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Isle of Charlie Nappy Bags...Introducing the Finlay Bag - A Review

Are you wanting to buy a new nappy bag?
Many of us Mums arrive abruptly at family life from careers. It can be hard on so many levels to adjust to our new role of caring for little ones. Swapping your wardrobe from a life of tailored corporate clothing to the casual attire of Motherhood is just one such hurdle we face. (How we mourn this aspect!)
With the arrival of our children, the designer heels rapidly become flats and luxury handbags are laid to rest to make way for dowdy nappy bags. Simply put; it's all about practicality and where's the fun in that? With the removal of these stylish elements, we can feel as if we have lost a part of our identity in the process.
I am so happy to present this review of a great Australian company called Isle of Charlie. Isle of Charlie is in the business of producing luxury designer nappy bags for Mums who crave a little 'sparkle' reminiscent of their former selves in their busy child-filled lives.

This wholly Australian grown company has embraced this need for change in the nappy bag market. Founded by two fellow Mums, their company is built on their love of designer style. Designers Toni and Karen realise that importantly, many Mothers still wish to retain 'glamour' and hold on to the image of themselves they remember and associate with from their pre-baby days. With this at the foundation of their business, together, the Isle of Charlie designers have created a range of nappy bags to make any woman feel positive about herself in her new role.
These are nappy bags that provide the luxury we crave, combined with the practicality that every Mum needs. (Ticking boxes already for many of us!)

I was sent the very latest arrival in their line of luxe bags to review; The Finlay bag. The black colour is the newest release in this style. (It can also be purchased in a stunning Vintage Red and Almond as shown above.) Let me tell you before I even begin to review her features that this bag is entirely crafted in fine Italian pebble grain leather! Yes! The Finlay smells as Divine as she looks - and doesn't this bag look sensational!

This is a softly structured leather bag so it won't fall over easily, making it perfect for grabbing things one-handed. The Finlay is large and solidly built with a lean profile, simple lines and lots of unique features to make it stand out. 

The top of the bag has a zippered opening that gently expands with the built-in flap feature on the Finlay's front. This gives the bag generous room to grow with its contents but also collapses to sit flat when not so full or carried on the shoulder. There's a small pocket inside this front flap too for important Mum things that need quick access like a mobile phone or personal items.
Beautiful brushed brass-toned hardware make the Finlay look extremely elegant and the Isle of Charlie logo plate on the exterior lets onlookers know you've got loads of style too!
Inside, the Finlay is impressively packed with enough pockets to cope with the demands of any baby. There are seven huge pockets which line the interior walls and one large open space between them making this one of the better bags I have seen. 
I am really impressed with the size of these internal pockets as they are capable of holding loads of baby goods like nappies, towels, bottles, snacks and toys. There's even a key clip to make life easier for busy Mums.
The Finlay is lined with a stunning satin-like cotton in taupe making opening the bag a classy experience.
The Finlay comes with all essential matching baby-gear to make this the ultimate nappy bag. Inside you'll find a quality made change mat, wet bag, insulated bottle / food holder and even a dummy safe which comes with it's own Velcro attachment loop for maximum convenience.
Like all fine leather bags, this stunning nappy bag has four metal feet for the protection of its base. There are two comfortable carry handles for over the shoulder use as well as a longer strap for draping across the body or hanging over a pram. A feature of this long leather strap I really favour, is the addition of strong webbing on its underside. This prevents the bag from slipping when on the shoulder - no more baby and bag juggling for this Mum!
Celeste checks out the Isle of Charlie look book.
(Already showing signs of a serious bag addiction like her Mummy!)
The Finlay is a premium quality designer nappy bag and retails for $299. When you consider the quality and features of this sensational nappy bag, it's a worth-while investment for the long term.
Long after the Finlay has done the baby rounds with any Mum, this elegant bag can be adapted to many new roles. It fits a laptop easily and could house loads of documents so use her as a work bag. Alternatively, this is a perfect travel bag, gym bag or cabin bag. A purchase of quality lasts a lifetime and this is one purchase I cannot see any Mum regretting! It really is a beautiful and very stylish bag. I am loving mine!
And on that gorgeous company name Isle of Charlie:
"The Isle of Charlie name is derived from our own children's names who inspired the nappy bag collection - Isla and Charlie. Our babies were born only weeks apart, and we were both searching for stylish baby bag options that didn’t cause divorce! There are many beautiful products on the market, but most are beyond the budget of a typical mother-to-be – but we still didn’t want to have to compromise on our own style. We saw a gap in the market to deliver fashionable nappy bags while still maintaining quality and luxurious materials at affordable prices… hence, Isle of Charlie was born." Toni McHenry.
You can learn more about Isle of Charlie on their lush website here. 
Isle of Charlie have generously offered Six Little Hearts readers
FREE SHIPPING until the end of February 2014,
on any purchase of their beautiful bags from their website.
Please apply the coupon code: SIXLITTLEHEARTS at the checkout to receive your discount.
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 *I received an Isle of Charlie Finlay nappy bag in exchange for my opinions presented in this review.
What features do you look for when you shop for a nappy bag?
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  1. Jody, that bag is so lovely, I had a 2 second thought about having another baby, just to be stylish :)

  2. That nappy bag is nicer than my actual handbag!!

  3. It's been a few years since I needed a nappy bag, but I'm sure I could find a use for that gorgeous vintage red one! :)

  4. Oh, this is nice. I haven't had a nice bag in forever. I just love the photos you've taken. So precious.

  5. Oh my goodness, your little bub is just GORGEOUS! I love the photos you have taken. What a beautiful spot. As for the bag, love it, want it, need it ;) I've had the same nappy bag for a few years now and am sick of it. Ideally I want something that is durable yet stylish. Sounds like Isle of Charlie fits the bill!

  6. Nappy bags sure have come a long way since I was expecting my first child 20 years ago!

    Visiting today from Team IBOT xxx

  7. That bag is gorgeous. Beautifully complimented by your beautiful little one.

  8. How Gorgeous is that bag! Very nice indeed! lucky you x

  9. That is lovely, I'm SO over nappy bags, but this is a nice mixture, I'm hoping this time next year and I'll just need one big enough for water bottles and FOOD! xx

  10. These are gorgeous. Love this new bag! I did a review of Nappy Bags on Mamma Raj a couple of months ago and parents definately called out Isle of Charlie as one of the best! Included in here for new mums is things to look for in a bag when you are shopping. Hope this helps. Going to check out this new bag now!

  11. What a gorgeous bag - love it!

  12. I'm pleased to say that we are past the nappy bag stage, but I do love the look of this one. Your photos are just beautiful.

  13. Nappy Bags have come a long long way in the 7 years since I last used one. These are so gorgeous x

  14. I'm not even a mother and I'm just dying to have that bag! It's absolutely gorgeous, love it in black and almond. My friend is due any day now and I'm yet to get a present, looks like I'm sorted now that I've seen these gorgeous designs. I'll be offering to babysit just to be able to tote the bag alongside. xx

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  16. This is gorgeous one and I loved wearing a nappy bag. My hubby had bought one through online and I really appreciate it. Though I don't love the color but it's simple and great. I can refer you the site Vanchi just click to visit.


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