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Introducing Lilah Snow Camera Bags - A Review and A Special Offer...

Have you ever wondered about the creative process that goes on behind the scenes of luxury bag manufacturers? Maybe not, but then if you are a dedicated bag lover like myself, you will have found yourself thinking on such important things at one time or another!

When I started my blog, I was snapping all of my images on my mobile phone and while my iPhone can take some pretty reasonable photos, it soon became apparent that I could do a lot better with a digital SLR. And so the need to spend up big on a Nikon became my goal and was conquered rather quickly. (I pretty much had to purchase it within weeks of the desire arising owing to my foot-stomping impatience, plus Mother's Day was just around the corner at the time.)

As soon as my new baby, (named Nikon) was in my hands, it gave rise to another need - a camera bag. Now bags just happen to be my thing and I am a fussy buyer when it comes to quality and style. I headed straight to Etsy after finding myself horrified at the prices of the dedicated camera bags on the retail market. All I could spot that fit the bill were designer styles made of PU leather with leather price tags - no thanks!

On Etsy I found a sweet canvas bag hand made in fabric which cost me a pretty penny to purchase and import from Texas. While I loved it initially, it failed to live up to the task; it was too small; it was collecting dirt fast and I could not fit my essentials as well as my photography gear into it without stuffing it silly and looking the same as a result. I ended up gifting it to my 14 year old who wanted an SLR camera for her birthday - perfect for her needs, just not mine.

The hunt for a luscious camera bag was on again. (Secretly thrilled about it too I was.)
Right about now, enter Lilah Snow camera bags who I happily discovered on Twitter.
I contacted Emma, owner and designer at Lilah Snow, and asked her about her gorgeous bags and a relationship was struck right then and there. (We even have kids with similar names, as unusual as they are!):
Lilah Snow is a fledgling designer camera bag business and I am a blogger with a keen need for, and interest in the product - let's do a deal!

It is with so much pleasure to introduce Emma and her interesting story here and review her beautiful signature camera bag which I adore:

I'm am a creative mess packaged inside a sensible health professional trying to bust out! I am actually a mother of 2, (a little girl Delilah, nearly 6, and a boy, Rio nearly 4) and an Optometrist by day. In my spare time I am one of those people who actually makes the stuff I Pin and look at something for sale and wonder how I can make it myself. (This part I think is inherited from my Dad who is fearless in his attempt to make and fix things!)
 As I grew up, my three sisters and Mother always had a camera around and even though we all ended up with 'sensible' careers, we are all still captivated by photography; it is a big part of our lives. I'm practical enough to realise that it takes a lot to be a professional photographer. (I realise this even more so since my sister and I have been taking all of my promo shots!) and in my usual fashion of trying to make something myself, after hearing about a camera handbag, but also realising it wasn't really my style, decided that 'I could probably do that!'
This was towards the end of 2012 which happened to coincide with my wedding. I ended up with all this spare time left by the end of planning a wedding (DIY, of course...including the cake!) and so I threw myself into figuring out how to design and manufacture camera handbags commercially.
I won't lie - it's been a challenge! From the hours planning the dimensions of everything to choosing manufacturers, to trying to build up a following and even running a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to try and get the first run funded. It was a challenge which has engulfed me and I have loved it! I have built my own website, figured out a whole list of social media (ok, well maybe not Twitter - I still don't get that!) and find that I am constantly thinking about my brand and working towards its expansion.
I currently only have the one bag but every sale brings me closer to putting in the order for the next, the already designed, Zoe bag - I can't wait!
And who is Lilah Snow? My daughter Delilah (whose middle name is actually Snow), gets to claim naming rights on the bag. She too has inherited the creative gene and we love to make a mess together! - Emma.
Lilah Snow's signature bag - the Pippi Pro, is crafted in a luxurious thick pebble-grain leather and it is so soft, 'melty' and squishy to touch. It comes in the one shade of stunning lipstick red which is quite difficult to photograph as it tends to change colour depending on the light. In terms of practicality, this is the camera bag with everything you need with the added benefit of style. This bag looks just like a regular handbag so it doesn't scream "I am carrying expensive camera equipment!"
The bag is set off with gold-toned hardware including a beautiful logo nameplate and an elegant looking, fully adjustable and removable shoulder strap. This strap has a padded area for the shoulder and is very comfortable to wear given the swivel clasps that allow you some freedom.
The bag has rolled leather twin handles for maximum versatility and these are long enough to wear over your shoulders - even in a coat or wearing bulky clothing. There is generous width to cope with your possessions and the bag expands well with a nice slouchy effect for ease of wear.
Inside there's a quality padded insert for your equipment, as you would expect to find within any worthy camera storage bag. This insert is grey in colour, thick and a self-contained bag in its own right (meaning you can transfer it to another bag entirely if need be). The insert is also fully customisable so you can adjust the walls of its interior to fit any camera, lens or additionals to carry your items safely. Thanks to this insert being removable, this camera bag could potentially double as a cabin bag, handbag, nappy bag or overnighter for the times when you are not lugging equipment. Lots of versatility.
The Pippi Pro bag is fully lined with black cotton and features quality leather trim in a matching colour around all slip pockets and the one zippered pocket in the back wall. It is roomy too and in addition to the padded insert with my camera equipment, I can fit an iPad, planner, pad, pen, lens wipes and camera manual as well as my phone and wallet and more.
I really appreciate the slanted front pockets on the bag and I store my business cards on one side and those of people I meet on the other. It is a great bag for organising. For bloggers in particular, this is the perfect bag for taking along to assignments and conferences as you can take everything you need conveniently and fashionably. I refer to my Lilah Snow bag as my 'blogging bag' these days.
My Pippi Pro has had a real workout since she landed in my life and has suffered spills and 'stuffing' in tight places on many occasions including being regularly slid-all-over by the toddler who seems to have a bit of an obsession with fiddling with this bag! It is holding up beautifully with little evidence of its adventures to date. A quick wipe of the glorious leather with a damp cloth restores it like new. The bag also comes with a dust bag for storage like all quality bags should.
This gorgeous Lilah Snow 'Pippi Pro' original retails for $299. Thanks to the generosity of the lovely Emma, she is offering Six Little Hearts readers $50 off any purchase of her bags and the good news is - the offer is an ongoing one! (See the advertisement in the sidebar on the right.)
Visit the Lilah Snow website here. Follow Lilah Snow on Facebook and please share this post and offer with any friends you have who may be interested in purchasing one of the nicest camera bags available on the market in Australia. Lilah Snow ships internationally.

