least now you are able to do simple fixes for your car without the help of your hubby! Cheers!

    Jamie Ladson @ Georgetown Exxon


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