Wednesday, 27 August 2014

In The Memories of Mums - Mother's Choice and A Special 40th Anniversary Offer

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Mother's Choice.

It's laughable now but way back when we were on the cusp of becoming first time parents, we visited a local baby store with absolutely no idea of what we needed to acquire in order to equip ourselves for our new arrival.

As clear as day, I can recall the face of the middle aged woman in that store who smiled a sympathetic smile at us as we explained that we needed a cot and some other 'things.'
Vague glances were exchanged between us as we stammered over just what those things might be for exactly what we needed was a little beyond us at the time.

Being the youngest in my own family, baby knowledge was an altogether absent skill and I had only ever held a baby once, at the age of 12, which hardly qualified me or prepared me for Motherhood at all.

There were no two ways about it. In this most exciting of human endeavours, we were clueless.

No doubt that kindly shop assistant had seen it all before. (The knowing smile she gave us hinted at that.) I will always be eternally grateful for that woman's help, for she spent a good deal of time with us, showing us through the ropes of practical parenthood via the plethora of equipment needed for every imaginable baby human need.

One thing was immediately comforting in this new landscape and that was the stand-out recognition of the well known brand Mother's Choice. Established in 1974, I had vague recollections of items in my own childhood bearing their familiar name: a potty chair, a high chair and other bits and pieces.

Mother's Choice was a safe choice for us newbies back then and has remained high within our minds and lives this far down the track. Long established and recognised as a brand of quality, practicality and affordability through decades of selective Mothers before me, I knew we couldn't go wrong with the offerings from this brand back then and the same can be said for now. 
Our first car seat was a Mother's Choice one and it served us extremely well through our larger and longer than expected journey into parenthood. Many little bottoms took many trips over many miles and years on our trusty car seat. There was never any issue or concern about our purchase as we felt confident in our selection, only letting it go after a new car for our growing family dictated a new seat was due. The condition of it after 5 of our kids meant we were able to sell it on which was impressive to say the least.
Mother's Choice had gone the distance literally with this family.
Mother's Choice are proudly in their 40th year in Australia this year and to celebrate their momentous anniversary, they are offering a generous 20% off their products site wide on the
Use the coupon code: 40th_20%_Discount to take advantage of this fantastic deal.
The coupon offer is valid until the end of August 2014.
Please share this special occasion and offer with your friends.
Congratulations Mother's Choice and may you enjoy many more decades of continued success catering to the needs of both new and experienced Mums!
Images: Header - Pregnant with Taite - my fifth child and further along, Taite's first Birthday.
Joaquin at the age of two - blond and beautiful and ready for a car trip.
Cuddling with baby Taite.


  1. Wow Taite and Celeste look sooo similar as babies!

    1. Lots of people have been saying that Toni! I can see a little similarity but to me they are not so much - She looks like big Sis as a baby and my eldest boy too. :D (All baked from the same recipe book!)

  2. What a nice Anniversary offer :)

  3. I love seeing other womens pregnant bellies - not in a creepy way! Your's was so little and cute. And don't even get me started on that curly blonde hair; so freakin cute!!!

    1. LOL! It's okay, I don't believe you are being creepy! This picture was taken at that lovely stage just before everything just bursts forward and looks ridiculous and the grumps set in!
      Joaquin certainly had the most stunning hair - I used to get asked if I were his Nanny!!


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