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Introducing Treasures Nappies - New to Australia - A Review and Giveaway

If you are a regular reader of my blog you would well and truly know that I am blessed with 6 beautiful children.
Recently while awake in the night, I found myself thinking on just how incredible that actually is. 
Six children...six! (I sometimes hear my mind reciting that number like a mantra in an effort to comprehend it.)
It never quite sinks in; that astounding size and I have been so lucky to have that.
At the same time, I was trying to recall the moment I first laid eyes on each of my babies and held them in my arms for the very first time.
How beautiful those moments are, etched forever in my memory, which despite its failings, never seems to fade these most precious of experiences.
That's some powerful stuff for sure.

Lovely yes, but what does this have to do with nappies?

Well, immediately following these recollections was the jolting reality of the newborn in my arms at that moment: 

The care involved in their upkeep.
The work that lay ahead.
The sleepless nights.
The endless nappy changes...

In short, the panic of the reality of their care and the years of it that lay ahead.

I occasionally wonder just how many nappies I may have changed in my 13 years as a parent but I can't even fathom a response to that. It must be quite incredible though!

Which brings us to my little Celeste, my newest nappy wearer in the house and little road-tester. (The nappy change counter continues to click over with this one.)

Celeste has been called upon to try out the newest arrival on Australian shores - Treasures nappies. Treasures are a brand born and bred in New Zealand and trusted by Mums there for over 30 years, which equates to more than enough experience for me to get a bit excited by a newbie in our market. 
I believe I can safely claim I have tried every brand in Australia with my large family over the years. So how might Treasures measure up in comparison?

Nappies in general come in many brands and designs and to me personally, they all structurally pretty much resemble each other in appearance but not necessarily performance. Treasures nappies have a very unique Hairy Maclary and friends theme printed on theirs which I found endearing instantly. A bit of old world charm on my baby's bottom makes me feel a little bit happy when undertaking a task that is anything 'butt!'

Treasures have all the hallmarks of a good nappy at a glance: an elasticised waistband for a snug fit, good deep side rails for the prevention of leakages and extra long tabs for hugging waists of all circumferences within each size range.

The fit on Celeste is impressive and as I mentioned earlier, the sweet illustrations are very charming.
Even she was a little fascinated with her paper pants when we put her first nappy on to try. She's a bit of a long and lean baby this one so we have had some issues with certain brands in regards to a gape at the inner leg area. Treasures gave a good fit here so I was quite confident that there would be minimal leakage in the event of an overflow.

One thing I immediately liked about this brand, is the extra wide waistband at the back of the nappy. Being a babe quite prone to the dreaded back poo and this is an area I think the Treasures brand has well and truly covered.

Like all good brands, Treasures nappies have an excellent grip tab in place to keep the nappy and its contents safely contained within. The nappies are very soft to touch both inside and out and we had no issues with skin irritations from any scratchy materials.

We all know how important sleep is for everyone, especially a Mum and baby. A quality nappy will hold its own and give you good mileage at this time of day or night. This is the true test of a great brand - can it last for hours overnight without requiring a midnight change or suffering a leak? A wet baby is a wakeful baby and no parent wants this.
I am happy to report that during our trial, we had no leaks of urine or number twos in the night hours. Celeste sleeps a good 10 hours every night and has a very full morning nappy as a result. She also does a number two every morning upon waking into this heavy nappy, so no accidents after such treatment is quite an achievement!

My verdict: Great! We had no issues or problems of note during our trial with this brand. I love the quaint illustrations on the nappies themselves which kept me entertained during changes. (Celeste loved them too!) Perfect for this cat-lover and a nice change from the regular look of my everyday brand - with images upon which I no longer even notice.
Treasures nappies are also unisex which makes finding them at the supermarket less of a bother too.

You can grab your own pack to try next time you visit your local IGA supermarket and put them to the test in your household. These are premium quality nappies with a lower price point so they are bound to be a hit in Australia.
You can visit the Treasures website here to view lots of interesting articles and find out more about this new brand and its launch in Australia for yourself.

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Like to win $74 worth of Treasures nappies to try out on your little one?
(Let's face it - who wouldn't?! Now is the perfect time to say I wish I could enter my own competitions!)

Treasures nappies are offering one lucky Six Little Hearts reader the chance to win 8 packs of nappies to the value of $74!

To enter, simply follow the prompts of the Rafflecopter App below. (App may take a few seconds to load.) Please note, two conditions of entry are mandatory so be sure to follow the easy steps to make sure all of your entries count. Please play fair as others do take the time to complete their entries.
All winning entries are screened to ensure they conform to these entry requirements.

Please note:
Use the hash tag #SleepingTreasures in your comments below to constitute a valid entry.

Entry is open to Australian residents only.
The winner will be notified by email and given 48 hours to respond.
If no response in this time, a new winner will be drawn.
Winner's details and comments posted in relation to this giveaway will be shared with Treasures (SCA Hygiene) and may be publicised or promoted by them with respect to Privacy laws.
All entrants consent to their comments being shared with Treasures (SCA Hygiene) as per above on entering this competition.
Prize cannot be delivered to a PO box.
Total prize value is $74.
Judge's decision is final.
Good luck!
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What tips can you share to encourage #SleepingTreasures to sleep better? 

