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Can you tell us about Six Little Hearts and why it’s different to other parenting blogs?

My blog centres on my large family of 6 children. I like to focus on the humour in my life – lots of kids means a lot of laughter (and a ton of everything else)! I really want to share that element of our lives on my blog.
Prior to my Mum career, I actually had a great career in the advertising industry. I have never really lost ‘myself’ at the centre of all the chaos. Blogging is my chance to continue dabbling in all outlets. My blog explores my family life, offers parenting tips, reviews of products I think are of interest to Mums and women in general. I also love my hometown of Melbourne and I like to showcase her too.
My blog’s a bit of everything really. Every parenting blog will differ. Mine’s a bit playful!

Why did you start blogging? What was the inspiration behind setting up Six Little Hearts?

I didn’t really know anything about blogging! I stumbled upon a huge American mum blog one day and was blown away! Wow! I’d LOVE to do that…and so I found myself blogging! So many people come up to me when I am on outings and ask about my family and life. I thought I might as well blog about it. I really don’t know what drives my blogging machine; it just feels right! Like all good things in life, if it feels good, go with it!

How many years have you been blogging and how many hours per week do you spend blogging?

I have only been blogging 11 months now. I post twice a week or more if I can find the time. I blog when my kids are at school or when they are milling around me at the dining table! I have been known to do my post images in bed on my iPhone at 3am! I have no idea how many hours I spend blogging. (My kids tell me it is too much though!)

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How do you juggle parenting six children and blogging?

Two words: School hours! At the very least, if there’s something funny happening, I grab my camera and then I blog it. It can be a good job like that!

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I love the community and friends that you make. Getting to know other bloggers is great.
I have met people and been places I never would have imagined through blogging. Blogging opens doors to the world. It makes life enjoyable.

When did you first receive income from your blog?

A few months in I think. It depends what you define as income too. Sometimes products sent my way are compensation for blog posts and as a parent, everything helps!

Where you would like to see Six Little Hearts in 1 year’s time, and 3 year’s time?
In the case of both – bigger, better and surrounded by lots of community.

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What advice would you give to brands and PRs contacting you for opportunities?

Get to know as much as you can about the blog and blogger before you make contact. Using personal emails that name the blogger and blog rather than general emails ‘to bloggers’ are a nice start!
Understand that we are valuable to your business through our relationship with our readers. Don’t expect us to work for free! Blogging is time-consuming and hard work.
Many of us are Mum bloggers but we come from valuable backgrounds prior to Motherhood.
Finally, don’t forget to thank us for our efforts when your blog post is published! It’s nice and polite to promote our work on your social media channels too.

What 3 tips would you give other bloggers starting out?

It’s a lot more work than you imagine it will be! If you are wanting to grow a bigger following, expect to work, work and work!
Make great images for your posts. Try to avoid public images. Invest in a good digital SLR camera and get snapping! Image really is everything. It’s the thing most people will linger over when visiting your website – often more than the words.
Spelling and grammar are SO important! Make sure you get this right! Nothing is more of a turn-off than the distraction of trying to understand a message containing errors!

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What would you like to see more of in the blogging community?
More blog events in Melbourne! Sydney seems to have all the fun. Support each other by following other bloggers on social media.

The above was a featured interview on Blogger Connect. You can view the original here.

 If you are a blogger, what inspired you to start blogging?
How has your blog evolved since you started out?