Sunday, 30 March 2014

Is Your Bed The Heart Of Your Home?

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sleepmaker

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home.
Have you ever considered the importance of your bedroom though?

Recently, I was scrolling through the 2000 plus images on my iPhone and was surprised to note that a good deal of the significant scenes of my life were set in our bedroom:

Happy family moments
Baby's first days moments
Mother's Day breakfast in bed moments
Playtime moments
 ...and treasured Mum and baby moments.

It got me thinking about just how much of our life centres around this most important room and in particular, the bed at the heart of it.
We bought our bed long before we had our family. It was our first big ticket purchase together and we were very excited about it. Back then, I didn't think too much about it at all and chose a sleigh bed frame (I'm still in love with it), and a mattress with an average price tag as well as bed linen from a standard department store. 
As time passed and our numbers grew, our bed has been put through its paces in ways we never could have imagined:
It is (unintentionally), a family sofa
...a playground for kids
(our duvet has even been a tent fill-in for a playhouse) 

...and a place for boys to be boys (often despite my objections).

It is fairly clear that our bed will continue to be central to the enjoyment of our family well into the future. For the kids on the home front, nothing beats the excitement and comfort of frolicking in Mum and Dad's bed. I think that's a memory that is intrinsic with many of us too.
For us grown-ups, nothing beats the delight of a soft and beautiful place to end the day. (Think Pinterest for some enviable examples.)

Our poor bed has suffered from its 'overuse' in this king sized family though. Sadly it is distressed from the strains of time and the modern life it leads. Beneath its pretty linen exterior, are the hidden extra bolts and brackets installed to prolong its life, not forgetting the mattress itself, which suffers doubles as an excellent indoor trampoline.
It's not all sad news though, (for I do have a consuming sentimental attachment to this bed of ours).
I have plans for a new bed:
A bigger bed. (I can feel the excitement of a shopping experience mounting!)

From queen to king.
A king bed may only be 30cms wider but that's prime space in a large family!

No more queen size bed in future. Next time I am going with the king.
I plan to buy a good sturdy, king size mattress, (like those produced by Sleepmaker) and add luxurious linen in the mix. (Florence Broadhurst's designs are a personal favourite.) For this family hub of ours deserves to be even more sumptuous and sensational, (to cope with the demands of this growing family, clambering for a place within its frame), in the tales of our years to come.

How about you? Would you agree that your bed is the heart of your home too?
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  1. I have to say that the kitchen is definitely the heart of our home! My favourite thing is to potter around baking. That being said, I am a huge fan of sleeping and of breakfast in bed, so bed probably comes a close second! xxx

  2. When my kids were younger I could say everyone gravitated to our bedroom in the mornings but now I'd have to say my kitchen is the heart. Apart from cooking meals, I'm always in the kitchen baking and testing recipes for the blog!

  3. I wish the bed was the heart of my home, that means I'd get to spend more time in it! We spend most of out time in the lounge room because thats where all the toys are :)

    1. I always find toys in my bed. Those things can really travel!

  4. Our bed is one of the most frequented places in our house. Because it's a king it fits us all. Not sure what we'd do without our big bed!

    1. I have been dreaming of a King bed forever. It really is 30cms more of precious space. I envy you right now!

  5. Can't tell you how much I love the PJ's!! xoxo

    1. Mmm I am hearing you! Totally blissful to spend a day in the jammies with no appointments to keep :D

  6. We have the best talks in our bed as a family... all 5 of us plus the dogs piled together chatting and laughing. I love those moments... until someone farts and then spoils the cuddly mood. Boys! what can I say? :) xx

    1. LOL! Very familiar with that routine for sure Sonia!

  7. We have a king bed and it's the best with our little ones playing on it, sleeping in it and of course jumping on it. We are definitely in need to a new, and better quality mattress and bedding though.
    Thanks for linking for Sunday Brunch at Mums Take Five

  8. the bed is where i feed my 9 month old, i found the easiest way to feed him since a newborn is lying down so we have spent many many hours cuddling up together in there, my 3 year old also loves to snuggle up in there with us too


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