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Introducing Mater Mothers Maternity and Baby Care Products - A Review and Giveaway

Are you familiar with Mater Mothers? They are Australia's largest provider of maternity care and are based in Queensland, Australia.

Admittedly I wasn't aware of them at all until very recently and perhaps that is because I am a Victorian.

Mater invited me to review their Mother and baby range here on the blog and as I am always keen to give new brands and products a go, I was most happy to do so.

Mater's range for Mums and babies has been lovingly and carefully produced by midwives and Mums, for Mums and their babies. In keeping with this most precious stage of human life, Mater's formulations are suitable for delicate and sensitive skins and are safe, containing ethical and where possible, natural ingredients.

The result is an impressive and well priced selection of products to help Mums and babies travel comfortably on their journey together.

Importantly, Mater skin care products do not contain nasties like parabens or petrochemicals. The products are Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) free, contain low irritant ingredients, are not tested on animals and are tailored to suit sensitive skins as well as being PH balanced. Finally, their range is manufactured here in Australia and has been road tested by Mums before being brought to the market.

So, having been introduced to Mater's range, what did we think?

Mater Body Balm for pregnancy: Oh how I would have loved this on my overstretched tummy when I was pregnant with baby number six: The incessant itching, aching muscles and irritated skin where little elbows, knees, fists and feet jerked about with abandon...(Making myself a little clucky at the memory...)

Mater's Body Balm is designed to provide comfort to the skin from the stress of the 'big stretch,' keeping it moisturised and aiding elasticity, ultimately, reducing the appearance of those dreaded stretchmarks. While I cannot put this to the test on myself in the before circumstance, Mater do suggest using their Body Balm until the body has returned to its pre-pregnancy weight. (That would be me then!) It's good to keep up the suppleness of your skin in times of an unstable weight to prevent further damage and Mater has this covered with this product.

One ingredient that stands out in this cream is Oat Extract - A known natural skin conditioner that aids inflamed skin. (Itchiness be-gone!) The cream is very softly scented so that it won't cause nausea in expectant Mums and has a fine texture too - not overly greasy, even slightly, making it perfect for everyday application without sticking you to your clothing. (I recall that familiar experience making me a very grumpy pregnant lady indeed!)
Mater Body Balm comes in a 150gm tube and is priced at $13.99.

Mater's Baby Wash is something that could get a real workout around here. My crazy-busy toddler is getting herself in a real mess lately as she learns through play. Having a family history of eczema means I am reluctant to bathe her every single day as I do not wish to dehydrate that delicate, fair skin. (Inherited from her Mumma no doubt.)

Currently Bubba has had no sign of eczema but I am putting that down to a fantastic breastfeeding benefit. In the past, each of my children have developed this dreadful skin condition within the same week they were weaned so I know it's just a matter of time and I am keeping my eye on new products for prevention and management for when the eczema does come.
Mater's Baby Wash may just be the thing.

This lightly foaming cleanser has been developed specifically for newborns which can be used as both a body wash and shampoo. I love the convenience of two-in-one products. It is a tear-free formula too and the light scent is just so pretty! To make this product even more appealing, it can be used on the whole family - grown-ups too. I found this to lather well as a shampoo and it rinsed out of my baby's hair thoroughly. Mater Baby Wash comes in a handy 500ml pump pack and retails for $13.99.

Seriously, she smelled so good after this bath and I couldn't stop hugging her for it. (And sniffing her hair too!) I will be purchasing this product with certainty in future. I totally love it.

After bathing, we tried out Mater's Baby Moisturiser which has an extra mild formula for little people with lovely skins. My wee girl has been a little dry of late, (thanks to all the grub and a bit of over-zealous wiping on my part), plus the season that really assaults the skin - Winter.

Mater's moisturising formula has a pleasant delicate scent and can be used as a massage base to settle the very young and apparently, can even loosen cradle cap. Mater Baby Moisturiser is available in a 500ml pump pack and is priced at $14.99.

Mater even have little bottoms covered with a range of nappies which are dermatologically tested, super absorbent and offer triple protection against leakage. They feature double leg cuffs to guard against leakage and strong resealable waistband tabs. Nice and soft, these fit snuggly and do the tough job for which they were intended. Mater's nappies are available in Newborn, Infant, Crawler and Toddler sizes and can be purchased online from their website. You can also purchase the Mater brand from Terry White Chemists, Chemmart, and Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse as well as Mater's own pharmacy.

All proceeds raised from the sale of Mater products go directly to their signature charity Mater Little Miracles to help babies born with serious and life threatening complications get the best start in life. These are not only a great range of products to use but you are helping a very valuable cause doing so.

To get the word out there, Mater have
very generously offered to giveaway
this gorgeous gift basket for one lucky
Six Little Hearts reader to enjoy valued at $50.
Included in the hamper: 
Mater Body Balm for pregnancy 150gm
Mater baby Wash 500ml
Mater Baby Moisturiser 500ml
Miracle Max plush toy (The Mater mascot.)
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 Have you tried Mater products before?
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  1. this would be absolutely perfect to add with the nappy bag I have for my friend who is due in a few months,
    Narelle Rock

  2. Would be great for making me feel better when I'm feeling very pregnant and not so glamorous. Megan Higgs

  3. Snap! Wish we got to enter the giveaways so we could get a full sized product :)

  4. I have a dear friend who is a mighty mum with number six child recently arriving. Her husband is self employed and works horrendously long hours, she home schools all the children, supervising the younger ones of non-school age, and is now nursing a newborn. My eyes water just wondering how she copes. Everything she has are hand me downs, make do's and leftovers, which doesn't in the least trouble her but I know this pack would put a delightful smile on her exhausted beautiful face.

