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The Essentials Guide - Classic Winter Fashion Picks on Any Budget

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Millers
Are you a Winter person?
I am not a lover of the season in truth but there's no reason why I cannot enjoy some things about this time of year that are enjoyable.
Take shopping for a few precious key wardrobe pieces for example.
For me, the pleasure of this season alone comes from the choices that abound at this time of year. There are so many indulgent fabric 'lures' on hangers in the stores right now and it is so enjoyable to really dress up again after a Summer of sweating it out in just shorts and a Tee.

In the spirit of doing what we like best in the season we like the least, I have compiled a list of classic Winter fashion essentials to guide you happily through the colder months from top to bottom and keep you fashionable on any budget. These are not necessarily expensive suggestions, but each item does make the cut for making you feel extra cosy, content and up to the minute while braving the season that seems to never end.
From head to toe my must have picks this Winter are:

BB Cream: Have you discovered the blessing that is BB Cream? I have, and I have to say I now know what all the fuss is about.
These creams are brilliant for taking the grey pallor off Winter skin and turning it buff and sensational! Flaws such as pigmentation, paleness, scarring and so on simply vanish without the very detectable heavy mask of foundation.
Just about every skin care label has jumped in on the BB phenomenon too and likewise you can find many good low to mid range price points on the market as a result.
A good BB Cream should offer the benefits of natural coverage, sun protection factor and a moisturiser combined. Low end prices start as small as $15 and go right up to $70 at the top end. For a healthy glow, I cannot bleat the benefits loudly enough! Try it for yourself this Winter.

Lip Balm: Good old lip balm saves us year round doesn't it? My lips are permanently thirsty but in Winter, they are parched beyond belief without this rescue remedy constantly applied. I cart at least one, (usually two) lip balms about with me everywhere as fair skin, generally speaking, equals misery at this time of the year.
My all time favourite is Australia's own Lanolips - pure, medical grade lanolin for lips which works wonders at hydrating. Best of all are the tinted offerings from Lanolips, which come in a variety of colours and really lift your complexion. These balms protect your lips for hours without re-application; it's a handbag essential. (I personally love the Rhubarb tint which is a pretty, natural pink.)
I have recently come across Palmer's Coco Butter Formula Dark Chocolate and Cherry Lip Butter too. While there is no tint to this product whatsoever, it does get a mention here simply on taste alone. It really does taste like chocolate and cherries and I have been enjoying eating wearing this balm for some time now. Highly recommended. (And very delicious!)

Hair Irons: No matter whether your hair is straight or curly, the entire world benefits at this time of year from owning a set of these must-have devices. Winter is a time for frizz from fog, rain and trapped humidity but you can be master of the issue with a set of straightening irons in your bathroom beauty arsenal. Great hair is always in fashion so be sure to maximise yours.

A Colourful scarf: No Winter outfit should be without the soothing warmth and visual appeal a colourful scarf can bring to your wardrobe. A scarf can lift an outfit from bland to brilliant and make you glow with health from its radiance.
A personal favourite is the infinity scarf: one long, never-ending loop of fabric which can loop once or twice around your neck. So many fab designs are around. The inclusion of this accessory can make any outfit blossom into something entirely different. These are great for extending your existing outfits in an inexpensive way. They also have the added benefit of rescuing you in a sudden down-pour! (Especially great for protecting that carefully groomed hair!)

A Chunky Knit: One of Winter's pleasures has to be noted as the addition of a chunky knit jumper or cardigan to your freezing frame. Go for soft acrylic and lambs wool blends at the budget end of the market. For a softer and more expensive splurge, aim for outright Merino wool: soft to touch, fine and it will keep its new appearance for years to come if you buy well.

A Striped Tee: This Frenchy fashion favourite is a timeless classic and will be in forever, which is just as well as Tees are usually so well-priced and easy to replace after you've worn them to shreds.
Everyone should have at least one navy and white striped Tee. These look brilliant beneath anything from a casual cardigan to a cropped jacket and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Make sure you make owning one of these a priority.

A Stylish Coat: Always consider your Winter coat. Not only will it provide you with an additional layer of warmth and protection but it will become a wardrobe statement piece. You can spend as much or as little as you wish on your fashion coat or jacket choice. There are endless choices out there too in terms of cuts, colours and fibres. For a great selection of jackets with equally fantastic price points, visit Millers to see a range of popular styles in season this Winter.
I recently nabbed the perfect trench (pictured above), in timeless black on the Millers website for an unbelievable $45! Oh happy days!
A trench coat is always in style and you can't go past this option if you are stuck making up your mind. Trench coats are also wonderful for hiding the sins of the season. (Specifically I am referring to indulgences of the food kind here.) Treasure this closet classic!

