Friday, 24 January 2014

Lil' Dudes with Guns...

Dad took the boys with him to the supermarket recently.
When they returned, they were all gushing with excitement and yabbering at once.
It turns out, Dad had bought them cap guns! (Remember those? Like 1978?)
Yes, they're still around!
Within minutes, packets were torn,
Fingers fumbled,
Lots of yelling "Look!" "That's mine!" and "Whoa!"
Off they all ran to play; a conglomerate of caps and plastic jangles.
There was lots of posing, aiming and concentrating as little hands sorted their ammo, admired and managed their weapons.
The guns were a hit for days.

When Joaquin casually passed me a few days later dressed like a gangster from a 1970's TV series, I just knew I had to grab my camera and catch the action!
There they were, on the balcony in full swing, acting out a sensational story which involved gun battles of epic proportions.
(According to Joaquin; Ruben's Dad had killed Joaquin's Dad and they, the wronged Sons, were avenging the deaths!)

Guns are not a toy I would normally buy my boys. I have seen them play guns with sticks and other objects as substitutes however. I certainly cannot prevent that though I do discourage it. They do play age appropriate computer games with firearms and even Megabloks. (Halo for example, is a Sci-Fi Army based game they all adore.) I am still a no-weapons parent but clearly they were getting a lot of boy-joy from these little pistols.

Boys seem to just naturally gravitate towards war-play.
For now I am happy to let them have their fun. After all, I enjoyed watching this game as much as they enjoyed playing it. There was lots of imagination firing between them.

Ruben - totally immersed in his role.

If you are a parent of boys, do you let your Son/s play with toy guns?
Did you play with toy guns when you were little? (I did, and I loved them!)
Please share your views and stories - I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I can't believe cap guns are still around. Haha! We had them when we grew up and I think we turned out ok :-) Everything in moderation I believe and as long as it is a bit of fun and not too serious I can't see the harm (cute kids by the way!!)

    1. Yes they're around! I guess favourite toys are never laid to rest! I played with them and like to think I am quite normal too.

  2. I used to play with them, pretend and then later I used to use real ones on the farm. I actually wrote a post about this last year and there are some VERY strong views out there. Boys will be boys. I'm sure once my grow they'll want one, I'll try for water pistols first!

    1. Nothing is more exciting than Nerf wars! One of my favourite kids toys. The water Nerf's are so much fun!

  3. I must admit, I loved playing with water pistols. Just that whole idea of aiming and firing.
    I'm sure my boys will start to get into war-play. Just like with their rough and tumble now…I certainly can't stop it.

    1. Yep, Grace it's just in them and it will come. Even to the most gentle of boys (my first). He's computer game / Halo crazy now!

  4. I agree...boys are boys and they love playing war games and with make believe guns. I just love the fact they're playing and using their imaginations and not mindlessly pushing buttons on electronic games all day.

  5. Ruben is totally in the role, no doubt about it! It's all part of having testosterone, I think their role plays can be educational fodder with guidance and insight.

  6. As a teacher, I find it amazing the things that children will substitute for guns!!!

  7. I loved toy guns and war-play myself when I was a kid. Now, I don't even swat flies... but I'd still pick up a water pistol and... uh... fire? at my friends. :-)

  8. I did as a kid, and I don't see them as the issue. I do, however, discuss the manipulation of the war games on the xbox (some of those are designed for recruitment and training by the US military). I also discuss issues they raise - scorched earth, friendly fire and other propaganda.

  9. I am not a big fan of guns either. I try to guard what my son sees on TV as much as possible, but somehow it still seeps through in other forms. Any toy or object even vaguely resembling a gun, will be turned into a gun. Boys just seem to naturally gravitate to it. My hubby bought some water guns too and they boys have been having blast in the backyard with the shootouts.

  10. Nerfs drive me nuts! My son is practically a soldier with all his artillery...

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