Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Silver's Circus Comes To Melbourne - School Holiday Family Fun Plus Giveaway

The circus is in town these school holidays!

For almost three decades the fabulous Silver's Circus has been a household name in Australia and carries the prestigious title of being one of the top ten circuses in the world! If you're in Melbourne you can visit this exciting event currently thrilling audiences at the Burnley Oval in Richmond until October 12.

Silver's Circus was established in 1976 and has been wowing Australian audiences with its ever-changing travelling show since. Some of the exciting acts include:

The new Wheel of Steel: Two men with nerves of steel, Dominik Gasser and Ramon Kathriner, run, jump, skip and flip through a routine with an apparatus that defies explanation and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Globe of Death: See the world famous Phoenix Riders speed around inside a 3.5 meter diameter metal globe on their motorbikes, narrowly missing each other by mere millimetres.

An electrifying Hire Wire Act: Watch as this talented artist bravely steps out into thin air on a silver wire high above the circus arena.

Up to 80 hoola hoops are managed at once while a balancing act takes place upon a mobile mirror ball all at the same time!

What's a circus without clowns? The kids will see them here for sure!

The Roman Rings Act: Watch in awe of the performer's skill.

Marvel at Australia’s only football playing Boxer dogs. The incredible AFL playing footy dogs are the latest awe inspiring sensation at Silvers Circus.

See Illusionist and Ringmaster, Simon Tait who has over 25 years’ experience in the circus and will mesmerise the audience with his celebrated acts.

Full details on times and ticket prices are available on the Silver's Circus website.
Where: Burnley Oval Richmond: 4, The Boulevard, Richmond, Melbourne.
Dates: Until Sunday 12th October.
Tickets: Via Ticketmaster 136 100 or call the circus direct on 0413 880 044 or 0413 844 241
Prices: (See website for more information.)
Adults $30, $35 or $40.
Child (3-12 years). $20, $25 or $30.  
Pensioners/Students $25, $30 or $35.

Show Times:
Tuesday 30th September 1.00pm

October 2014:
Wednesday 1st 1.00pm 
Thursday 2nd 1.00pm 
Friday 3rd 1.00pm and 7.30pm
Saturday 4th 1.00pm and 7.30pm
Sunday 5th 1.00pm 
Monday 6th  No show
Tuesday 7th  No show
Wednesday 8th 7.30pm
Thursday 9th 7.30pm 
Friday 10th 7.30pm
Saturday 11th 1.00pm and 7.30pm
Sunday 12th 11.00am
We've Two Family Passes for two adults and two children each to giveaway to two lucky families!
These will be open passes so you may attend any single circus performance session that suits you.
The family passes are valued at approx. $100 each.
(Total prize pool $200.)
Please share the love! Let your friends know about this great family giveaway by shouting out about it on your social media. All options are below this post.
I really appreciate this so thank you in advance.
Entry is easy. Just follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter App below. (App may take a few seconds to load.) Please note: Three of the entry requirements are mandatory so be sure to follow the simple steps to ensure your entries count.
All winning entries drawn are screened to ensure they conform to these requirements and those that do not will be disqualified.
This is a game of skill and the most creative/interesting answers as deemed by the judge will win.
Important: Please leave your name with your comment so that I can match your entries!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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When did you last visit a circus?

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*Disclaimer: Six Little Hearts received tickets to attend this event.
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Monday, 29 September 2014

School Holiday Energy Saving Ideas For Around The Home

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with AGL.

We're really enjoying our school holidays so far. The lack of routine is so refreshing isn't it? We're sleeping in, staying up late, watching movies, playing video games, eating lots of things in quantities we normally wouldn't (or shouldn't), but that's all perfectly fine.

The school holidays are for fun, relaxation, enjoyment and pleasure and we're out to grab a piece of it all.

While I truly adore having my kids about the place - despite their unbearable noise and seemingly constant squabbling, eating and 'thereness,' I must say I am a little stressed at being on my feet just that much more, cleaning and catching up on a home that has lost my grip in their cyclonic aftermath.

No matter what I do or how much I do, I am not staying on top of their mess, the housework or the general running of the household. For a normally highly organised and thrifty Mum at the centre of that truth, it's a nightmare.
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Friday, 26 September 2014

Mister Maker Around The World Plus Win A Unique 'Ask a Question' Opportunity With Mister Maker and Prize Packs Up For Grabs!