Are you a proud owner an SLR camera? Have you bought a gorgeous bag to keep it in?
If you are a blogger - do you have a 'blogging bag' too?

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  1. I don't have a 'blogging' bag but I am giving Mary Poppins a run for her money as to what I can cart around with me in my heavy handbag....

    1. I am hearing you! And on the subject of Mary Poppins - I loved her carpet bag when I was a kid!

  2. This bag looks amazing. I entered a design a bag competition last year with Jessica Bratich and while it didn't win, it was a pretty impressive blogging/camera bag that I ended up designing. I would dearly love to expand on the idea and collaborate with a designer to actually produce them one day.

    1. Wow that sounds like it was a great competition - I'd love to see your design (being the crazy obsessed bag lady that I am).

  3. What a lovely story! I love the name Lilah Snow and how it originated. Snow as a middle name is a gorgeous idea. I wish I though of it. This bag looks gorgeous. I unfortunately don't have a camera or blogging bag :( Might hit Santa up for one :)

    1. The weird thing for us both (Emma and I) is the similarity in our kids' name's. My Daughter's middle name is Star and my Son's middle name is River (Rio also means river). So there's snow, stars and rivers between us!
      Oh Renee, get yourself a camera - you will love it :D.

  4. Ooh, what a beautiful bag. I am the proud owner of a Digital SLR and I've been wanting to 'upgrade' and get a special bag for awhile now. Such a lovely story and a beautiful bag :)

    1. Believe me - I get lots of Ooh moments wearing it! Nothing like upgrading a bag is there? "D

  5. These bags are beautiful! But there are red. :( I don't like red. I will hang out for the grey bag. If I brought a beautiful expensive bag for our DSL, maybe I'll actually use it! I am still using my iPhone and it is time to move on, but fear is stopping me as I know nothing about our DSL. I even think of it as my Husbands. That is, it is not mine. I don't know where to start on using it even. sigh.

    1. Sarah, the best way to learn to use a DSLR is to play with one. I studied photography at uni as part of my media courses and I have experience with the old fashioned kind that use real film (god how I miss actual film!) They are pretty user friendly - especially the auto settings. You will love the results.
      Yes, I am excited about the release of the next bag. Maybe I will have to get a second DSLR to justify her! "D

  6. I don't have a blogging bag! I feel like I need one now though! I do have an SLR camera, but because I like to have it on hand for photos, it never lives in its bag!

    1. Holly - you NEED a blogging bag! :D
      True regarding the camera - sometimes I toss mine under the pram which is just not good care for something so expensive.

  7. That is a stunning bag!!! Im hunting for baby bags at the moment and these camera bags often double well with this task! Beautiful story and good luck to Emma!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

    1. Yes they do. Stay tuned - I have much in the pipeline here..."D

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  9. I received one of these photography bags for Christmas from my sister-in-law, how lucky am I? It's perfect in so many ways. I can't wait to show it off.

  10. About Fashionable bags I can advise The Camera Bags. I'm extremely pleased about the bags' quality. They've a very wide selection of hues. I'm extremely pleased with them ! Stylish camera bags


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