  5. Sharon M says I would love to win this to pass it onto another mum at school who is struggling for finances and has another bub due. She is in my son's class and less fortunate than a lot of us. I have given her a lot of second hand clothes and toys but would love to give her something new!!! :)

  6. I would love to win this for my friend who is a new first-time mommy.

  7. I'd love to win this to use the Body Balm on my poor, over-stretched, 3rd-time-round pregnant belly! I never had any skin dramas with my first 2 pregnancies, but this time it's huge and itchy at the 6 month mark! (Stacey Shailer)

  8. My little one has very sensitive skin like her dad and I'd love to try this great product.

  9. I've read lots of reviews and heard great things about these! Em - visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  10. I'd love that after washing my baby he would be smelling so sweet and then I'd be able to moisturise him from his head to his little feet.

  11. Even though I'm past the baby stage a lot of my friends are starting families and YES! great idea for presents! Only one of my babies had eczema and he was the one I weaned off the breast at 3 months. I fed the others for at least 12 months. It makes me feel guilty I didn't feed him for longer but he was my first and I struggled.

  12. Baby washes/soaps and moisturises that are gentle and suitable for babies skins are so important, I would love to try this product (that from your review looks awesome) for myself! Thankyou for this great opportunity and great informative review!

  13. Something for mum and something for baby - the perfect gift to give my best friend who is about to pop!
    Karina Lee

  14. Our latest neice is 3 weeks old-would love this for her!!!
    Linda Hynson

  15. All of my babies are Mater bubs. If it wasn't for the amazing Doctors and Nurses in the NCUU we wouldn't have our two beautiful boys with us. I tried a few of their products with our littlest man, they were just being released while he was in hospital. They are great products and support an even better cause.

  16. This post could almost be written about me - Heard of Mater Mothers? Unfortunately not until now, thank you for sharing this with another Victorian mother. How great to find products that are not only Australian but also supporting such a wonderful cause.
    Maters Body Balm? Having one child already I know all about over stretched tummy skin, and with another bub on the way this would be perfect to rehydrate my skin to help prevent those sneaky stretch marks.
    Maters Body Wash? I too have a busy toddler, who having suffered from eczema before, I bath every second day for the exact same reason. And that fair skin? Yep, she gets hers from her mummy too, and probably the eczema too for that matter. Having suffered from psoriasis myself, I think we would both enjoy using this product.
    Maters Baby Moisturiser? Playing outdoors in the wind and indoors in a heated environment has taken its toll on my poor girl as well over winter, so this moisturiser would be lovely. How great that it’s helpful with treating cradle cap because if bub number two is anything like Miss Eva, we’re certainly going to need it.
    Miracle Max? My daughter loves dogs, and Max is the nickname I call her father, perfect!

  17. Always love a product that nurtures. Pregnancy and birth, that new skin of a baby and mums older skin. The circle of life with Maters who makes mums feel marvellous!

  18. There is nothing nicer than the smell of a clean baby is there? Did not realise Mater had their own products but that totally makes sense. I like to use the baby products on my own skin too, generally they have less chemicals and ingredients in them to irritate. x

  19. I am pregnant with baby number 2 and he is due in December, This would be wonderful!

  20. What an amazing new product, I've never seen these guys before and I'm always a little wary of new baby skin products without reading reviews first. Currently the expected new member of the family doesn't have a lot, and this pack would be lovely to add to our little stash. Thanks for running the giveaway. Cassandra Webb.

    1. Congratulations Cassandra, I hope this helps you get prepared for your baby - I will be in touch shortly. :D

  21. Love natural and gentle products for my kids!

  22. It would be perfect for my daughter and my first grandchild! (Joanne)

  23. Some pampering for a mum who just wants to be pampered!

  24. Would love to try this on my bub...having not much luck with other products on his skin leaving him red and irritable this may be what we need

  25. Perfect to keep bub's skin soft and newborn scent,
    We all know that's heaven sent!
    Laura Scriven

  26. Recommended products are always a winner and the mater product is what' matters when friends have suggested I introduce it to my little one

  27. I'd like to win because they are a great product that will be gentle to our skin and also because of the wonderful work they do for women and babies at the Mater Hospital.

  28. I'd love to have another child, but DH is worried about the cost. This would help as it would be one less thing to buy

  29. I'd love win this to pamper my overstretched skin, birth awaits a treat is what I need.

  30. My skin has served me well, I'd like give a little back.....naturally.

  31. Would love this for my baby and me.

  32. This would be the perfect gift for my sister and her new bub.

  33. Perfect for my sister who is due in Feb and has sensitive skin. She would love these products xx

  34. perfect for my new grand daughter and her older brother

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