Monday, 28 April 2014

Spring Cleaning In Autumn...

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Monier
What is it about the turn of the seasons that sees home-owners spring into a flurry of outdoor activity?
Does this happen to you at your place too?
You can bet each Spring and Autumn, we head outside to take action on a garden and home we have neglected for a long, lazy Summer or an even longer Winter.
Summer has a heat to it that makes outside living a little strenuous (besides a relaxing champagne by the pond-side on calmer nights), and Winter has a bite that keeps us firmly planted fire-side with little regard for the state of external things.
Yet it's that fresh, mild weather of Spring and Autumn that sends us out of hiding and makes us notice the strain of the extreme seasons on our abode; this milder weather which sees the kids finally venture out of doors and with them, the grown-ups, happily fleeing from the claustrophobia of internal life. (Whether coming out of it or fearing the approach of it.)
There's no doubt about it, Autumn looks great in any garden and just beckons us to make the most of it, even if it is in the form of work.

We have been doing loads of work around our house and garden since the weather has cooled. There is so much lying about the place! My kids, (the boys especially), make a huge mess of our garden constantly. They like to dig, build, throw and bury anything and everything. On top of the mess nature can produce, their input can make an already big job, massive.
Caught in the act - Taite walks all over the rockery and garden beds
Our slippery side entrance stairs. Lichen loves growing here in the cooler months
For us, it's time to whipper-snip the long Summer growths, sweep the leaves that are beginning to fall and trim and cut back the shrubs and trees before the mud and slush sets in. We have a wood fire too which means there's lots of wood cutting to undertake. Wood collection and preparation goes on all year here and you'd be surprised just how much of it you need to get through a Winter season. Likewise, the free fuel factor is a great motivator and another bonus of our home's location. We can have cost-free heating all Winter if we plan ahead.
Our ferns in our front yard: Although beautiful, when those fronds turn brown, they can look really unsightly, especially when they are placed as a feature in front of our lounge room window; there's no ignoring that! Motivation to clean up inspired by Nature herself.
This Summer we have sprouted a tree in our gutter
We have a 36,000 litre water tank on our property which saves us hundreds of dollars every year and provides us with all our household water requirements. I love the environmental aspect of that. The downside is that you must be very attentive about maintenance in regard to your roof and gutters.
In order to maintain the quality of our water, we need to be fastidious about keeping our roof and gutters clean and in top shape. Our roof is swept twice a year in the milder seasons, as part of our home's essential maintenance.
Another of our maintenance essentials, is to replace our broken or cracked terracotta tiles to prevent leaks. All that water quality maintenance involves lots of walking on our roof which can be damaging to older roof tiles. Local possums who clatter about nightly are culprits for this damage too. (And they are big possums out here!)
We have had a persistent leak over our lounge since we moved here (frustratingly, right above our television). We clearly need to replace some of our roof tiles. Monier are Australia's premier roof tile specialists and have a range of innovative and attractive roofing options on their website which definitely fit the bill for solving our needs here.
With the arrival of each weekend, we will again most certainly be out of doors, enjoying the mild climate while there's still the chance and cleaning like crazy while we do so. It makes for a guilt-free season spent indoors.
Is your home Winter ready?
What jobs do you undertake around your home in the cooler months?
Do you live in an energy efficient home?
Do your children (or pets) add to your list of outdoor clean-up tasks?
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  1. You may be autumn-cleaning, but we are spring cleaning!! Soooo much cleaning still to do. I don't know what it is about the turn of the seasons though.

    1. I can imagine your jobs are so HUGE too Holly! Far more than what we are going through here (or will ever go through).

  2. I have weeds that need pulling and hedges that need pruning.... I just need time to do it all haha. Well thats my excuse any ways ;) xx

    1. It's never ending isn't it. Sometimes I wish I had a gardener so that it would always look top shape around here.

  3. Keeping a home well maitained when you have kids is a true miracle. There are just too many things which need to be cleaned, fixed, unclogged or dusted. Doesn't matter you did it in autumn, it's still a good season to clean up and take care of the clutter. The house cleaning tasks pile up over time, no matter how meticulous we are and how often we clean. We have a detailed schedule at home, it's pinned to the fridge, and we follow it strictly. It seems to work for now.


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