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  1. I'm always on the lookout for a good nappy at a great price with twins in nappies. I'll definitely have to check treasures out. I think a good bedtime routine makes a huge difference to how well children sleep through the night. For my babies, it's a feed, cuddles and patted to sleep with calm sleepy music playing in the background. For my older children, a bath followed by reading to them and lots of cuddles and kisses means a better night's sleep than a rushed bedtime routing. #SleepingTreasures

  2. As soon as you said Hairy McLary, I was sold. I NEED some of these nappies. We have a ritual that we follow in the evenings before bed. A bath, bottle while watching in the night garden, brushing teeth, book then bed.It's the same every night and my little one knows just what to expect. I would love to enter, but the form is not displaying. Probably my PC. I will check back in later. #SleepingTreasures

  3. #SleepingTreasures - Lavender works a treat for me

  4. a healthy dinner before bedtime will fill their bellies and help them sleep #SleepingTreasures

  5. I wonder if you can enter my giveaway on Facebook and I can enter yours? That way we can both keep using the nappies :)

    P.S Hayley must be huge because shes in 10-15kg and shes only 8 months old!

  6. From the very beginning treat nights differently to days- keep talking and noise to a minimum, dim the lights, avoid stimulation and I only change nappies if they are dirty (I use a night nappy from the beginning). My babies learn quickly that days are for play and fun and nights are for sleep.
    I always see to them quickly if they cry and I think that they feel safe because of this :)
    As soon as they start to show a rhythm to their days I like them to have a routine, I think that regularity to their days helps their night sleep and makes it more likely they will sleep through. We go through the same steps every night and as a result they go down easily (most of the time.)
    If they start to become unhappy with their routine I always look at why- my 11 month old was getting upset when I tried to put him down for his morning nap and it turns out he has just outgrown it :)
    I believe Babywearing is a great aid for sleep, I wear him when he is upset but it's not bedtime. I used to wear him more when he was tiny and he would sleep happily cuddled close to me and I think that because he was getting sleep during the day he slept better at night too.
    I hope that wasn't too long!

  7. A night time routine-same time,a bottle before bed and a little story always encouraged mine to go to sleep-a good nappy is essential to sleeping through the night.#sleepingtreasures

  8. I have to say I am really loving the Treasures nappies and will be buying more now that we have used the last one today. They are really good, especially when you consider that Zee was a bit big for the size we tested, we had no leakage problems whatsoever which just goes to show the quality. Very impressed! #teamIBOT

  9. For me it has always been about setting up a firm bedtime routine from the day I have them home from Hospital. Dinner, Bath, Massage and Reading together. #SleepingTreasures

  10. I love they have the hairy maclairy pics on them! He was my favourite!
    My tip for getting kids to sleep better, is making sure you have plenty of time as a couple. Kids thrive with a secure family environment #sleepingtreasures

  11. I always found a warm bath and a bottle of milk and some quiet time would help my little ones go to sleep. Every child is different though and sometimes you have to work out what's best for them and will ensure they get the best sleep they can.

    1. Forgot to add #sleepingtreasures to my comment. The other thing I do for a good sleep is make sure bub isn't too cold or warm and layer appropriately.

  12. #sleepingtreasures - The way we get our little missy to sleep is by book reading before bed, a big bottle of milk to fill her tummy and then pats on the side of her leg if the bottle doesn't already put her to sleep. When she was a little bit younger though the sounds of John Legend's - All Of Me would always work a trick haha!

  13. #sleepingtreasures After trying many different options without success my husband suggested some light music as we have music playing throughout the house whenever possible. We decided to leave the radio on overnight for our first little boy, and it worked a treat. Not too loud, but just enough for him to "feel" like someone was with him. After a while, we slowly turned the sound down until it was not needed. Now 3 boys later, and it's worked a treat with all of them!

  14. #SleepingTreasures White noise has always been effective in our house

  15. #SleepingTreasures Time is the only thing that got my babies to sleep through the night.

  16. A warm bath, bottle and a story book to help soothe them and enjoy a bit of snuggle time <3 #SleepingTreasures

  17. Lots of "white noise" to get my #SleepingTreasures to sleep! We use an iPhone app to generate lots of whitenoise which never fails to resettle them

  18. Soft, calming music works a treat! #SleepingTreasures

  19. A mild room temperature#SleepingTreasures

  20. A very set bedtime routine - plus when you are up during the night feeding bub, keep everything as dark and quiet as you can and put them straight back to bed. No tv on or anything to distract them. thank you! Monique :) #SleepingTreasures

  21. i find a nightlight and a cosy teddy is a winner #SleepingTreasures

  22. #SleepingTreasures A massage before bed and some lavender oil mixed in with the cot sheets when you wash them gives a lovely calming effect.

  23. A full tummy & a back rub #SleepingTreasures

  24. #SleepingTreasures Having a bed time routine works for us. After bath time at night there is a special mum and son story reading time in funny voices. Then its cuddles time along with rhymes and after switching off the light i slowly pat him and off he goes to sleep for the night. I make sure that he ate properly at dinner time...

  25. #SleepingTreasures A bedtime story and a teddy bear for my little one to snuggle up to helps my baby sleep well at night.

  26. Claire Mott #sleepingtreasures Follow the same routine each night

  27. #SleepingTreasures My 7th child is 2 months old and I have no advice or tricks. Every baby is has a different personality and will have different sleep routines and habits.

  28. #sleepingtreasures get into a routine, we use tea, bath, books and milk, teeth bed

  29. There are 7 weeks until my baby arrives so right now there's a party in my belly every night. Probably if I didn't eat peanut butter toast before bed the baby wouldn't get the hiccups and decide to roundhouse kick me in the kidneys but I need a full belly to sleep through the night! I can't win either way! #SleepingTreasures

  30. Always ensure bub is warm enough, but no too warm, a sleeping bag is good for this. #SleepingTreasures

  31. A good bedtime routine is essential for baby to get a good nights sleep. Also ensure baby is comfortable and at the right temperature. #SleepingTreasures


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