Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Cheeky Wipes! Washable Baby Wipes Kit - A Review and Giveaway

Are you spending a fortune on packaged baby wipes?
I know I am.
Before we moved into our current home, I conveniently had my nursery set up complete with a well-stocked change table, located right next to the bathroom. Nappy changes were easy and inexpensive as a result.
At the time, I was using flannels with just tap water and it was all so, so good.
I had purchased myself around 20-30 white flannels at Target and had them folded neatly and at the ready for the tough job they would perform, time and time again, year after year. It was simple and inexpensive and I felt like a right Earth-Mummy indeed.

Then we moved into a two storey home and had another baby and while I still feel all Earth-Mummy, I have been cutting corners very haphazardly in some other areas.
My home has stairs you see. My dilemma places the living area downstairs and the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs and my change table is no longer conveniently located for bathroom visits to muck-about with my once perfect flannel system.

Stairs have been a much cursed game-changer for me and I avoid using them like the plague. It is just not safe to constantly climb those things with baby in my arms every time she needs a change. (The nursery rhyme ending with 'We all fall down' comes to mind.) Someone usually does this, (topples on the stairs), at least once a week around here, including myself the week I came home after Celeste's C-section delivery - Owww!)
My corner cutting has involved lots and lots of purchases of packaged baby wipes which live in my downstairs nappy bag. When baby needs a change in the downstairs hours, she is taken care of on the lounge room floor with my very expensive disposable 'friends.' I would do anything to avoid the thousands of steps a single nappy change would otherwise involve in this house.

Disposable wipes come in at a costly $5-$6.50 a packet and usually they are sold in packs of 80. A single bad nappy change can set you back a good 8 wipes at one time which means your dollars are going straight into the bin and rapidly. (I just worked out that's around 8 cents a single wipe! - Ouch!)
No need to even bang on about the environmental cost here either as we all know it is another huge burden on our planet.

I recently became aware of a company called Cheeky Wipes! who are an Australian business dedicated to eradicating the waste and expense of the disposable wipes market. (Well not really, but they are manufacturing a super worthwhile alternative though!)

Cheeky Wipes! kindly sent me their best selling signature product to review here on the blog.
The Cheeky Wipes! All-In-One Kit is a simple product but an innovative one. It offers a unique system which is also an on-par solution to disposable wipes and an excellent alternative to the on-going expense parents face year after year while tending their baby's rear. (Sorry, it rhymed and I couldn't resist! So Cheeky of me! :D)

Inside the All-In-One Kit are the following inclusions:

25 white cloth baby wipes.
One Fresh Baby Wipes container with a single clip opening.
One Mucky Baby Wipes container also with a single clip opening.
One large mesh laundry bag.
Fresh Wipes waterproof Out and About Travel Bag.
Mucky Wipes waterproof Out and About Travel Bag with removable mesh bag insert.
One 10ml bottle of Fresh Wipes Lavender and Chamomile essential oil.
One 10 ml bottle of Mucky Wipes Tea Tree and Lemon essential oil blend.

My initial response when I opened the pack was fear - it looked complex. Don't be put off though, It's just I wasn't able to concentrate at that precise moment due to the 6 curious kiddies milling about me to see what Mum had just unpacked. (I sent them on their way promptly.)

The kit is simple and colour coded and being the hands-on person I am, I skimmed over the included instructions and got crafty with the whole putting-together process straight away. It was all up and running within 10 minutes and I was then ready to wipe anything and everything with a face just to try them out. (Alas, my kids had disappeared by that stage.)

The system works like this: Place the clean wipes into the Fresh Wipes (blue container) after you have filled it with water to the fill line and added a few drops of the Fresh Wipes essential oil blend. Allow the wipes to soak in the water. Your wipes are ready for use!

The Mucky Wipes green container is also prepped with water and a few drops of the Mucky Wipes essential oil blend. Pop the large mesh insert inside the container and use the clips within to hold it open and in place. This container is now ready to hold your dirty wipes for washing day and keeps them smelling fresh, the antibacterial qualities of the oils preventing mold growth in the meantime.

The kit also comes with two waterproof bags. One is for clean wipes and the other is for used. This means you can take several wipes with you in your nappy bag or purse. No need to buy disposable wipes ever again! The used wipes bag even has a removable mesh insert for placing your wipes directly into the wash with no further need to handle them. Brilliant!

As for the Cheeky Wipes! flannels, these are super soft, fluffy and extra absorbent. I would equate one single flannel as capable of doing the task of 4 disposable wipes by comparison. Where I once would have used around 8 wipes for a really bad nappy job, two flannels are perfect. The scent of the oils is so pleasant and gentle on baby's skin. They clean so much better than throw-away wipes too!
I noticed Celeste has had no nappy rash at all in the time I have been using these and I can only presume she is getting a much cleaner rear-end with the plush, wet wipes. It just makes sense.
This week Celeste has had a terrible cold and a bout of sticky eye. Her face and hands have been a mess which though unpleasant, have provided the perfect testing ground for this product. The Cheeky Wipes! handled it all perfectly.

