Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Blogging Milestone - My 75th Post!

Wow! I have reached a milestone of 75 posts on my blog!
I thought at the three quarters of a century mark, I should write a post devoted to blogging.
I am not entirely sure how I even came to be a blogger. Usually people are very interested when I tell them that I blog.
"Why did you start blogging?"
It's the first question I am so often asked. To be honest, there's no simple answer. 
I do remember that prior to starting my blog, I stumbled upon a very big blogger in the United States. It is a beautiful blog and I was blown away by it. So many followers too! 
It hit me at the time that I can do this! (Okay, maybe not on the scale of that particular blog but we can always dream)!
I turned to the internet to scour for more blogs of note. I had no idea how many were out there. There are so many blogs on the web! 
My first task was to decide exactly what type of blogger I wanted to be. Like so many of you, I am a Mum and that seemed to be the obvious place to start. Adding my interests and background became the second part of the picture. From there, like a big tree, I could branch into many places and hopefully draw in a few readers along the way. 
I hit the local library for books on blogging. I gained a greater understanding from them but none really spoke to me about how to actually do it. There was lots of thinking involved. A blog name was decided upon and I fashioned an idea in my mind of how I wanted my blog to look, feel and be.
I was still uncertain as to how to go about things and then I discovered this book.

It really is a blogger's bible! It explained everything I needed to know and I am still learning from it. The book has a nice big font and lots of point forms. It's like a course guide and very relevant and up to the minute. Perfect for a Mum of 6 with so little time. Especially so, since at the time I commenced blogging I had a 4 month old baby! What was I thinking? 
Clearly I wasn't!
(Remember when I said I didn't know why I started blogging? I really meant it)!
And so I started. Like the book suggested, I just jumped right in and wrote an introduction about myself and the rest just happened. 
Here I am today, all mature at 75 bigguns!
I guess for me, blogging brings all the aspects of my life together in the one place. On the one hand people quiz me on life in a large family constantly so of course this is the main feature. Then there's my love of writing - a place to express the me under all the weight of a large household as well as my media background. It's definitely an outlet for that. Blogging is rather like being the journalist, editor, photographer, PR person and advertiser of your very own magazine website. I love that it ties all the facets of my life into one neat package. 
Blogging gives me the opportunity to experience my life in a second chance kind of way. When I blog something, it helps me to recount the experience. I feel as if I make memories even greater when I can look at them in a whole new light - like a second perception of an event. As I have a really bad memory anyway, I feel this has really helped me hold on to the cherished moments in my life. Such as this little Miss:

Blogging is way more work than I ever anticipated though. I never thought it would take so much effort to compile posts, maintain and promote a blog. Then there's the whole social media aspect of commenting on blogs, and promoting posts which though fun, takes a great deal of time and effort.
It's a weird and wonderful world this blogiverse and I have met many great people along the way both online and in the real world. I have had a lot of fun attending blogger events and working with advertisers.

It will be interesting to see how my blog develops (and the many that I follow) in the coming 12 months. As many bloggers will know, a blog changes its shape constantly as is grows. 
Thank you to those of you who have joined me on my journey so far as I tap away my experiences here on my iPad at the end of 2013. 

Why did you start blogging?
Or if not a blogger, have you considered becoming a blogger?
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  1. Congrats Jody! I think I've done 107 posts so far. Its very addictive!

  2. I've just clocked up 118 posts after about 13 months of blogging so we're almost at the same stage. I was also influenced by a NZ blogger who I followed (and who now, unfortunately no longer blogs). I loved her stories, pictures and knitted and crocheted items. Every time I finished a knitted item I would get excited and wanted to share it. As there was no one immediately to share it with I decided to start blogging. I rejoiced out loud every time someone started following my blog. I now have 104 followers. It's a slow and steady increase but at least some people are reading my blog! I will have to look at the book that helped you. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am one of those followers! I love your blog - especially all the shopping you do for those stunning wools! I wonder what it is that makes a blogger put an end to their blog?

  3. I started blogging to build my own community. I thought if I could connect 100 country women parenting and feeling isolated that would be great - now with 1300 followers on FB and lots of pageviews I love that I can connect both city and country and gives me a little community all of my own which I just adore.

    Blogging can take work and if your happy to organically build your following then it doesn't have to be so much work. I've cut back on the time I spend and found that not alot changed - just more time ofr my family :)

    1. Isn't that great! I am sure your country followers are especially grateful for your blogging! I am taking blogging slowly now that the holidays are here and I am enjoying it very much!

  4. I have five kids from 24 years down to 17 years. In January I decided it was time to document our lives. Over 300 posts later I've come to the end of twelve months satisfied it was the right decision. I love my blog. As a full time teacher I don't have much time to promote it which is a downfall of mine. But at least it's always going to be there for me to look back on :)

    1. Excellent! I will be checking out your blog since you have a large family too! It certainly is an excellent way to document your life and reflect on it at the same time. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Congratulations on your 75th Blog Post! I like writing on my blog, sometimes I am tired of all the social media behind the scenes to get my blog out there and read but then other times it gives me a real Rush {high} when people find it because they are searching particular search terms and google points them to my blog!! Connecting with other like minded people also rocks.
    Guess you could say it soon becomes addictive :)

    1. Yes, I know the feeling! I haven't bothered installing Google Analytics yet. I thought if I do I might become too obsessed with it! I have no idea how people find my blog and I think I am better off not knowing! I do love checking in once in a while to see comments though! :D

  6. Congratulations on your milestone. I've read tons of books about blogging but amazingly enough I haven't seen the Blogging Bible, I'll check it out! Best wishes for the New Year!


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