Monday, 30 December 2013

The Christmas That Was...

The Festive season is all wrapped up. Huge phew!
I adore Christmas as much as anyone. I admit to feeling massively relieved when it's all over however. Massively, massively relieved!
I tend to get a huge surge of mental energy in the days prior to the big event. I want to cook everything from scratch, have a spotless house and have everything just so. It's a really tiring thing being female at this time of year! I know we're all the same. I blame Pinterest too. It's wise to stay away from it in the lead up to Christmas.

Christmas Eve is the beginning of the madness. I tried my hand at crafting my first gingerbread house. I was nervous! I have had the kit for several years and had not yet taken the plunge. This Christmas I just couldn't get to the bakery in time to buy one so the kit made its first appearance from deep, dark storage. I was surprised at how simple it was to make. My stand mixer made it even more so. (Pretty much no work at all in fact). I don't think I will ever buy one again!

It turned out sensational! The kids were so excited about its every stage. Especially this finished product! I even saved us $50 making it!

Ta Da!
Another first for me was making a trifle for Christmas day dessert. I love trifle! I haven't had one for years and decided this year would be the one to treat myself and others.

Trifle in the making...geez I even baked the sponge and made the custard from scratch.
I am impressed! - SO Pinterest worthy!!
I got organised early this year and purchased a trifle bowl and recipe book devoted to the art of trifle making. Again, I was feeling extremely proud when I produced this very adult flavoured, calorie-laden delicacy! It was hit and miss with the kids. They loved the parts where the sherry hadn't been sprinkled! (We loved the parts where the sherry had been sprinkled)!

Christmas is so sweet at my house with all these kids. Christmas Eve especially is probably my most favourite day of the year. All the work and food preparations combined with the six excited faces makes it such a special and memorable night.
I love retro Christmas decorations so I make sure my collection is on the dinner table for the big event. The kids adore the ornaments too. 

Celeste, Indiana, Kiowa, Ruben, Joaquin and Taite itching to get started on the Christmas Eve
treat feasting! Mince tarts, Christmas lollies, coloured popcorn and Lebkuchen cookies from Germany.
The Christmas Day table spread.
My gingerbread house takes pride of place on a vintage 1960's carollers tablecloth which is just too cute!
My gingerbread house stood in as a brilliant centrepiece! 
Best of all however was watching the children enjoy the festivities. Please excuse the quality of the pictures as I just snapped hastily on the iPhone. There was no time for the SLR with moments such as these:

A captured moment to remember: A twelve month old Celeste tugs on a bauble and my heartstrings
Celeste opens a Christmas gift and peers at it with the most adorable face!
What's next?
I am liking this day ALOT!
Ruben vanishes into his Santa sack in search of the lollies at the very bottom
A Christmas tree still-life the day before
Santa's visit was extraordinary to say the least! Six kids generate a lot of paper, excitement, boxes and lolly wrappers! Every year I find it so difficult to photograph them all as they rip through their loot. It usually takes both of us to photograph them all at it at once. I did take a ton of photos on the SLR but have not yet had a moment to sift through them in peace (thanks to the school holidays)!

I was a very lucky girl on Christmas morning. I received two lush handbags! I scored this plush, leather Il Tutto Roma bag for Mum and baby which I adore!

I also received this divine Aimee Kestenberg Sarah Satchel in champagne which is gorgeous! Sadly I had I rotten cold on Christmas Day and couldn't smell that heady leather smell. I can smell them now though...Mmm!

What special things did you do this Christmas?
Do you get an attack of the manic Pinterest must-dos at Christmas time too?
What did you receive for Christmas?


  1. A beautiful story with even more beautiful photos of a beautiful family celebrating Christmas. What a wonderful day you had. I love your gingerbread house! Now to rest until next Christmas. Probably the wrong word to use as with six children I guess there is no rest for you. Have a wonderful 2014.

    1. Thank you! Yes I never get rest. They are already talking about what they want for their birthdays now :/

  2. Loving your gingerbread house creation! And bag envy on a major scale... your Il Tutto in particular... swoon! It sounds like you had a brilliant Christmas with your gorgeous family, Jody. X

    1. Thanks! We did have a nice Christmas. I am loving the bag too! Hope you had a lovely Christmas also!

  3. A gingerbread house AND trifle! Your man and your kids really got a big treat this year. I can tell from the pictures that they all had a wonderful time. And I love that lush camel colour on your il tutto bag... I'm sure it's a well deserved treat for you! Have a great start to 2014

  4. Magnificent gingerbread house! And love that bag! xx

  5. I am VERY impressed with that house - it looks so tasty! We had a very quiet Xmas really as celebrated with my sisters, their partners and my parents the Sunday before. But this meant the 25th was all about the kids, their faces, their laughs, lots of swimming and laughter. I got a massage voucher, hands-free and think I'm working on getting hubby to get me a stand up paddle board!!! But it'll be for the whole family! Happy New Year's Eve lovely! Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

    1. The house was very yummy! I couldn't taste much of it as I had a bad cold. I think it was a lot nicer than store-bought though. A paddle board sounds fantastic!

  6. Wow, what a fabulous job you did with the gingerbread house! The trifle looks great too. I feel exactly the same in the lead up to Christmas in terms of getting everything organised and wanting to cook special things I never think of at any other time of the year. I talk a little about it in my post this week. You're very lucky with those hand bags too!

  7. I love all the baking on Christmas eve too, but sadly this year I had to work all day so I couldn't do it. It made me very sad. :(
    Still Christmas itself was amazing. You're house looks great. I think I need one of those kits!

  8. Wow how good is you're gingerbread house well done. Christmas Eve sounds like fun in you're house I like the idea of a little feast for them I am usually too busy organising for the day before I need to be better ogranised next year famous last words. Happy New Year to you !

  9. I went crazy baking and making this year, not like me at all. Cleaned the house like a crazy woman too the day before as we were having lunch at our house(in the shed actually), shouldn't have bothered. By the time the kids opened presents the floor looked like a bomb hit it. I was relieved it was over too although it was an awesome day :)

  10. I too was a pinterest addict this year! I love your gingerbread house! It is amazing and looks better than the kit ones. I made a trifle a few years ago that was on Masterchef and it took me three days!! xo


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