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Ella's Kitchen Cook Book Review and Giveaway! (The Red One)

Do you cook with your child?

Did you know that doing so can introduce your little one to a wider range of foods through the joys of experimentation? It's a true educational experience that is both a fun together-time activity and an excellent way to get them hooked on new tastes that are healthy for them.

I have reviewed the wonderful Ella's Kitchen range of baby and toddler foods on the blog before. In case you missed this post, you can read more here about their mission to get kids into good foods, young.
Celeste is a regular consumer these days, of Ella's Kitchen's excellent and convenient pouch foods when we are out and about. She loves them so much now that she goes crazy if she spots a colourful pouch tucked away in my pantry! They've become an essential part of our household's regular shop and I am happy about that. Good quality, natural foods for my kids are always welcome here.

Back to the cooking thing though.

Ella's Kitchen have published a sensational hard-bound book full of stunning eats for kids. The layout is a colourful and fun journey through eats of interest to the small people of your world. Lovely large images of meals, treats and snacks - 100 fabulous recipes to be exact, decorated with large photographs and drawings to catch even the youngest's attention and lots of food crafting ideas too. There's plenty to keep the adults entertained as well; food tips, educational ideas and guidance for healthy eating practices from baby-led weaning to toddlerhood, childhood and beyond.

It's the ultimate cooking bible for parents and children to enjoy together.

What do you say Celeste, interested in cooking with Mummy in the kitchen?

Yes! I thought so!

Decisions, decisions...

'This looks good Mum!'

Here's where Mum steps in for some serious decision making. We settled on the Holey Moley Pancakes because 9 times out of 10, those ingredients are always at hand. Pancakes are a hit at our place with all ages and I am guessing they are at your house too. So here's a quick little recipe lifted right out of The Red One for you to test with your little helper.

Celeste secures herself a copycat stool so as to get in on the action with Taite...

Holey Moley Pancakes:

125gm plain flour
1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda
1/2 a teaspoon of cream of tartar
1 egg
1 tablespoon of sugar
25gm unsalted butter (melted) plus extra for frying
150ml milk
fresh fruits to serve.

Check. Out. That. Co-operation! Impressed!

Mix the flour and baking soda and cream of tartar.
In a separate bowl, cream the egg and sugar and stir in the melted butter.
Alternatively add small amounts of the flour mixture and the milk to the egg mix until everything combines into a smooth batter.

Add a small amount of butter to a frying pan to coat and spoon individual tablespoons of the batter to make small pancakes. (I used a pikelet griddle). Cook over gentle heat until small bubbles form them carefully flip until golden brown on both sides.

'Look what I made Mum!' Positively beaming with pride.
He may burst!

Remove pancakes from heat and keep them warm until all batter is finished.
Serve warm with fresh fruit.

As you can well imagine this entire plate of pancakes divided by 6 kids meant it lasted around 5 minutes! My verdict on the cooking with kids experience: FUN!
Taite got to try out cracking an egg (it exploded in his face which was pretty funny but we managed to salvage most of it for the recipe).
Ruben mixed like a pro, managing to remove most lumps in the batter.
Celeste was excited by everyone just getting along and the busyness of it all.
A tub of margarine was dropped and Celeste joyfully smeared it about the floor.
There was flour on benches, batter splatters and so on, but it didn't matter because we were enjoying it all. Somehow the mission of the cook book helped me to realise that the fun really is in the journey and not necessarily the outcome...though those pancakes were deliciously fluffy and puffy!

You can visit the Ella's Kitchen website here and read more about The Red One Cook Book here.
There's even 3 recipes on their website you can download for free from their cook book too!
Ella's Kitchen The Red One The Cook Book retails at leading and independent book stores for $24.95 in Australia.

My verdict: I really love the book! It's informative, educational, attractive, relevant and did I mention there's even stickers inside for your kids to decorate their favourite recipes with?
Yup! True!
Highly recommended!
(ISBN 978-0-600-62641-1)

***GIVEAWAY!***    ***GIVEAWAY!***    ***GIVEAWAY!***

Like to win a copy of Ella's Kitchen The Red One Cook Book to share with your little helper?
Ella's Kitchen are providing Six Little Hearts readers with an opportunity to win one of 2 copies of this lovely book!
Total value of each prize is $24.95.
To enter, simply follow the prompts of the Rafflecopter App below. (App may take a few seconds to load.) Please note, two of the conditions of entry are mandatory so be sure to follow the easy steps to make sure all of your entries count. Please play fair as others do take the time to complete their entries.
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Entry is open to Australian residents only.
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If no response in this time, a new winner will be drawn.
Winner's details will be shared with Ella's Kitchen for prize distribution purposes.
Total prize value is $24.95 each
Judge's decision is final.
Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you cook with your child? Do you enjoy it?!
What types of baking do you do with your kids?
 Please leave a comment below and share!


