Sunday, 9 February 2014

Of Boxes and Boys...

Our new child-friendly sofa arrived on Friday. (Inexpensive, able to withstand excessive jumping and one that won't cause us too much financial pain as the kids steadily destroy it.)
It arrived in a huge box.

My boys were wriggling with excitement at its potential. (I was excited too, if only because we were without a sofa for a full month while we waited for the arrival of this new one.)

Pens were out and scribbling before the package had even been emptied.
Cartons mean fun stuff and this box was big enough for all of them. It filled quickly with the three who always tackle the biggest and best play opportunities.

I think this was their happiest moment all weekend. Maybe it was the long school week behind them to blame for the ratty brood I have had to deal with these past two days. Or Maybe it is the road ahead; the prospect of a lengthy school year to come. The heatwave hasn't been helping the situation either. 
So, thank you big, big box, for these fleeting moments of joy captured here.

*Shortly after taking these images, Joaquin decided to dive on top of the carton while his brothers were inside it. It was a bad move for them, and everyone, from there on...

How did the weekend look at your house?

Sunday afternoon: A cool change, a return to friendliness and the box is a happy play place again.
Isn't it always the way?


  1. My kids love boxes too, and big ones are the most fun :)
    Our weekend was busy as always, we took the kids out to a family fun day which was good- lots of fun activities for the kids and best of all it was free!

    1. Always something great to create when there's a big box around!

  2. Kids love boxes and what's not to love? We pick one up from the Good Guys from time to time just to make something fun.We've made rockets and castles and trains and... all sorts of stuff. Awesomeness.

    A tip for getting rid of big boxes (you can see from above that this is a preoccupation of mine!) is to thoroughly wet the box and then squish it into the recycling bin wet. Goes in no probs. x

    1. Great tip on box destruction! Thanks for that. We can actually burn off where we live so often it's a matter of collecting them up until a good day arrives for a bonfire. I've got to admit, even as an adult, I still get the urge to climb into a box. (And I often act on it too!)

  3. This looks like great fun! I got a slow cooker this week and my cat loved the boxes! I love how, in these photos, your boys saw fit to remove clothing before they were done with the box!?! What i it with boys, my nephew is 5 and was the first to take off his t shirt at a birthday party, before long all of the children had their tops off!!

    1. LOL! I love how cats do that! They just love climbing into things! My boys never even bothered to get dressed in these pics! Joaquin NEVER gets dressed. He wears his undies all Winter-long and in Summer, wears woolly hats and longs pants and sleeves! I will never work that boy out!

  4. We have a huge box pile (for making huge craft) - I always think it will look bad if the house burns down, as they won't believe that the big cardboard pile (and I mean neck height on me!) wasn't set deliberately...


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