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My Home - My Kitchen...

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Do you have a favourite family room in your home?

For me, I would have to say that room would be my kitchen.

When we were considering buying our current home, I fell in love with this room the moment I laid eyes on it. Having moved from a house close to 100 years in age to a modern-built residence which had been fully renovated, it was a joy to behold.

My previous kitchen was slightly lop-sided with age. I slipped over on the floor at times where a slight rise met my foot more than once. There were dark, perpetually dirty places where a hand, mop or vacuum failed to reach out of apprehension, justified fear or just plain awkwardness.

Cupboards were dark and dank with an ever present musty odour which no amount of cleaning could reduce. Those cupboards were not very accommodating in size either for the wealth of kitchen appliances owned in modern life. Countertops too, were low and ungenerous, a remnant of times gone by.

Windows were stuck or stubborn; paint peeled at their edges, the warped glass grew mould readily and the cold radiated inwards as if there were no windows at all in the Winter months. Even my fridge was antique; a mammoth 1950's Electrolux gas one, built-in, serious and imposing, unmoveable and incredibly, still going strong many, many years later than it should have been. (More than a handful of visiting and intrigued tradesmen offered to buy it over time.)

Then there was the 1950's oven - a Chef, pink and black in colour (a true retro beauty) tucked in beneath a low-lying mantelpiece that would bump your head if you dared to peer into the dark cavern where the pots on the backburners would hide. It got me every time and angered me no end when it did. The oven's thermostat had worn out decades before but it still cooked (quite amazingly too) and turned out a brilliant Christmas cake each year. I learned to adapt recipes to bake (and succeed) in an oven that seemed permanently stuck on the moderate setting regardless.

Tile grout was missing too on the splash backs and sometimes the odd tile with it. I recall washing the dishes by hand one day (there was no dishwasher), when one of the pale yellow tiles plopped into the soapy water, drenching me with its fall. It was a vivid sign of the decay inherent in my aged home.

Permanent wet dirt accumulated in the corners of the lack-lustre single basin Radiant brand sink. (A small laugh slipped from me every time I wiped its aged logo). No amount of cleaning ever improved her look.

She was a true heritage piece that kitchen. Lovely and sweet like the old lady she was but a little senile with age.

Despite the many issues apparent - I adored that kitchen and home with all of its faults and ancient facilities. It was the home of my childhood (my Grandmother's house), the home of my Mother's childhood and the home where I brought home each of my own babies, just like my own Grandmother before me - my babies being the fourth generation in the long line of our family who lived and laughed under the one roof.

But back to my modern kitchen.

Things have changed so much living in a modern home. There is comfort, convenience and planning evident in this most used of all rooms. My kitchen is spacious and bright by comparison.

It is a den of activity this kitchen of mine.
Food happens here and so much more.
School notices and bills are sorted and filed in 'Mum's office' (the side of the fridge and a cookbook stand now rarely available for my recipes as a result).
Children frequent this space, ever hungry, searching for nibbles and hidden treats.

My kids play here too (and fight).
There is laughter and tears and food again.
A kitchen is a place where the small stuff happens in life and it is this small stuff which forms the fabric of the bigger things; a place where memories are made.
A kitchen is a central place and I do love mine for it.

Despite living in a modern home now, we have created a familiar homeliness, reminiscent of my old abode, within this one room in particular.

Kitchens in all households hold this heart.
Mine is just a whole lot kinder to me now with its freshness, capacity and light.
It's a pleasure to be in this room; this kitchen of mine.

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Do you have fond memories of life and times in your own kitchen?
Do you live in an older home or a modern one?


  1. Our kitchen is my favourite room in our house - and our pantry is a close second! I spent a lot of time planning it, knowing it would be (and is) the heart of our home. This is such a lovely post xx

    1. Wow - do you have a walk in pantry? I am extremely envious if you do. I would love a bigger pantry for this household of eight. Your kitchen sounds lovely.

  2. Live in an old home but with a snazzy modern kitchen because partner loves to cook and he designed it. Ironically I cook most of the time so it could be the crappiest kitchen ever and it would make no difference as I hate to cook...I'm more of a bathroom lady - I want a nice bath in a house.

    1. How nice to have a partner who loves to cook. I make mine designated chef on weekends as my week really does end at the end!
      Now the bathroom is one room I would like to redesign in my own home. The previous owners crammed a giant shower in the corner and it just overcrowds the room. Sadly I never get time to use our bath...

  3. That Chrissy cake looks delicious!!

    I am currently at the before phase of the kitchen love journey. We live in a REALLY old fibro fisherman's cottage. The kitchen is pokey and even though we have made some changes (to make do), it's pokey, cluttered and has limited bench space. We are in the process of designing our new home and hope to be in it by Christmas 2015. I can't wait.

    I don't really have a favourite space in this home.

    1. That sounds SO much like my old abode - but I really did love that - so homely. Are you renovating this current home or building a new one altogether? Sounds like a great experience either way.

  4. The kitchen is the hub and heart of the home. I have such fond memories of our when I was a kid. So much goodness(in the way of yummy food) came from that space. As well as smoochy hugs and lazy days with the radio on come to memory :)

    1. Yes! The radio. I used to love sitting in this same kitchen as a kid and listening to the old, old radio from the 1950's crackling. Thanks for the memory too.

  5. The kitchen is always the heart of the family I think, it's where we all come together to be as a family :) Like you, I definitely love having a more modern kitchen!

    1. The cleanliness is so nice isn't it. So much easier to clean a modern kitchen and even when it's not clean, it still looks pretty good.

  6. We have a lounge/kitchen/dining room. My actual kitchen is very small. When we rebuilt it was either a small kitchen or very small bedrooms and we went with the smaller kitchen. I don;t mind. I have a dishwasher which was always my dream!!
    Love this post.

    1. How GOOD are dishwashers??!
      I say that every single day aloud, especially in the evening when I am too tired to do anything more.
      Good sized bedrooms are important (I wish mine was bigger with a larger wardrobe). A smaller sized kitchen is less work to clean.

  7. I have yet to have a kitchen that I love. I dream about an oven that works, floors that are level, cupboards that close. One day. xS

    1. One day for sure Sarah.
      I wish my oven worked reliably. Ironically the old oven in my former home was more reliable than the expensive modern Italian one that has just died a second time in 12 months. x

  8. Sounds like my family kitchen - the place my parents announced they were getting married, my sister announced she was getting married and then that she was pregnant, where my and I shared cups of tea in the stolen moments before I had to go to work. I loved that kitchen.


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