Friday, 12 September 2014

Toyzbag - Get Playtime Organised! A Review and Giveaway

In your time as a parent, have you ever stepped on a stray Lego brick in bare feet?
How about a wooden block?
Hard plastic toy bits and bobs? Ouch!

Of course you have!
How unpleasant is it?!

No need to tell seasoned parents what the associated pain of any of these mishaps feels like. Standing on your kids' nasty-hard miniscule stuff with vulnerable exposed feet is a right of passage, albeit an incredibly painful one.

I nag my kids about cleaning up their possessions all the time - what parent doesn't? If my kids want to complain about any of my overbearing parenting ways, their gripes generally and frequently fall on this category. I dislike untidiness, mess and clutter chaos, this is true. I want order, tidiness and a spotless home.

Boy, did I choose the wrong profession!

I have been trying out the fantastic Toyzbag which can reduce the incidence of stray Lego, blocks and other toy clutter that you will find all too often agonisingly underfoot in your home. Toyzbag can make life with kids and their stuff a little more safe and user-friendly.

A tidier home is a fantastic and pretty big benefit on the side too.

The Toyzbag is a nifty and simple invention and such a useful one. Basically a Toyzbag is a play mat and carry bag in one. Toyzbag is a perfect circle of fabric with a strong nylon cord sewn into its perimeter. Toys can be tossed into the centre of the circular play mat. Packing up is a cinch by simply drawing the cord handles closed, encasing all the contents in one swift move as you do so. Tidy in a second!

Better yet, Toyzbag makes carting your kids playthings about, quick and easy. If you are visiting a friend, Grandparent or have an appointment to attend, the Toyzbag allows you to carry your kids' stuff with you quickly and conveniently as when closed it becomes a decent carry bag.

While you go about your business, your children can play with their favourite things on the floor anywhere, on their very own clean play space and then pack it all away safely when the time comes to go.

The Toyzbag is constructed of 100% cotton and comes in a variety of popular sizes and bold colours. They are extremely lightweight and when not filled with toys, can be rolled or folded and carried within another bag or case without robbing you of room, so great for travel too.

In the past when we've taken kids on holidays, we've had to pack a bulky plastic tub of favourite toys in the car which takes up so much precious space. I don't know why but kids are so reluctant to help tidy their things when it comes to something as basic as putting them in a tub too! One thing I have noticed with the Toyzbag is, because it's flush to the floor, there's so little effort to keep everything contained and children are far more willing to push their things onto the centre of the open mat when tidy up time arrives than box it. The psychology of the novelty factor works a treat every time! Did I mention it holds a ton of toys too?

We tried out our Toyzbag with Lego and it was a breeze to contain and pack away. My boys enjoyed having the space to spread their bricks to help them build their creations. (The size of the Toyzbag in this review is the largest available at an ample 120cm diameter.) With a play mat of this size, everything stayed pretty much within the rim and they were all keen at the end of each building session to push any straggler pieces onto the mat for encasing. No arguments, no whines, (no subsequent parental injuries!), just five seconds of eager little swiping hands and all the Lego was taken care of.

Larger toys and blocks belonging to the toddler were a simple tidy up too. You could throw in some nappies and wipes and a snack box and make it an all-in-one bag to take along somewhere too. These are big bags with a great capacity and because of their simple design, they remain slouchy and comfortable to tow about no matter what they're stuffed with. A perfect addition to a picnic even? Being a sit on mat and carry bag chock full of kiddie entertainments - brilliant for taking along to any event.

Small children should be supervised with the Toyzbag as it does contain a cord which, when used as a bag can be quite long. Remember the Toyzbag itself is not a toy so keep an eye on your kids at all times and teach the older ones about the dangers of putting anything around their necks. (But you do that anyway right?)

A 120cm diameter Toyzbag retails for $24.95 plus postage. (They ship word-wide too.) There's also a 55cm diameter bag available for just $9.95. The smaller bags are generously sized and would make great toiletry bags or take-along bags for older kids to enjoy their craft activities or tech on the go. There are a multitude of uses for these in family life. Keep one packed by the front door or in your car for unplanned excursions or events.

Toyzbag have generously offered to giveaway
one large Toyzbag to a lucky Six Little Hearts reader
valued at $24.95.
(Get their stuff together just in time for the school holidays!)
 The Toyzbag prize is navy blue and red in colour.
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Have you ever stepped on Lego before?!
*Six Little Hearts was gifted a Toyzbag for review purposes.
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  1. Fab idea...I could do that with the whole house at the moment...

  2. Great share, stepping on those things is no fun at all and can fill a potty bank real quick lol.

  3. I have injured myself walking on a child's toy many times hence why this would be awesome to win. At the end of the day I can put it all on the mat and then pull it into a bag and place in the corner knowing my floor is clear of foot hurting toys.

  4. A green army man once gouged a small piece of flesh from the bottom of my foot - ouch! I'd love to win this for my bower bird daughter. I could keep all her little "treaures" in one spot instead of spread out all over the house!

  5. I have sprained my ankle on my children's toys but if I won this terrific prize the kids and I wouldn't have a problem again.
    Sue Cossor

  6. I have stepped on LEGO on more than one occasion and really hurt my feet, this is such a great idea

  7. My son has only just been introduced to Lego and I think this is the perfect storage solution.

  8. My little one puts all his Lego bricks on the dining table because he loves playing Lego even while having meals. More bricks then less space for dining. This bag would be very handy for me.