Ooh la la la la...Mister Maker!

Got to love a catchy tune and the theme from the popular children's show Mister Maker is just that - catchy! Even more addictive, is the sensational craft series that goes with it.

Yep, we're big fans of the Mister Maker show around these parts.

On weekdays at 4pm, my kids routinely plonk themselves down in front of the television as soon as they arrive home from school, armed with snacks and eager to see what Mister Maker can produce from his famous Doodle Drawers.

The kiddos have even been spotted by myself on many an occasion, dancing the shapes dance; all lined up in the lounge room and trotting away to the tune - Let me tell you now, from a Mum's point of view that's very, very cute!

Okay, okay, I too have been known to stop and enjoy this show as well because it is indeed a winning formula. I will admit to being kind of fascinated with watching the Minute Make Time (where Mister Maker crafts something special in under 60 seconds) and a wee bit excited when the race against the clock gets tight:
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Royal Melbourne Show 2014...

It's Show time again for Melbournians and the 2014 Royal Melbourne Show does not disappoint!

This year's Show is packed full of excitements for people of all ages. There's a multitude of cuisines to try, animals to cuddle, pet and admire, gardening and farming displays, hundreds of showbags to browse and buy, fantastic events to enjoy, thrilling rides to try...and more!

With the September school holidays underway and in the pursuit of action to keep the kids entertained, we went along on a fine Melbourne Sunday to experience the sights and excitements first hand.

It's been a while since we have been to the Show, (for a few of ours, it was a first) and I am pleased to report that it's bigger and better than ever.

There was so much on offer!

Attending The Royal Melbourne Show is a tradition for most Victorian families and one that many of us have nostalgic memories of. This is one event I want to share and firmly etch into the minds of my kids and I am certain we're off on a good start already.

Novelty glasses are a hot item at this year's Show
On arrival, we gained our bearings at this year's Show by simply meandering about with the crowd, ditching a structured day in favour of discovering the foods and events as we came to them. A good idea if you're organised is to check out the daily happenings and activities on the Royal Melbourne Show website. There's also a free App to download from the App Store (search 'Royal Melbourne Show') to plot your visit at an easy glance. If you don't manage to do either of these things beforehand, all visitors receive a helpful guide on entry containing a map and the basics of everything you need to know.
Our kids enjoyed wandering about, seeing and experiencing the variety of activities and fun to be had. Watching people scream with delight on the amusements is a sport in itself. Fairy floss, lollies, toys, roving entertainers and demonstrations of the many agricultural and food industries on show kept the little people happy, especially with the benefit of no pressure to sit out anything for long - it's a day all about discovery after all.
The Jayco Animal Nursery was a hit with the kids. Gone are the days where you peered at the baby animals at a distance (and with difficulty) from fenced-in pens too - visitors are now welcome to enter a large open space filled with roaming little goats, lambs and chickens. You can hand feed, pet and even hold the sweet baby animals to your heart's content. There are many wonderful family photo opportunities to be had in here and best of all, there's no cost to do this...
...and this...
After all, this is what a visit to the Royal Melbourne Show is all about!
My youngest boys had a whirl about at the Ford Junior SMART Drive arena. This specially designed mini race track with motorised cars built for little people left a big impression; just another of several great fun and free events at this year's Show.
It's not all about the kids though. There's plenty to keep the grownups entertained too.
As you would expect, food is available in abundance and there are cuisines from every Victorian region as well as many international flavours to try. Worth a mention is a visit to the Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion where you can sample fine French and German wines and find a great variety of tastes to satisfy your cravings - everything from Spanish to Turkish and even Dutch pancakes and tempting waffles. (Delicious!)
For something super cheap and fast on the snacking front, we highly recommend The Cheese Toastie Factory who churn out toasted cheese sandwiches at lightning speed for a tiny $2 each! These taste fab when you've been on your feet all day and cost so little you can afford to splurge on as many as you wish!
Be sure to visit the popular art and craft displays in the Art, Craft and Cookery Pavilion and admire the stunning work of many talented artisans. Visit the Tastes of Victoria Pavilion for more tastings of local wines and delicious gourmet treats such as handmade chocolates, jams and stunning lemon curds.
Catch a live display (such as a judging event) or other show while you eat in the Coca-Cola Arena. (Visit the Show's website for the latest information on the events held here each day and times.)
No visit to the Show is complete without shopping for a show bag or six and the 2014 Show has hundreds on offer starting from just $1! There are many well known brands who have produced great bags as well as themed bags for kids with popular favourites such as Peppa Pig and Monster Trucks. For adults there are bags filled with everything from magazines to skin care products and the common theme with them all is that there's lots of good value to be had across the board.
Tips for travel: Take a hat for sunny Melbourne days and wear sunscreen - Melbourne's getting warmer and the Spring sun can get hot! Be sure to pack a coat too as the evenings can be chilly.
There is pram and wheelchair hire available.
Locker hire is also available from $2 a day.
Catch public transport to the Show or enjoy the plentiful parking available
at a cost of $20 for the day.
The 2014 Royal Melbourne Show runs from September 20th until the 1st of October and is open daily from 9.30am until 9.30pm.
Full details including ticket prices and purchases, show times and events can be found on the
When did you last visit the Royal Melbourne Show?
Do you have favourite memories of your local show event?
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Cheap and Easy Outdoor Play Ideas for Kids of All Ages Plus A Great Kids Giveaway!

