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The Low-Down on Nappy Rash and a Wee Giveaway...(A WaterWipes Review)

Warning, this post contains images of a crying baby!
What a mean Mummy I am, photographing my baby daughter in an unfair light. I think this Little Miss is my most photographed child yet - the good, the bad, the ugly and the blogged.
I have had the idea for this post for a while. After 6 kids, there's been plenty of sore bottoms to soothe and heal. When I was contacted to try out WaterWipes, I thought I might as well throw in a trial and little giveaway too. Nice and tidy!
Miss Celeste has been an on / off happy child of late. Being (just turned) 14 months is a tough gig when you are growing teeth, trying new foods and stuck in a big paper nappy 24 hours a day.
I feel sorry for you my little Googy, really I do.

It's not just her wailing protests at the top end that are a bother either. Her bottom is frequently a fiery red mess and is protesting festering just as violently beneath her nappy. Nappy rash is an elusive little ailment too. One minute they have a bottom fit for a TV commercial and the next it resembles one of those baboons we all find too embarrassing to gaze at in the zoo. (Yes, you know the ones, no image necessary!)

I flinch at these times, every time I see her botty; all inflamed, sore and obviously causing her pain. It's difficult to stay on top of every poo and wee and the incessant need for changing. Babies just churn those things out. Nothing causes more damage to delicate skin than those residues seeping onto it constantly.

How to treat? There are several things you can do to prevent nappy rash from becoming a nightmare fast.
My own list of treatments include:
Regular bathing.
Regular nappy changes. Even if you just changed one, change it again! 
Make sorbolene cream your friend between changes. One of my best kept secrets. Keep a bottle on hand for cleaning bottoms between nappy changes. It's amazing just how much residue comes off with a bottle of sorbolene and some tissues! Only use sorbolene on skin that is not broken or inflamed. It is a good precaution against nappy rash but it is not a cure for it. It's inexpensive too so it ticks all my boxes.
Fresh air. Nappy free time is a must. Air dries out those sore welts and add a little sun in the mix for a quick cure.
Avoidance of acidic foods and flavoured drinks. Babies shouldn't drink juices anyway but just in case you are dishing this out, it is highly advisable that you stop. Tomatoes are another culprit for inflammation so reduce these in times of flare-ups. 
Avoid baby sitting in a nappy too long i.e. Long car trips and outings in prams. Skin pushed against a filled nappy is a prime cause of irritation and needs no further explanation.

Use castor oil/zinc creams. These are traditional but still the best way to heal a rash.
Try natural products, remedies and balms like those made by Aromababy. Some swear by paw-paw ointments and Aloe gels. 
Avoid fragranced wipes or wipes containing excessive ingredients which are unnatural. They sting! You can usually see (and hear) the result of this instantly.
I was sent WaterWipes to try and honestly, I was already impressed before I even opened the pack. They contain only two natural ingredients: water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. Grapefruit seed extract is a natural anti-microbial. Perfect for killing germs.
There are no preservatives or fragrances whatsoever. These are exactly what my Little Miss needed!
There were no screams, tears or protests when I used these. (They didn't stop her squirming and trying to escape from me while I was changing her though; her latest trick!)

Don't limit WaterWipes to just the lower half. These are great for cleaning sensitive skin on the face and hands too and on children of all ages.
WaterWipes can be purchased at Coles and Bi-Lo nationwide and retail for $6.99.
I have a pack or two of WaterWipes to share! If you'd like to win one, just leave a comment below and tell me your best tip for preventing or treating nappy rash. If you know something I haven't suggested here, please share it.
*Giveaway open to Australian residents only. Please follow my blog too (because that's just nice)!

*I was provided with WaterWipes to trial and was not paid for my opinions. All opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. Nappy free time always worked well for us and multiple changes to keep her as dry as possible. Celeste is such a cutie!

  2. Magdalene got a really bad nappy rash when she was only 4 weeks old. I had started using cheaper nappies that didn't soak the urine away. I went back to Huggies and I bought a Zinc cream and the rash went within 48 hours.

  3. All the things you have described are exactly what I do (I have changed over 30,000 nappies now over 12 babies, the youngest just 8 months old). I have found that it works except when the rash is more than a simple nappy rash.
    My additional tip would be that if you find that a rash isn't clearing despite your best efforts then a trip to the doctor is often helpful- just some of the causes I have found are thrush (the most common cause of a rash that won't clear), allergic rash or even a bacterial infection. A little expert advice and the rash is often cleared quickly :)
    Oh, and do not blame yourself (I know this is hard to do because you feel so damn awful every time you change a nappy)- pretty much all babies (including mine) get nappy rash at one stage or another and it is no reflection on your ability as a parent.

    1. Twelve babies! I am astounded (and a bit jealous)! Yes, I too had to do the Doctor's trip a few times for the REALLY bad nappy rash! Sometimes it does get infected. Good points and thanks for sharing!

    2. Thanks, we would love to have more kids if we are lucky enough :)
      You're welcome too :)

  4. It's so heartbreaking when they have nappy rash, isn't it? These are all great tips and this product sounds really good; I'll have to try it. Thanks for the review!

  5. Mr 4 got a really bad nappy rash when he was about 18 months old. It was heart breaking seeing it. We were on holidays at the time and I had stupidly just grabbed the cheapest wipes at a corner store near our accommodation. One thing that helped us was nappy free swimming the ocean! We do this for lots of ailments, recently we've had a mosquito plague and Mr 4 and I are covered in bites..the water feels so nice on them (well once the weather decided to settle down and the ocean isn't a fierce mess of waves).

    1. The beach is a great place for all types of healing isn't it?! Clearly you live in a beautiful place. If I took my baby to swim at Melbourne's polluted city beaches we'd end up with all types of infections!! LOL!
      Great advice Tegan - thanks!

  6. Your story brought back fond memories of when my son was in nappies and Fluffies. His bottom was almost as big as Kim Kardashian's! only used cloth nappies and luckily he didn't suffer much from nappy rash at all. I used wet wipes and water and some Amolin.

    1. I loved cloth nappies too! I only managed them on my second child though as the washing got a bit overwhelming after that. I do remember that he had less nappy rash in them than the modern disposables - interesting isn't it?!

  7. My 20th mth old is just getting over nappy rash caused by having gastro. Poor little thing was so sore. Ended up getting better having heaps of nappy free time and even resorted to naked swimming at local beach (him not me) for the salt water.


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