  9. I have slipped on a hot wheels car! Not fun!

  10. I have trodden on Lego - whole new world of pain. A new storage idea would be fabulous!

  11. Yes that dreaded call out in the middle of the night. Trudging up the hallway half asleep to be accosted by a mini landmine camouflaged as Lego. I screamed out so loud one night it woke the rest of the family and so I had all of the kids calling out and crying. And of course, hubby slept through the whole thing. So yes the Toyzbag would avoid another repeat of this.

  12. Stepping on Lego is the most painful experience EVER!! I would like a Toyzbag to contain all their Lego pieces!

  13. What an ingenious idea! I had my babies twenty years too early! I used to keep a big cane basket in the lounge room and chuck all there toys in there but the Lego would always finds its way out somehow!

  14. I've only been injured by my daughter's toy when she's rammed her ride on into my shins. She thinks it's hilarious, my bruised legs don't!

    Michelle Sheriff

  15. Oh yes have trod on lego-right in middle of foot-caned for days!!!

  16. I've tripped over his toys quite a few times but never really injured myself. My son is going to be a year old soon so this would make cleaning up his toys a breeze. Thanks

  17. Small pieces of Lego are the bain of my existence, I cut, yes CUT my toe on a tiny piece of Lego this morning, so this one would really come in handy! Jocelyn R

  18. yes i stand on duplo and lego and those little dinosaurs hot wheels and little people all day long! i dont think i notice them all the time now i kinda get used to it like those spiky thongs you just get used to it ..... sultanas i will not get used to standing on sultanas.
    thanks for linking up for sunday brunch xx

  19. Awesome, and so reasonably priced! That unexpected piece of lego is a killer! I love one of these for the portability of toys, I could see us using this over summer at the beach.

  20. I've stepped on just about everything - having a toddler in the house is like having someone planting landmines! (Joanne)

  21. That is genius! I have stepped on my fair share of lego too!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I'd love to win this prize so I stop getting massages from the Lego walk of fire!

  24. Well it wasn't my foot, but my head felt the brunt of a wayward yoyo! And that really hurt… for hours!
    Tidying up toys can wear very thin on my patience, especially lego and match box cars, so the ToyBag is going to a wonderful addition to our rumpus room.

    1. A yo-yo in the head? - Now that would really hurt! Congratulations Heather, will be in touch shortly. :D (Who'd of thought an injury would win you a prize?!)

  25. Most genius idea every invented for sure...yes I've stood on toys mainly lego pieces and it feels like I'm standing on shredded glass every single time!

  26. Lego late at night underfoot is worse than bindis in Summer grass, I think!

  27. Um yes tonight whilst frantically cleaning my sons room before we got to see daddy who was back from working in WA, I trod on a pile of lego and it hurt! I'd love to win this as it double nicely as a play mat for my 4 month old. What a great invention

  28. By the way, I'm Anita nichols, I didn't put my name in my comment above :)

  29. We have a giant batman mobile at our house. You'd think because of its size we'd see it, but no. Because of it's blackness and strange bat shape, it blends right into our stupid patterned carpet and all the shadows. The amount of times I've kicked it or tripped over it! And, because of it's size it is really hard and heavy and oh my it hurts! What kills me most, is that I will often kick it walking over it one way down the hall, then turn around and do it again as I walk back the other way!!!!

  30. I've stepped on Lego, toy cars dolls, Lego would have to be the worst!!

  31. No, touch wood! Love to win, a handy place to stash all those little toys that accumulate like crazy.
    - Diana Oz.

  32. I tripped over a yellow bulldozer, think it was Tonka, sent me A over T and head straight into a wall.

    Something to shove the kids in when they're naughty (**joking** lol)

    (Di Donato)

  33. Ha
    Just last night I skidded on a wet bath toy and slammed into the towel rail in the bath room!!

  34. The littlest petshop figures give a not so little pain signal when they " play " under your feet

  35. The age old trick of "Stepping on Lego in bare feet in a darkened childs room and you can't make a noise as you don't want to wake them up!"

  36. Ha ha- Oh god- I am ALWAYS stepping on my daughter's lego. OUCH!

  37. This would be great.

  38. I stepped on a lego in such a way that it snapped and a bit broke off and stabbed into my foot all at the same time...not fun!

  39. Dad has Parkinson's, so it's essential that toys can be quickly & easily gathered together. To reduce the chances of falls & stubbed toes.

  40. Touch wood there have been no injuries yet!!! But with bub about to crawl and Christmas around the corner, the toyzbag would be perfect!!!

  41. I keep stepping on Rubys "In the night garden" figurines, as well as constantly tripping on Mia's playmat/gym! This would be awesome to win as it would help me keep all the bits of lego, mega blocks and puzzle pieces together!

  42. Besides the obvious lego, I once slipped on my daughters dress ups and nearly knocked myself out on the door, which was apparently very funny because my kids couldn't stop laughing at me!

  43. yes I have slipped on toy cars many times

  44. would love to win to keep my grand kids toys tidy

  45. Ouch! Lego really hurts it would be great to win a Toyzbag to pack it away. Love the idea!

  46. Ive riden a toy car all the way up the hallway and crashed ! great idea, cars and farm animals have taken over our house, you never know where one might be parked

  47. We used to have something similar when we were growing up - it would be great to have one for my kids now!

  48. Oh wow! I would love to have one of these here at Chaos HQ. Can you imagine the time I would save chasing up all of Elijah's Octonauts that he insists on dragging around everywhere we go???

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