Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Back To School Checklist

The holidays are drawing to a close and as I sit here writing this post, my kids seem oblivious to the impending routine that begins at 7.30am tomorrow; the return to school.

Right now the kids are wearing their pyjamas at 11.30am with no intention of getting dressed whatsoever and little regard for the time of day. Every computer is taken up with gaming and the television is running hot from the Playstation. It's only me who is thinking on the morning to come and the list of tasks as long as my arm.

That's what Mums are for.

Today will be taken up with the following list of to-do's and I seem to find myself doing these same things every Sunday before school heads back. I thought I would share my list here so that I might refer to it well into the future. Maybe it will serve as a reminder to you too, if you have children at day care, kinder or school:

Do the washing. Make sure all of the school uniforms are clean, dry and ready for wear.

Find the school uniforms. Locate everyone's items and stack them into piles and leave them prepared in an easy to find place for the morning to come, right down to socks and underwear.

Ruben won't forget his underpants if they are placed on his head on school mornings!
Clean school shoes and make sure they are in good order. My boys seem to destroy their leather school shoes each term. I usually check them on the last day of school to allow myself time to buy new shoes in the holidays. Make sure your kids know where their shoes are too. The number of times we have been late thanks to lost shoes, I couldn't tell you!

Clean out school bags if you haven't already done this on their last school day. Check all of the pockets for nasties like old lunch items, soggy papers etc. (One time my eldest daughter left a boiled egg in her bag - horrid!)

Do you need to bake something for lunchboxes? Make sure you have done enough shopping to get you through the first few days of the first week back at least, to take some of the pressure off. Grab muesli bars, fruits and other healthy treats for easy mornings, at the shops.

Get out everyone's lunchboxes and drink bottles - have them ready for action. Now is also a good time to check these items are in good order too. You can grab new lunchboxes easily at your local store or buy some beautiful ones online. (Make sure you do a coupon code search on a site such as Flipit before you purchase to save some dollars!)

Check your planner. Do you know what is on for the first and second weeks of term? Things you wrote in some time ago may have been forgotten during the holidays and you don't want unplanned surprises at 7am on a Monday morning.

Make sure your car is organised. Did you go away on the holidays? Is your car still full of luggage, bikes or takeout? Make things smooth for the first day back by cleaning it up and checking everyone's car seats are in order. (And that seatbelts are not trapped under seats.)

Finalise your school notices. Does a child have a camp or excursion notice that is overdue? Do you have payments for school items or events to organise urgently in preparation for the week?

Who has homework?!

Are all your kids items labelled? Check your children's jumpers and other items to make sure they are actually yours and labelled to keep them that way. (See here to purchase your labels and school gear if you are in need.)

Get the kids cleaning! My house looks like a bomb has dropped over the holidays. I clean it constantly but the kids are a force when it comes to destruction and mess. Time to rope in the helpers on a Sunday afternoon. I offer up a prize (chocolate goes down well), in exchange for the best cleaning effort. Have them tidy the lounge, pick up their toys from under sofas, tables etc. and return them to their rooms. My kids regularly vacuum, wipe, sort and put their own washing away in their drawers and unpack the dishwasher. (For the record, they are usually all winners of the chocolate prize but I would never admit that in front of them :D.)

There is always so much to do when the kids have returned to school in terms of heavy duty cleaning and there's nothing better than getting the kids to take some of that responsibility off your shoulders.
Good luck!
What steps do you take before school term begins or a weekend ends?
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  1. great list for going back to school :) there is always something that needs doing as a Mum !

    We dont have school morning rushes anymore, not sure how I ever made it to school on time!!

  2. You just described my tomorrow hun - all the getting ready stuff. As for Tuesday? I will be de holidaying this house lol xx

    1. Sonia, I got everything ready and then discovered late in the day that school doesn't start until Tuesday. So here we are on Monday with kids still in pyjamas, video games and mess...Like you, on Tuesday, I will be having a great rest on my sofa and I can't wait!

  3. You've covered my list pretty well!

  4. Thanks for the great list! My kids aren't back until tuesday so I will definitely be referring to this tomorrow as I hunt down random socks and hats and blazers and drink bottles and school diaries and missing left shoes and school swimmers and then the school bag to find a mouldy sandwich at the bottom.. ahh fun times!

    1. Ha! I wrote this post and managed to do none of it yesterday, which was just as well as I discovered late in the day that school doesn't start until Tuesday!

  5. I remember when my world revolved around the school semesters and school holidays. Now, I barely know when the holidays are. How quickly time goes by. BTW Jody, I'm not sure if it's my laptop or not but I have some problems reading your blog as the font is quite small and the colour not easy to read. Could just be me though :-)

    1. I will miss the rush too when it's gone.
      As for the issue you mentioned, I have seen that on rare occasions and it just needs a refresh (or three) to get the page to load correctly. I have been bombarded with spam overnight so it might have something to do with it. Thanks for stopping by. :D

  6. Izzy doesn't go back until next week, but you have reminded to give her bag a good clean! My car could do with an overhaul too, so many toys, jackets and rubbish :/

    1. I have spent my morning vacuuming and mopping and doing a huge clean of this disgusting mess that is my home post-holidays! I haven't even got to the car yet. I hope there's no nasty surprises for you! :D

  7. I can relate to the find the school uniform one. How hard can it be to not lose your clothes, shoes, socks? :)

  8. Oh isn't that vac great? I have the same one. With only one to get back to school I was reasonably organised - I hope it went smoothly for you :)

  9. We've still got another week of holidays over here in WA, but I've got no idea how we're going to get back into school-mode a week from now. My son has definitely been enjoying his sleep ins. Thanks for the reminder to sort out the car!!


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