A Stylish Bag: Go for a fashionable style suited to your lifestyle and be practical. Again, bag choices are endless and the fashion market is awash with them.
While I love leather bags, they are not always the very best choice in Winter. Rain can damage leather and the dyes used on them, so if you must use your expensive bag at this time of year, make sure you have given it a treatment to waterproof its surface and keep it out of the rain to protect your precious investment.
A great alternative is to buy a budget-end handbag in a man-made fibre like vinyl or oil-cloth. These bags suit a bit of roughing it in the rain and won't ruin from the experience. Go for the very latest styles and colours as the price points are usually very fair and not at all painful in the event of subsequent damage.

Knee-High Boots: Boots are forever in style and make a regular come-back each season in pretty much the same styles which means you can't go wrong with this staple. Choose a classic black pair in leather. (Maybe a brown too - okay, go for both!) Again, prices can be as low as $50 from department stores and soar to all kinds of price points, so stick within your means and choose a simple cut for maximum year after year performance.
Venture into ankle boots and coloured options, (there are thousands around), to extend your wardrobe selections even more and enjoy the shopping experience while you choose.

Gumboots: I just had to add gumboots to the end of a list of Winter essentials! I have a thing for gumboots (some would call it a collection) and the top of the line in this category is produced by Hunter Boots of Great Britain. As far as boots and style go, you can't go past this mainstay of the British Royal family.
The ever-elegant Kate Middleton has been photographed plenty of times sporting hers.
I bought myself a pair of Hunter boots a couple of seasons ago in the most divine candy pink. While the price was rather ouchy, the feel, quality and colours available from this iconic brand are difficult to surpass. The constant stream of compliments they attract definitely made the momentary financial pain worth it too! (You can check mine out here.)
Can't afford Hunter's? Don't stress! Gumboots are 'in' and available everywhere in so many beautiful prints and styles. Search online and in department stores to find your ultimate alternative.
What are your Winter wardrobe essentials?
What would you add to this list?
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  1. winter yay! I'm waiting waiting waiting for it to be appropriate to wear boots again and big chunky scarves. I also bought a pair of gumboots last year right at the end of footy season and then it never rained again lol typical! can't wait to wear them with the cool mummies around the rugby field. xx

    1. Bel - Who needs rain? Enjoy those gumboots year round. (I have even been known to wear mine on cooler Summer days ;D.)

  2. I'm desperately in need of a new trench this winter. It's my can't-live-without for sure. x

    1. I have a few trenches in a few different cuts and colours. A girl can never have too many anythings!

  3. I'm loving the BB cream too and a pair of rubber boots has been on my to buy list this year, if only for putting the bins out and feeding the chooks on wet mornings! I have to add lip balm and I was going to say an infinity scarf, but I have lots of scarves, maybe I could just sew the ends of one together, instant infinity ;)

    1. Infinity scarves are so easy to make. I think next time I am at a fabric store I will grab some extra to make my own designs.

  4. I love Winter fashion too! All the boots, gloves, hats, jumpers, jackets, coats, scarfs, socks and things I can wear AT THE SAME TIME. So much fun to be had.

    1. I love that you can hide under it all - bad hair, bad wardrobe choices - just toss on some extra layers and no-one will ever know! (I don't like all the extra washing though ;P.)

  5. I am on the lookout for some gumboots...and wear my knee highs to work every day. One of my favourite things about winter :)

  6. Trackies, fluffly bed socks and fleecy dressing gowns should become fashionable then my life would be complete!! Love your essential list. I have my go to boots, jeans and chunky knit cardy uniform all set for a cold day!!

  7. My winter essentials are few and far between. I'm still wearing pieces from seasons and seasons ago. As much as I'd love to go shopping and purchase new clothes, it's just not something on our priority list and so I'll stick with jeans and trackies and some cotton long sleeve tops with a jumper or jacket. I've tried looking for some nice knee highs last season but couldn't find flat ones that didn't look like I was about to jump on a motorbike. Heels are a bit much for getting around at the local park. I could do with some gumboots though for out in the garden.


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