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The Winter school holidays are great aren't they? There's so little pressure to do stuff when the weather is less than ordinary. It's wonderful to lounge about the house all day; eating, watching TV and rarely bothering to get dressed at all. However, kids do start to irritate us grownups pretty quick-smart in this season for reasons which need little explaining here!

Then there's glorious Spring with its patches of sunny warmth, blossoms and greenery and the glimmering promise of even greater things to come.

Spring is definitely the time of year to throw open the windows and doors and get the kiddos dusted off and marching for the garden.

Yet kids can be so difficult to push outdoors can't they? Who'd have thought kids need structure, tasks and incentive to play amongst the treasures to be found in their own backyard? I think that truth has to be one of the most surprising and startling discoveries in all my time as a parent:

...That kids don't just play, they often need encouragement to do so.

And so I have put together a list of tried and true sanity-saving outdoor play ideas that have been road tested by my brood or observed by myself when I do manage to get them into the garden. As the title suggests, they are either free or cheap and super easy and could well net you some much-craved 'me' time.
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wordless Wednesdays - Tulips in Bloom At The Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Melbourne

Last weekend we enjoyed a day out at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Melbourne. It was magic!
There are over half a million tulips in all shades to see in the fields and visitors can freely walk about in them. It's a stunning event and one you shouldn't miss if you are in this part of the world.
The Tesselaar Tulip Festival runs from September 11 until October the 7th.
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Quick and Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe That Never Fails...

I cannot believe I have not yet blogged this regular baking treat from my home which I make constantly.

This is the easiest chocolate cake recipe around and it never fails - ever.

I don't even bother doing the whole 'chemistry of cooking' thing with this recipe - the blending of the eggs and butter...I literally throw it all in the mixer bowl and mix it roughly and it still turns out sensational despite my lack of care and quality control. No-one can fault it and it's so popular around here.

This is the recipe I fall back on when I need a Birthday cake, a treat for a special occasion or an emergency lunch box inclusion. I often bake this on a school morning while the kids are still sleeping so that it's ready in time for us to go.

My oven is broken again for the second time in 18 months so I have had to bake this in my bench top halogen oven. This cake still comes out perfect. I actually prefer the halogen to my real oven for baking anything these days as it gives such a great result. Have you tried baking in a halogen oven?

Make sure you give this one a try as it is very versatile and it tastes perfectly chocolatey.

Heat your oven to 180 degrees C

To a bowl add:

125gm margarine
1 cup of caster sugar
2 tablespoons of cocoa
1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla essence
2 eggs
1/2 a cup of milk
1 cup of self-raising flour

Beat until well blended.
Pour batter into a prepared cake tin and bake for 50 minutes.

You can double the ingredients to make a larger cake (alter baking time to suit), or make two separate cakes to fill.

Top with chocolate icing, melted chocolate, 100's and 1000's or dust with icing sugar to serve depending on your cake's purpose.

This is a great cake for kids to bake too so get them into the kitchen to bake this on the school holidays!

Kitchen antics - waiting for the cake to bake!