  1. my daughter and I love to make pinwheels using puff pastry, tomato paste, grated cheese and herbs, so easy to make and a delicious snack

  2. We haven't tried cooking or baking together, but I'm looking forward to trying it soon!

  3. Oooh Rosalia is exactly the same with the squeezy pouches - she found one in the nappy bag the other day and the look of sheer joy on her face was priceless!
    The girls and I love to bake, our fave family recipe is probably lemonade scones as everyone gets to knead.

  4. They look like yummy pancakes. Dora and her daddy make banana pancakes every Sunday morning. Together, we like baking cookies, especially sugar cookies that she can cut into shapes :)

  5. I've baked gingerbread with my 3 y.o. before. things get messier than what I would normally prefer. but it's all part of the fun, learning and bonding time. and it still tastes just has yummy even if it doesn't turn out perfect ^_^

  6. My kids love helping me make dinner, they especially love crumbing the schnitzels

  7. My son loves to help me make muffins and pizza scrolls that he takes to kinder for his lunch

  8. my youngest is 20 months i give her little jobs sometimes. today she helped grate cauliflower. she also helped her self and spat it out - ah well

  9. My four year old LOVES making Chocolate Cookies. It is a complete pet peeve that he calls them cookies. I believe we should call them biscuits in Australia. Just cause! My triplet two year olds love doing whatever they can in the kitchen stirring is a fave and the mix rarely stays in the bowl. Mess triplified.

  10. Scones, tarts and even some cakes,
    Everything from biscuits to parcels we bake.
    It's so much fun to see them smile with glee,
    Learning, laughing and happy as can be.

  11. Mr 4 loves make cakes. I think he loves licking the beaters more but I have been able to sneak some banana cake in there so it's a win win!

  12. Cupcakes as my daughters love decorating them

  13. Muffins as they love to choice which flavour we will do

  14. Cupcakes , my little girl loves making all different colour frostings

  15. It's so funny, I was just thinking this morning how I need to buy a kid's cookbook. Muffins are a big hit in this house x

  16. cookies-my girls just love making them!!

  17. Celeste what a doll you are in that gorgeous dress!! I would love to win a copy of this book. Looks awesome. Miss Three and I love to cook together and I can't wait to introduce Miss One to it soon too!

  18. We love making cakecakes and pizzas yummo fun for the family

  19. Our little man loves to help make cupcakes & cookies for his daddy to take to work. He enjoys helping mixing the ingredients in and help decorated them. Once all finished he says daddy work. Helen 😊

  20. Maybe if I'd spent more time in the kitchen as a kid, I'd enjoy cooking as an adult. I actually find it quite stressful and don't like it at all.

  21. My daughter is often nagging me to make things like cake and biscuits, especially if the bickie jar is empty! She gets on the bench too. It was ok when she was younger, but shes 4 and she's a bit big now. She would love this cookbook, I'm quite partial to a cookbook myself :)

  22. Oh, Jody! Your little one is scrumptiously gorgeous!
    One of the twinions is starting to take a real interest in cooking. He loves making pancakes with me. Will have to look into this book!

  23. If I don’t make orange and poppy seed,
    The whole family plead.
    So harmony in my kitchen is taste.
    It’s not good for my waist.

  24. We make yummy things for their lunches- things like mini pizzas, slices and muffins :)

  25. Charlotte, my two year old loves to bake with me. Nanna sewed her an apron for Christmas, so she insists we both don our aprons and get cooking on a regular basis. Love the sound pf the recipes in this book.

  26. Definitely cupcakes - the fun is all in the decorating!

  27. Chocolate Cupcakes! We also love cooking new things using ingredients that they haven't seen before as well :)

  28. My son absolutely loves apple and cinnamon muffins so that is his very favourite baking activity.

  29. I would like to make rather than bake raw food recipes.

  30. Biscuits and muffins, slices and cakes
    sweet or savoury we just love to bake
    theres not a recipe we wont try to make

  31. my three year old loves to just stand up on her step and watch, and help out where she can. She loves to tip things into mixture and then give it a mix. She also likes to taste test hehe


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