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The Melbourne Summer Series #3 - Eureka Skydeck 88 And Giveaway!

Want to visit the top spectacular Melbourne icon of the sightseeing category?
Then Eureka Skydeck 88 is the place to go!
Eureka Skydeck 88 provides a sensational opportunity to see what Melbourne looks like from the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere.
...And She's beautiful!

(Do I sound a bit excited? Believe me...I was!)
This is one of Melbourne's best destinations to visit if you are an interstate or international visitor in this gorgeous city of ours. Do. Not. Miss. This!
Our elevator to the top was crammed with people of all nationalities making me feel as if I had not just day tripped - but actually travelled. And don't think you will get a chance to practice your language skills on your ride to the top either -  to visit the uppermost storey of the Eureka building means travelling in a rocket-fast elevator moving at an extraordinary 9 metres per second! Travelling all 88 storeys is over in a flash. (Less than 40 seconds.)
Skydeck 88 is located on the topmost floor and provides a stunning, panoramic view of Melbourne from every angle.
Visitors literally spill from the elevator and gasp at the awaiting scenes while still recovering from that elevator ride.

Hot town, Summer in the city...Melbourne 40 degrees

Imagine that moment on a plane, shortly after take-off, where everything is close enough to view but in panorama - Yes that!...Now freeze the moment and enjoy it at your leisure.

Three hundred metres above Melbourne. I am so moved I could cry! It has been a long time since I have seen this magnificent city from any significant vantage point. Melbourne has really grown.

Markers on windows and LED floor displays assist visitors to locate significant landmarks in Melbourne City and the urban sprawl beyond.

It gets even better too. Not only are the views breathtaking but so is the opportunity to see the world on The Terrace. Visitors can experience the heights with the beauty of the outside air. The sounds of the city 984ft above the ground are amazing and unexpected. It's a noisy world up here! Everything is small enough to be cute - all a little bit unbelievable. On a windy day, the top of this building can sway as much as 60cms!
For an extra charge on top of general admission, experience The Edge. This is a real highlight and is the only attraction of its kind in the world. The Edge is a glass, drawer-like cube which projects like an elevator from the side of the Eureka building. Small groups are able to see what the building looks like from the top down as well as seeing a unique birds-eye view unlike any other. Your experience is captured in a photograph for you to purchase if you choose.
This is so worth the extra charge. Don't miss it!
The Serendipity Table - an interactive display which showcases an interesting history of Melbourne
There is a kiosk serving well-priced foods and drinks and many cosy corners to sit while you take in the scenes. You can even buy souvenirs in the sky. (There's a great souvenir store on the ground floor too at the exit.)
Eureka Skydeck 88 is located at Riverside Quay Southbank, Melbourne and is open from 10am - 10pm daily. You can visit their website here for further details. There is a free audio tour iPhone App which you can download before you go. (Search: eureka skydeck.)
This is an attraction you could visit again and again and never lose interest in. Each time would show Melbourne in a uniquely different light: sunrise, sunset, in the heat of the day, approaching storms and the night skyline. There's no better time than now to plan a visit. We LOVED it!
***GIVEAWAY!***   ***GIVEAWAY!***   ***GIVEAWAY!***
Like to win a Family Pass for four to Experience Eureka Skydeck 88 and The Edge Experience in magnificent Melbourne?
Thanks to the generosity of Eureka Skydeck 88, one lucky Six Little Hearts reader has a chance to win a Family Pass (2 adults and 2 children) to experience Eureka Skydeck 88 and The Edge! 
(Family Pass valid for 12 months only.)
Please share this competition with your friends!
To enter, simply follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter App below. (App may take a few seconds to load).
Entry is open to Australian residents only.
Winner will be notified by email and given 48 hours to respond.
If no response in this time, a new winner will be drawn.
Winner is responsible for their own transport to and from Eureka Skydeck 88. (Prize is entry only.)
Prize is not transferrable.
Prize is valid for 12 months. (Please only enter this giveaway if you are able to visit Melbourne in the next 12 months!)
Winner's details will be sent to Eureka Skydeck 88 for prize distribution purposes.
Total prize value is $71.00
Judge's decision is final.
Good Luck!
Please note: Your entry is only valid if you complete the mandatory requirements of this competition (there are four of them). If you do not complete these mandatory entry requirements then all your subsequent entries will be invalid and removed. Please play fair as others do take the time to complete their entries!
All entries will be screened to ensure they conform to these requirements.
Thank you for your understanding and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*My family were guests of Eureka Skydeck 88 in exchange for my opinions presented in this review.