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Dinosaur Adventures Returns These September School Holidays and A Great Giveaway For Kids!

If you missed the first Dinosaur Adventures and you're in Melbourne, you have a second chance to see it these school holidays - and it's even bigger and better than before!

Dinosaur Adventures is a fantastic display of prehistoric creatures brought back to life with modern animatronics. They are life sized, roaring and moving and here in time to keep the kids entertained for the holidays.

Eastland Shopping Centre is the venue for this fantastic display this September. See the mall overtaken by the mammoth Tyrannosaurus Rex, shudder at the size of the Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus and shake in fear at the Velociraptor. Hear the roars and shrieks and see them breathe. Nothing has been overlooked in their amazing re-animation.

This is a show your kids will love so be sure to take them this September. Best of all - it's a free event!
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Friday, 12 September 2014

Toyzbag - Get Playtime Organised! A Review and Giveaway

In your time as a parent, have you ever stepped on a stray Lego brick in bare feet?
How about a wooden block?
Hard plastic toy bits and bobs? Ouch!

Of course you have!
How unpleasant is it?!

No need to tell seasoned parents what the associated pain of any of these mishaps feels like. Standing on your kids' nasty-hard miniscule stuff with vulnerable exposed feet is a right of passage, albeit an incredibly painful one.

I nag my kids about cleaning up their possessions all the time - what parent doesn't? If my kids want to complain about any of my overbearing parenting ways, their gripes generally and frequently fall on this category. I dislike untidiness, mess and clutter chaos, this is true. I want order, tidiness and a spotless home.

Boy, did I choose the wrong profession!

I have been trying out the fantastic Toyzbag which can reduce the incidence of stray Lego, blocks and other toy clutter that you will find all too often agonisingly underfoot in your home. Toyzbag can make life with kids and their stuff a little more safe and user-friendly.

A tidier home is a fantastic and pretty big benefit on the side too.
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Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Tesselaar Tulip Festival Melbourne - School Holiday Family Fun and A Giveaway

More than 400 years ago, the world's first tulip festival was held in Turkey. Centuries later and on the other side of the globe, the passion for this remarkable flower continues to bloom a little closer to home in Silvan, Melbourne.

Yes, Melbournians have a tulip festival of their very own which has been flourishing annually since 1954 and it's perfectly timed for your enjoyment these school holidays.

The Tesselaar Tulip Festival is here again from September 11 until October the 7th, 2014 and is set to wow visitors with a sensational display of over half a million tulips. If flowers in that number are not enough to impress alone then the multicultural displays and theme days held in celebration of each Spring's magnificent harvest against this stunning backdrop are bound to appeal. There's something for everyone at this annual event - from the very young to seniors.

A visit on any day during the festival at the Tesselaar Tulip Farm will allow visitors the opportunity to marvel at and admire stunning fields of colour. There will be live entertainment on stage every day of the festival as well as a sculpture display in the gardens and even Alpacas. Enjoy souvenir market stalls including a Clog shop, tractor rides and a fairy garden. You can even pick a bunch of tulips!

The month long festival highlights include:

A Turkish Weekend: Friday 12th - Sunday 14th September: Immerse yourself in Turkish traditions and experience dancing, (including belly dancing), Turkish musicians and foods, even fortune readings from your very own cup of Turkish coffee! This stunning array is put together in collaboration with the Australian Turkish Cultural Platform.

Dutch Weekend: Friday 19th - Sunday 21st September. Experience Holland! See historical displays, Dutch folk dancers, windmills, games and even a Dutch craftsman who will be making traditional Gouda clay pipes.

Seniors Week: Monday 15th - Thursday 18th September. Seniors enjoy free tea and coffee and can enjoy Latin and ballroom dancing demonstrations as well as live shows.

Children's Days are between Monday 22nd - Thursday 25th September and Monday 29th September - Thursday 2nd October and there's loads to keep them entertained. Kids under 16 are free at this event and can enjoy Fairy Monica, Paul Jamieson - The Music Man, watch a Despicable Me 2 stage show featuring Minions. There will be farm petting zoos and a range of workshops on offer. (Please note, fees may apply to some extra activities.)

The Food, Wine and Jazz Weekend is on between Friday the 26th until Sunday the 28th September. Listen to the Moonee Valley Jazz Band and the Cheek to Cheek Trio while enjoying the foods and wines of the region.

