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A That! Dairy Snacks and Milkshakes Review and A Great Healthy Snacks For Active Kids Giveaway!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of That!

As a Mum, I am forever on the lookout for easy and tasty foods for kids that are also healthy.
What Mum isn't?

Having six children presents some real financial challenges as you can imagine. All kids are picky at the best of times but when six children under one roof are highly selective eaters, the amount of food wastage and dollars that wind up in my bin can seriously disturb.

I sometimes wonder how my children are managing to grow at all they consume so little of what gets offered.

Frustratingly, fruit that is not cut up in lunchboxes, comes home untouched.
Sandwiches that I have laboured over in the early hours of the day, turn up squashed and well past their use-by in the late afternoon.
My kitchen countertops are littered with half finished glasses of milk that no-one claims.

Are you recognising a familiar scenario here? Is it the same at your place? (Please tell me it is!)
It's the woe of parents everywhere.

How do you feed your busy kids healthy food and make sure it's fun enough to hold their little attention spans long enough to actually consume it? The answer lies in the pouches!

When I was asked to review That! here on the blog, it was a very emphatic yes from me. I was already sold on the idea of pouch foods for my kids: I knew they'd love them full stop.

My kids have a tendency to rapidly and eagerly consume anything that comes in packaging as compared to its natural form. It's a combination of fun wrapping and tasty product that appeals to small humans. Everything else goes down with great difficulty or not at all.

But not That! (Healthy food made happy - but don't tell them that.)

My kids were thrilled with the arrival of a big box of That! in the post thanks to Proportion Foods. That! are perfectly sized portions of delicious milkshakes and dairy snacks in the eternally kid friendly flavours of Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate.
They set about drinking these handy sized snacks from the minute I gave them the go ahead.

Immediately I loved the fact that these snacks require no refrigeration at all. They are securely sealed long-life products so no need to store them in the fridge - which was just as well because we had plenty to get through...not that they'd last long in this home.

Asking for a seconds!
I did place a good supply in my fridge regardless, as milkshakes just go down better when they're cold. Having a cold That! pack to pop in the kids' lunchboxes each day was not only a great way to provide them with an opportunity to consume and enjoy an essential food group, it was also a convenient way of keeping their entire lunchbox contents cool and fresh. These will go down well in the warmer months for sure.

That! are natural and healthy food choices for children and one that they won't refuse or leave lying about in lunchboxes like other unfinished perishables.

That! Dairy Snacks and Milkshakes are made from fresh Australian produced milk which is naturally a super-source of calcium - a single pouch provides a decent 17% of your child's recommended daily serving. (Around the same calcium content as a 125ml glass of milk.)

That! is manufactured using only natural flavours and colours and contains no preservatives. They are also gluten free, so fuss-free for parents and kids where allergies and issues are concerned. I was surprised to learn that a single serve of That! has fewer calories than an apple!

Having a young child in the house who is always wanting to join in the fun with the older ones can be a challenge when certain foods are consumed. Toddlers don't want to miss out on the action and this can often be a tricky thing to get around.

I had no hesitation in handing That! Dairy Snacks over to the little one. She loved them and was frequently seen hanging about the fridge at lunchtimes and in the evenings, looking for a little dairy treat. The smooth, thick consistency of the snacks were perfect for Celeste to handle on her own and there were never spills and no need to offer assistance either which freed me up to do other things.

That! has a low GI rating and is produced from skim milk. Admittedly I am never concerned with calories and fat content with my kids as they are all a bit on the slender side but I know many other parents are so this should impress.
GI ratings on foods should concern all parents however as low GI food choices are a great way of ensuring your child remains nourished and focussed for longer on a decent fuel source. No parent wants a sugar-high kid!
Each serve of That! has an average of only around 7 grams of sugar which I am more than happy with.

I love that there's no wastage with the packaging either. That! comes in good-sized 120 gram serves which are great for kids of all ages. If they can't manage to finish their pouch, they are resealable with a screw top lid. (Once opened, the pouches should be refrigerated.)

My kids loved slurping these straight from the built-in straw cap. For the record, my kids had no trouble consuming their serves in one go on every occasion!

I really appreciate that these snacks and milkshakes are basic, traditional flavours too. There are so many manufacturers on the market who are trying to put a twist on plain and straight-forward foods for kids in the push to appear healthy. My kids don't like foods to be too complex so I avoid buying things that seem overdone. That! appeals to me as a simple food; a single flavour in a basic format is a winner with parents and kids alike.

That! Dairy Snacks and Milkshakes are available at all Woolworths supermarkets. The snacks retail for $1.89 and milkshakes are $1.69. Take some to school, the park, on car trips and even try them out in cooking or add them to your child's dessert. These are portable, always fresh and ready to go and were a very popular choice with my kids!

For more healthy snack ideas for kids from That! please watch the following :

That! have teamed up with Six Little Hearts to offer 5 prizes of one month's supply of That! Dairy Snacks and Milkshakes. (36 pouches in total.)
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  1. Oh I know what you mean about the amount of food and dollars winding up in the bin being seriously disturbing ... and I've only got a third of the number of kids you've got! This looks like a fantastic product,

  2. My 2 year old has just discovered squeezie yoghurts AND milkshakes all at the same time, so I'm sure he would go absolutely nuts over squeezie milkshakes:-)

  3. Punky loves anything form a squeezy pouch so I will definitely be entering this comp. Zee has recently discovered how good squeezy pouches are too so I can see a lot of space being taken up in my cupboards by squeezy pouches in the coming years! They're just so handy for snacks when out and about too!
    Visiting from #teamIBOT

  4. My kids have turned wasting food into an art-form! Thankfully we have more two more than grateful pooches to take care of the surplus. Team IBOT here too!

  5. My boy loves yoghurt and cheese sticks as his snacks. He is addicted to anything creamy and milky. He would love THAT for sure.

  6. My 2 big boys would live on snacks!! They would love this!!
    Hope you are feeling better now. xx

  7. We love pouches in this household. Sometimes it's the only way I can get nutrients into my toddler.

  8. My kids are pretty big on fruit and veg for snacks. At the moment they are loving strawberries, apple, blueberries and carrot.

  9. These looks soooo fun and healthy!!! My kids are not at school yet but will definitely keep them in mind for future lunchboxes ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. My children love rice crackers, carrot sticks and hommus.

  11. Dora loves crackers. I have been making my own chocolate custard for her lately too after reading about the preservatives in some of the popular brands. It's great that these are preservative free :)

  12. Sultana/apricot mix, yoghurt, cheese, apple (more commonly known as bapple by Miss 1). Basically anything portable so they don't have to stop playing.

  13. My kids are crazy for 'snack plates'. Just a plate with as many different snacks as possible....think colourful fruit, cheese, crackers and some nuts. Its simple and a nice way to introduce them to a new food by sneaking it onto the plate.

  14. No need for the cookie jar, Why not make a delicious breakfast bar? Nuts, butter, oats, bananas and honey, healthily fills up their tummy!


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