Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Turning One...

Miss Celeste will be turning one on November 29.

How fast her first year has flown. In some ways it has also passed slowly.
Celeste was born at 36 weeks. I had antibodies from a previous blood transfusion so they wanted her out early. She was considered premature. Having never experienced a premmie, I did not think a few weeks would make such a difference.
It made a dramatic difference.
It was rough days early on with struggles to gain weight, severe jaundice (an outcome of my antibodies) and breastfeeding difficulties that plagued us for the first 8.5 weeks. (Yes, I remember it was exactly 8.5 weeks)! Prematurity is a lot of work and I can only imagine how difficult and stressful babies born weeks earlier than her must be.
Suddenly, overnight our issues resolved. Celeste thrived, jaundice faded and breastfeeding with its multiple issues, rectified miraculously.
It was time to relax and enjoy her.
I have enjoyed my number six baby so much!
She's such a sweetie!

Saucy Miss
Cuddly, funny, cute, cheeky, naughty, sooky, clingy, brazen, coy. So many little glimpses of her have flashed up before me these past 11 months.
Lately she is becoming a little more than a baby.
There's waving.
"Hello's" and "Uh-Oh's!" 
She likes to slap me in the face when she's breastfeeding! She also hits, punches and pinches me. (Perhaps influenced by the older children). There's always a knowing little look on her face when she's doing it.
She enjoys wiping her nose and mouth on my clothing. She's loves seeing those wet patches she creates and has quite a fascination for them!
She has discovered her leggies. When I support her she bounces on them before bending in two to check them out in action with lots of pride on her face.
She's pulling up on the sofa.
Falling down. 
Crying and then trying all over again in a never-ending cycle.
My favourite age is now. I love the 0 - 18 months age group. The relationship between a Mum and baby is so special at this time. There's nothing else like it in life ever again.
I adore seeing a baby read a person's face to gauge a reaction, experiment and play.
Right now we are planning a special outing of some kind for her first birthday.

Trolley dolly - 11 months old

What age did you adore most?
What did you do for your child's first birthday? (I need some inspiration)!


  1. Awww happy first birthday!! She is adorable. I love the 6-12 month age, more routine sleeps and their little personalities start to form.

  2. Hayley has taken to repeatedly slapping and scratching my face when shes tired and Im trying to put her to sleep and she full on gives me nipple cripples complete with fingernails.

    I do love it though when they look at a new persons face to try and determine if they are nice or not and when shes not sure she looks at me to see how I react to them.

  3. Those photos are priceless, the sauce one made me LOL! I went cray cray for my oldest's 1st birthday but the other two I just had small family gathering, balloons and a cake. I hear cake smashes are very popular and a great photo opp! That went fast - nearly one year! My middle is 4 in a few weeks and need inspiration for what to do for him!

  4. OHHH the cuteness of that beautiful little face!

    Are you a little sad that her first birthday is coming up? I remember when my last (number 5) turned one, I was a little teary knowing it was the last first birthday I would have.

    Hope the day is an amazing one for you all :)

    MC xo

  5. Happy almost-birthday Miss Celeste! I love this age too Jodi, it's so much fun seeing their little personalities developing :)

  6. what a sweetie!! i thought i commented already, but don't see it.. anyway, love the sauce photo! happy birthday!!

  7. Oh happy (almost) birthday to you e beautiful little miss! she is just adorable.
    My favourite age is about 21/2 to 4 I think.I just love seeing that little personality develop and there is just that bit more independence from me that makes life easier :)
    Having said that, I did love that 12 month age too. So inquisitive :)

  8. Happy birthday little sweetie. x

  9. She is scrumptious and I love how you have described her. I love that little hand when they are feeding hitting you and exploring their surroundings. I love what you said about the relationship between mother and baby there really is nothing like it at this time so we have to savour every moment. Happy Birthday Little Celeste!


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