Monday, 16 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...

Christmas has finally arrived at our house with a bang! Our whole weekend was totally absorbed by it.
We have been slow to start this year thanks to a visit from gastro. I do love Christmas so much, but in a family of this magnitude, any big excitement becomes a volcanic eruption. Lots of hyperactive noise, chaos, over-stimulation and the inevitable tears that go with it. It truly makes me want to run and hide under my bed until it's all over (Darn I cannot fit under there thanks to my huge shoe collection)! It's not surprising that we push well into December before we break out the Christmas spirit as the following will attest! 
Saturday was deemed the visit Santa for the annual Christmas photo day. Miss Celeste was dressed in a pretty frock for her debut. Indiana (my eldest), took this Mum and babe snap prior to leaving which I love.

As babies go, she really disliked Santa but we did get a great picture of all the children together so I proudly ticked that task off the list.
The kids had a look around the Christmas Village at Myer and selected some pretty new ornaments for our tree. We like to add special things to our tree at Christmas time. This is especially important since so many get broken each year by kids with fiddly fingers who can't stop touching the poor things! Think of it as a new for old replacement scheme.

I am in love with this little choochy-train ornament chosen
by Taite
Our Sunday was devoted to the tree. It was mayhem! Every year is a bittersweet tree event. There's always an issue finding the tree, the decorations and the lights. I couldn't find the tree skirt and ended up emptying the linen cupboard to locate it. (Really undesirable)! The three younger boys fought over the Santa hats (hard to understand really since there's also three hats which all look the same) and precious ornaments were shattered as Taite and Ruben scrambled to reacquaint themselves with Christmas treasures.

Michael Buble and Mariah belted out their tunes a little too loudly over the skirmish, causing small bodies to writhe uncontrollably and pre-teens to yell the songs in mimicry. Kids crashed into each other, pushed and shoved, laughed and cried...

Foolishly I announced how this particular bauble reminded me of The Prophecy in Harry Potter. It was a major error which led to a brawl between Joaquin, Ruben and Taite as all fought to hang it on the tree.
Epic parenting fail!
The scene was not unlike the actual battle over the Prophecy itself in the movie between Harry and the Death eaters.

Can I hang it?! Followed by tears! (Joaquin snatched the honour)
Through it all, baby sat upon the floor rocking to the music, smiling and playing with her silver beads.
So lovely! Why do they not stay small?

If all that wasn't enough madness to last another 12 months, I then got the baking bug! I made these cute Christmas cookies thanks to a recipe from Nigella. They're actually designed to be made into edible tree decorations but my kids were happy to eat them in lunch boxes instead.

In the end, the tree came out beautifully and the kids settled in awe. Yet another Christmas task ticked off the list and a bit of loveliness to behold. (While I recovered on the sofa)!


What is Christmas time like at your house?
Is your Christmas like a David Jones commercial or more of a Harry Potter / Voldemort experience? 
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  1. Sounds like our crazy Christmas although I started early so I didn't have to fit too much into one day! I love your tree and your new for old replacement warranty! Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. This is the kind of christmas I always imagined for myself and my big family I was going to have. But best laid plans and all that...we just have a quiet Christmas the 3 of us and will probably spend most of the day at the pool or the beach. Well done getting a good pic of all the kids with Santa! That must be an achievement in itself! -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

    1. Oh Christmas on the beach with ONE child sounds like Heaven to me!

  3. Gorgeous pictures, such a happy family! Christmas truly is all about the children xxx

  4. It's not Christmas unless it's chaotic isn't it? :)
    I'm finally getting excited about the whole thing now. Only a week to go!!! :)

  5. What a hilarious story. It had me laughing out loud. Children really make Christmas don't they. Now my son is 26 years old it's just not the same as when he was a little boy. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. It will all come back when you get grandchildren and the good thing will be that they will actually leave at the end of the day! LOL! Merry Christmas!

  6. Ha ha, thank you for the giggle, and what a beautiful Christmas tree it is! It came together and now you have those memories in these words and those great pictures. Your beautiful Celeste is as pretty as a picture. Is anybody's Christmas like a David Jones Commercial? I love it, thank you for sharing. Hope you have a great Christmas x

    1. TV commercials are such a source of angst this time of year aren't they! Glad we made you smile!

  7. What stories would we have to tell our grandchildren if the Christmas decos went up without event hahaha :))

  8. We are totally a mix of cray cray during Xmas time, I use it to my advantage most of the time, LOVE the white tree! I just wish I could enjoy Xmas without having to work (from home) I'd be a much happier mumma!!

  9. Your Christmas Tree looks so pretty! Love the decors you put in it. Also love the shape cookies you baked. Should try this one with the Elves ;)

    Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World


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