Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday - The Daydream...

Little Daughter, what is it that you daydream about?

I think I captured your first ever daydream in these images.
You were playing on our bed on this morning and paused to listen to the wind gusting outside.
Old enough for true thoughts now it seems, though only 16 months young.
This week you have started to experiment with facial expressions. You might pull a frown or raise an eyebrow and then have a little giggle about it.
So much cuteness, I might burst for joy.
You are at my favourite age in all of childhood right now and where I ache for time to pause, just like you have here, so that I can keep you like this for always.

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  1. Oh bless. I love these little moments. Trying to gauge what they're noticing and thinking. I'm enjoying my 10 month old at the moment for these reasons.

  2. Amazing that you captured this moment, and the words accompanying them - beautiful!

  3. Just beautiful x

  4. She's thinking of all the chaos she could get up to with that roll of loo paper! x

  5. It is a magic age. I love those daydreaming shots xx

  6. She's a doll Jody. Wonder what she's thinking? x

  7. Oh my! How precious is this. And even more wonderful that you managed to capture it on camera. You must have pretty good skills or a really good camera that she didn't get distracted the moment the shutter clicks. It's amazing to see that these little ones are having thoughts and dreams of their own... we can only wonder and guess what magic they weave inside their heads and simply be a privileged observer into their world

  8. this is so cute, would love to win one of these ... havent used one before, always been nervous but this looks like such good quality!


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