You can purchase coloured wipes in different fibres on the Cheeky Wipes! website too. This makes the job of keeping wipes for hand, face and bottom cleaning in two easy hygienic streams for washing.

We tried out all three wipes on offer and had no particular favourite - all were great.
Washing the wipes is completely hassle-free too. Just pick up your mesh wash bag inside the Mucky Wipes container and place it into the wash. Use your regular antibacterial detergent to kill germs and wash with your towels. There's no need to bother drying the wipes either. Just place them in a fresh solution in your Clean Wipes container and you are ready to start the cycle again.
There are so many reasons why I love this system:
I no longer have to buy expensive disposables. (I could ditch them altogether with the use of the wipes bags.) More money in my pocket for better things.
I can use them simply and incorporate them effortlessly into my existing scheme of things. Washing these little extras is so easy and inexpensive.
The wipes are incredibly absorbent and clean even the worst of messes quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.
The wipes smell beautiful and are not likely to cause harmful reactions.
Don't limit this product to just babies in nappies. I have found them to be wonderful for cleaning mess on the bigger kids too; everything from jam to chocolate wipes off grubby faces and hands with ease.
The 25 included wipes last for ages as you need so few to clean up. In four days of continuous use, I had only used half of them! The cycle of the system means you will never run out either.
The benefits to our environment compared with the alternative are clearly visible.
Oh, and I no longer have to climb stairs to deal with baby in the event of a nappy disaster. I keep my fresh Cheeky Wipes! next to the kitchen sink where they are handy at all times.
You can learn more about Cheeky Wipes! or purchase their products on their website here. The Cheeky Wipes! Washable Baby Wipes Kit retails for $79.95 and is well worth the outlay. You will save hundreds over the course of your baby's childhood with these.
There are other products and additionals including trial sized kits in their online store too. Visit here to see the different kits available.
I am so happy with this product and pleased to be back to my old system in an improved, more convenient package. I cannot recommend these highly enough - Brilliant!
 Would you like to win a $70 voucher to spend at the Cheeky Wipes! online store?
Thanks to the generosity of Cheeky Wipes!, one lucky Six Little Hearts reader will have the opportunity to try their choice of products from the Cheeky Wipes! range to the value of $70!
Please share the love! If you know someone who would love to win this prize, please let them know about this giveaway by spreading the word using the social media buttons below. (Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and email - too easy!)
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All winning entries drawn are screened to ensure they conform to these requirements
and those that do not will be disqualified.
Entry is open to residents of Australia only.
The winners will be notified via email and given 48 hours to respond.
If no response in this time, a new winner will be drawn.
The total prize pool is valued at $70 and will be in the form of a voucher code to spend site-wide at Cheeky Wipes!
The winner's details will be forwarded to Cheeky Wipes! for prize distribution.
Six Little Hearts is not liable or responsible in any way or form for prizes that are subsequently not delivered by a third party or arrive damaged or late.
Judge's decision is final.
Good luck!
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What system do you have in place to deal with your child's nappy changes?
Are you a disposable wipes user or a flannel fan?
How would Cheeky Wipes! make your life easier?

*Six Little Hearts received a Cheeky Wipes! Washable Baby Wipes Kit and extras in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are those of the author.

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  1. They sound fabulous. We're nearly out of nappies now, but I wish I'd known about them 4 years ago!:)

  2. I would hate to add up the amount of money I spend of wipes!! Scary stuff. These look fabulous though x

  3. We use cloth nappies however we currently use disposable wipes. I have toyed with the idea of using cloth wipes but it all just seemed too hard and messy. Reading your review on the cheeky wipes system has sold me on changing over and the $70 voucher would go along way is helping with the change.

    1. They're so little effort Megan - you don't even need to dry them after washing.

  4. Currently I'm using disposable wipes. These washable baby wipes are awesome, which would be safer to both my baby's skin and environment, and would save me a lot of money!

  5. Oh the convenience of wipes. I was set to use cloth nappies but our son suffered from the worst nappy rash. Nurses advising airing his bot, the doctor suggested good old tissues and water but I find especially in winter time I have to heat the water as its just too cold. This takes time, and then dipping it constantly into a bowl of water, it gets contaminated very quickly. Reverting to disposables, medicated cream to get over the hump and wipes. We just want smooth sailing, speed and convenience and this is what Cheeky Wipes can give me. Oh yes please!

    1. Good luck Rachel and thanks for your comment :D

  6. Never even considered not using disposable wipes with my DS, but now Im pregnant again, this is something I thought I might look into - good timing for your post :) These wipes look like a really good system!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  7. I currently use disposable wipes but cheeky wipes would be so much more environmentally friendly, cost efficient and more gentle on those cheeky little bums.