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  1. Jody, I am having heart palpitations right here in my kitchen, there is NO. WAY. I could do that, especially with my kids, oh my goodness. You all look like you had so much fun, my kids would love it, it would just be my fear holding us back. xxx

  2. AWESOME! I will be in Melbourne next month for my birthday..what a great way to celebrate! Scary but also very exciting :)

  3. My kids and hubby would love this, although my sister from NZ will be in Melbourne very soon and would make a wonderful experience for them.

  4. Sounds amazing! I would love to see it but I don't know when we will be getting back to Melbourne. Not for quite a while I would say and almost definitely not within 12 months. Unless of course the Problogger conference was there in which case possibly but not likely. I do love going up Centrepoint Tower in Sydney (not sure what it's called now) and that is where I got engaged. If we do ever get to Melbourne again though this will be top of the list of things to do. #teamIBOT

    1. How romantic! Is that the one with the revolving restaurant? (I have an embarrassing story about that one - sat at the wrong table in the dark after a loo visit!) At least you know to visit Skydeck88 next time you are here.

  5. This is something we need to do. Even though I am scared of heights I think I could handle this. What an amazing view!

    1. I found you are up so high that it really did seem unrealistic and not frightening at all. It was like a play set if that makes sense!

  6. I want to win so that i can take my kids for a fun day out at Eureka Skydeck 88 and The Edge.It will be an experience to remember for a very long time.

  7. I really don't think I could stand in that little cube. I would be so worried the floor was going to fall out underneath me!

  8. How COOL! Unfortunately without flights and accommodation thrown in (plus an all you can eat breakfast buffet) I will have to forsake entry

  9. I know a LOT of people that couldn't do that - but I would LOVE to make it there one day. Melb not on our to-do for awhile sadly - great giveaway

  10. Eek! My stomach was threatening to jump in my throat just reading that!

  11. Perfect present for my Melbourne cousin!

  12. Amazing views Jody, but I don't think I could push myself to The Edge!

    1. You can do it! Even though there's lots of glass, it's all very reinforced with steel!

  13. Fantastic giveaway! It sounds like such an amazing experience and I'd love to do it one day. I"m not on Twitter, so I wont enter this one.

    1. Oh Wendy, please don't be put off if you don't have a Twitter account! Enter anyway - that's ok and understandable!

  14. That looks like so much fun. I've never seen Melbourne like that before. Must put it on the to-do list.

  15. What a wonderful experiance! We would love to enjoy this with the kids and give them a different view of such a stunning city

  16. What a great experience. I did the skydeck 8 years ago and loved it then. Though I don't think I could do the edge!

  17. Oh wow! I walk past this building every day on the way to work and always wondered what it was like.....great to see pics and the edge looks crazy!!! Fingers crossed we will and sounds like a great family outing!

  18. We'd like to see if we can spot our street and other local landmarks... And I'd get some photography in too for my artwork!

  19. You took some awesome shots, Jody. I'd love to head up here with the kids when next we head down there to Melbs. x

  20. OMG Jody they are gorgeous photos but I don't do heights at all. I felt a bit queasy as your photos were so lifelike. Maybe one of these days....

  21. This looks amazing! Would love to take the kids. We're heading to Melbourne soon on our first big family holiday since our son was born. Would love this as a special surprise treat - especially for our daughter. She'd love it!

    - Gemma Westacott Blair

  22. I would love for my kids to have a new perspective on the world around them and to see how the city all fits together! It looks like such fun too and with kids from 2-14, I know everyone would love it!

  23. A Melbourne experience we are yet to have, the kids are old enough now and I would love to take them.

  24. We have recently been to the CN Tower in Toronto, it looks very similar. I know just how you feel!


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