Finally, The Irish Weekend is on Friday 3rd until Sunday 5th October and needs little explaining: Fun, music and dance with an Irish theme.
Full details of all daily events, ticketing information and location information regarding the festival can be found on the Tesselaar Tulip Farm website. Be sure to check it out when planning your visit.
The Tesselaar Tulip Farm is located at 357 Monbulk Road Silvan, Victoria, 3795.
Melway Map: 123 B5. Phone 03 9737 7722.
Would you like to experience the
Tesselaar Tulip Festival for yourself?
I have five passes to this stunning event to giveaway
to five lucky Six Little Hearts readers.
Each pass admits two and is valued at $44.
Children under 16 are free (accompanied by an adult)
so take the family!
Please note, you must be a resident of Melbourne to enter this giveaway.
Passes are valid for entry on any day of the festival and are good for single use only.

Please share the love! Let your friends know about this event and giveaway by shouting out about it on your social media - all options are below this post. I really appreciate this so thank you in advance.
Entry is easy. Just follow the prompts using the Rafflecopter App below. (App may take a few seconds to load.) Please note: Three of the entry requirements are mandatory so be sure to follow the simple steps to ensure your entries count. Please play fair as others do take the time to complete all of their entries.
All winning entries drawn will be screened to ensure they conform to these requirements and those that do not will be disqualified.
This is a game of skill and the most creative / informative answer, as deemed by the judge will win.
To Enter:
Follow the Rafflecopter App below to complete your mandatory likes, details and comment.
Important: Please leave your name along with your comment so that I can match your entries!

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Have you experienced the Tesselaar Tulip Festival before?
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*All images are used with the permission of Tesselaar's Public Relations.
Six Little Hearts received tickets to this event in exchange for its promotion here.  
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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Introducing Mater Mothers Maternity and Baby Care Products - A Review and Giveaway

Are you familiar with Mater Mothers? They are Australia's largest provider of maternity care and are based in Queensland, Australia.

Admittedly I wasn't aware of them at all until very recently and perhaps that is because I am a Victorian.

Mater invited me to review their Mother and baby range here on the blog and as I am always keen to give new brands and products a go, I was most happy to do so.

Mater's range for Mums and babies has been lovingly and carefully produced by midwives and Mums, for Mums and their babies. In keeping with this most precious stage of human life, Mater's formulations are suitable for delicate and sensitive skins and are safe, containing ethical and where possible, natural ingredients.

The result is an impressive and well priced selection of products to help Mums and babies travel comfortably on their journey together.
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Friday, 5 September 2014

BB Creams - A Review and Buying Guide...

You're certain to have heard of the BB Cream revolution. It seems every single cosmetic company is on the bandwagon and has produced their very own miracle cream.

BB Creams, (short for blemish balms, beauty base and blemish base) are products that first appeared on the Asian market a few years back and then went viral worldwide in an instant.
It seems women everywhere are willing to embrace things that make them look good and feel great. No surprises there. To be capable of achieving both goals within a few small minutes each day and at a low price point too, makes beauty products such as BB creams revered beyond measure and rightly so too I think.

If you have somehow missed the gist of the revolution, a BB cream is a single beauty product that can moisturise, provide sun protection factor (SPF) and flawless coverage. They are lightweight and best of all, convenient. Simply apply BB cream with your fingers, (paying extra attention to your forehead, nose and chin), from the one uncomplicated tube and be on your way for the day.
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

BabyButton Breastfeeding Covers - A Review and Giveaway

I just adore breastfeeding. Really love it.
It is so amazing to think that my youngest is only three months shy of her second Birthday and yet here we are, still breastfeeding.

For us, it is such a joyous experience. What started out as challenging to say the least has blossomed into such a delightful time in our day and lives and I am holding onto each day knowing that it could end all too soon. My time breastfeeding will be cherished forever.

Celeste was born on the verge of premmie at 36 weeks gestation and we struggled in the early months to establish our feeding routine together. I had to top up breastfeeds initially with formula at the insistence of medical professionals, to meet weight gain recommendations. There were cracked and bleeding nipples (will I ever forget those?) and the associated pain feeding in the early weeks as well as the overwhelming fatigue and joy.
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