  8. I just use normal wipes so I'd love something much nicer!

  9. The amount of money I've spent on wipes, REDICK!!! But I have to say I'm not sure I could use re-usable ones, sorry earth :(

  10. I try to use sensitive skin wipes that don't irritate, these sound so much more gentler and less risk.

  11. I use cotton balls and water but these sound beautiful & suit my philosophy. -Dana

  12. We use wipes. I often wonder how horrible it must feel when I'm changing my baby's nappy on a cold night. We are just about to start using modern cloth nappies on Moo, these would fit in nicely to our new routine :) What a great concept!

  13. Love our Cheeky Wipes. So easy to get out of the container and fits perfectly into our cloth nappy routine.
    Mel G

  14. currently i use homemade wipes made from kitchen towels. Cheeky wipes will definitely save me lots of money and will be very gentle on the skin of my eczema prone baby...

  15. Oh we go through SO many wipes it is insane! We're going through a particularly large amount at the moment with constant runny noses. I like the idea of these wipes and would love to try them. Great giveaway!

  16. Love wipes for baby-how nice to have some that are environmentally friendly!!

  17. Nothing in place at the moment as we're still expecting hub number one :D

    1. Good luck Stacey with your bubba! These would be a great investment from day one for you.

  18. baby wipes..usually home brand or whatever is on special.

  19. Im lost without wipes but concerned about the impact on the environment, not to mention the wallet, Cheeky wipes are certainly the solution to both!

  20. We use sorbelene cream and tissues at the moment. It sounds like Cheeky Wipes would be easier to use and clean bubs better so that would make my job easier

    1. We have used the cream and tissues too in the past and the cream makes all those residues come off. A great cheap alternative to disposable wipes too. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I use Curash wipes and blergh! So expensive. These sound like such a great solution and so much better for the environment. It also looks reasonably convenient being that you don't need to go to a tap or anything every time you need to clean a bottom!

  22. What a great idea! They look like they're multipurpose too. We've finally stopped using nappy changing wipes but I shudder thinking about how bad it was for the environment :(

    1. Grace, these would be so handy for your boys - faces and hands never stop being dirty no matter what the ages of our kids!

  23. I so wish these were around 11 years ago! We're long past them now, but my hands are still recovering from the damage wipes caused to my skin. Such a wonderful idea.

  24. I stopped using disposable nappy wipes and haven't looked back. Anytime I used the disposable ones now I get annoyed because they're so small. Looks like a great product x

    1. They are horrid little things when they tear and your hands get messy too!

  25. Up to now the best choice has been baby wet wipes, but these little numbers offer so much flexibility and are so much better for the environment and softer easier on hands

  26. Jessica Blundell21 June 2014 at 16:00

    We're currently using disposable baby wipes and I'd love to try cloth baby wipes, not just for the fact that it's kinder to the environment, but because it's also kinder to baby's bum :)

    1. Good luck! They are certainly all those things - I am loving them!

  27. What a wonderful environmental option this is, better than the tossable wipes I usually use!

  28. Such a great idea! I hate to think how many wipes I used on my little girl when she was small! So nice to have an option that is good for the environment.

  29. I can't wait to give these a try. They look so easy and much better than having to remember to pick up wipes everytime you go to the shop.

  30. Guilty as charged on the nappy wipes front. Dollars and the health of the environment down the drain. This looks like a wonderful product. Even if i don't win, I think I might have to give it a go.

  31. I use cloth wipes - but it's quite annoying! Initially, with the one bub, it was ok - I had wet cloths in a container under the change table in her room. But once the second one came along - like you the lounge is where most of the nappy changing takes place. So I have to find the cloth (usually somewhere in the washed clothes basket) wet it in the kitchen, gather the cheeky toddler up again....!! This system would be awesome. The tubs could stay safely in the kitchen ready for use! Such a great idea. Wish I'd known about it earlier, I can't believe I didnt come across it!! :)

  32. Currently using disposable wipes, I always think what a waste they are!

  33. the good old disposable wipes for me!

  34. I currently buy disposable wipes which are not the best,
    ingredients which often irritate my son if at first I don't test.
    The expense is quite depressing especially when you think,
    these wipes don't degrade easily or disappear in a wink.
    Would love to try Cheeky Baby Wipes for long term use,
    better for baby, reusable and no environmental abuse!

  35. I use a combination of disposable wipes (to get rid of the worst of the mess) and then cloth wipes to finish the job. These packs sound amazing and I have never heard of them before, even though i have 3 kids and have used cloth as much as possible!

  36. I love how everything is colour coded!! And the wipes are bright and colourful!

  37. Incurrently use wipes but i love the colour coded system these sound great would love to give them a go.

  38. I currently use cut up old hand towels, which I wet with one hand in the sink while holding my toddler in the other. Kinda works. Kinda.. I actually have a set of Cheeky Wipes, which are faded and grey from use. But I love them so much for myself that I won't share them with baby. Shhhhhh ;) Would love a sparkling new set for my little boy to enjoy, so I can keep using the old ones myself!
    Natalie (Nat Alie on facebook)

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  40. There are quite a few different ways of changing washable diapers for babies. You can choose any one of the ways that you find comfortable.
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